Monday, March 4, 2013

We the People, Armed, Are Too Big to Fail

With guns in our hands we the people are a threat 'Too Big To Fail' against any enemy foreign or domestic - and that threat is what will keep the peace. 

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Jack Mullen
Activist Post

Events in America are taking a turn for the worst, and the story unfolding is nothing new: this movie has played out many times in history and without protection it's going to get very, very ugly.

For a criminal government, gun control is a necessary step in advance of an economic collapse that cannot be avoided - because it was deliberately created. The treasonous perpetrators of financial calamity are stone-cold-scared of armed Americans possessing a growing knowledge of banker-federal-government crimes; they know these patriots will rise up and take their country back.

Gun Control measures propose banning so-called ‘assault weapons’ but assault weapons are just ordinary weapons with distinctive cosmetics. The term assault is being used here as a pejorative term to marginalize and then isolate a certain expression or presentation of a weapon for political purposes. It has been established, even by those that are attempting to collect our weapons, that so-called 'assault weapons’ are responsible for very little gun crime in the US.

The idea of disarming starting with 'assault weapons’ is a ruse to remove weapons having the best chance of defending private citizens against any organized attack, either foreign or domestic.

The same people that funded Hitler, empowered Stalin and inserted Mao, the same families and their banks with unlimited resources, are now coming for your guns.

Evidence exists of accelerating plans for false flag events, gun-confiscation, gold and silver confiscation and military operations on American soil.

A quick look at the news verifies the criminals are showing their low hole cards.

For Americans the most important battle is the battle to stay armed. There is no time when being armed is more important than during the chaos of financial collapse. There is no time when tyranny works harder to create a new order than during a financial collapse.

With that in mind - think about this: guns are like competition; it’s not competition itself that improves products and services in a market, it is the threat of competition. This economic axiom also applies to guns in the hands of citizens. There will be no requirement to use weapons when the people are well armed (except in training as a show of force). Just like it is in Switzerland, the armed citizen is the final authority against tyranny; when all citizens are armed, tyranny is the disenfranchised minority.

Lincoln said, and I agree:
Shall we expect some transatlantic military giant to step the ocean and crush us at a blow? Never! All the armies of Europe, Asia, and Africa combined, with all the treasure of the earth (our own excepted) in their military chest, with a Bonaparte for a commander, could not by force take a drink from the Ohio or make a track on the Blue Ridge in a trial of a thousand years. At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer. If it ever reach us it must spring up amongst us; it cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen we must live through all time or die by suicide. – Lincoln’s Lyceum Address, January 27,1838
With guns in our hands we the people are a threat 'Too Big To Fail' against any enemy foreign or domestic - and that threat is what will keep the peace.

Willingly disarm and America dies by suicide.

Enemies Foreign and Domestic

Jack Mullen has been a businessman for more than 25 years, owning 3 radio stations, several technology based companies and a resource development company

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Anonymous said...

I think it's important to stay armed for sure. However, in the end the firepower, technology and resources of the ELITES will win. I'm not so sure a handgun is much of a match for a tank, a sound cannons, chemical weapons, drone surveillance and so on. The time to address these issues has long past. The best people can do now is prepare and have a plan. You don't have to be disarmed to be beaten as you already are, it's just most Americans don't get it yet.

Stephan Williams said...

The first posted comment on this story could have been written by an employee of the Powers That Be. "Give up now." "There is no hope of you ever throwing off your chains..." Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah...

Anonymous said...

how are the elites doing in Iraq?

how are the elites going to make money at the malls when everyone is afraid thats were the...terrorists...will strike next?

"The public mind is manifestly advancing on the abusive prerogatives of their governors and bearing them down. No force in the government can withstand this in the long run. Courtiers had rather give up power than pleasures; they will barter, therefore, the usurped prerogatives of the King for the money of the people. This is the agent by which modern nations will recover their rights." --Thomas Jefferson to the Count de Moustier, 1788. ME 7:14

Anonymous said...

A heinous crime carried out by evil states like Mao's China and Hitler's Germany. It was adopted and defended by Bush Republicans. Then it was continued and expanded by Obama while his dirty hypocritical supporters accepted it.

An all pervasive spy network, neighbors ratting out neighbors in government programs, and complete and total surveillance of all of our electronic communications.
Fully accepted and normalized throughout the country.

Aluminum and barium to slow kill us and our crops, weather modification to induce droughts or enhance of natural storms, they are a constant attack on we the people.

TWO TIER JUSTICE AND LEGAL SYSTEM, one for the rich and one for the rest of us.

Guess what boys and girls. All of that happened already, while 'we were armed' and nobody did anything to stop it. The notion that this country is still free or democratic is pure insanity and fiction of the highest order. The gun salesmen want you to go shopping for guns. They are selling fake instant gratification to soothe your pain of understanding that fascism is here and deeply rooted. You can pretend you are free if you buy a gun........pathetic. Don't buy their lies.

Hide Behind said...

THREE questions first and they are prtinent to article:
#1 Why is the third verse of the Star Spangled Banner missing from all government sources and is it "legal to sing it?
Why is it still illegal to verbally oppose the Draft?
Why has not the Supreme Court ever made a decision upon the Seditions Act and is it still possible to legally enforce it?
I guess I have some more questions and one is; Does the author of article have a death wish?
Why does anyone think the original intent of 2nd Amendment is reason to kill someonewhen what it was supposed to protect is no longer extant?
Who does the author think we should kill first?
What would be the results after the killings and physical destruction of property and most of that would be private citizens property in todays military tactics?
Who would we put in place to run the government functions being as those now elected and appointed and employed are all of one mindset that is supported by hundreds of millions of the populace?
Is the author willing to sacrifice his children and loved ones to a corrupt political and an even more corrupted military mindset; How about mine and those of others?
Now don't think I would not place life and limb on the line for a grand cause, as I most certainly have and would again; But just because of some misdirected belief that owning a black gun is sure as hell not worth my taking another mans life.
Been listening to this militia BS all my life and supported it on the ideals of all of Constitution not just some uber nationalism of make believe.
Too many false beliefs that are outright lies or delusions upon what kind of nation the US is and as been and also that they know not the reasons why they and people of this nation realy are.

Anonymous said...

Guerrilla warfare would be very hard to contain if not impossible....

Lots of pissed off ex-military.

Anonymous said...

For those who contend that guns are irrelevant given all of the tools available to TPTB, you only need to reflect on how much effort they have put into restricting and banning guns in the last 40 years to realize that our ability to defend ourselves is one of their grave concerns. This is also why they feel they must complete their total lockdown techno-surveillance police state in order to make personal firearms virtually irrelevant as they pick off dissenters one at a time or in small groups.

Hide Behind said...

Todays Warriors only fight for the glory of the Battle and themselves, there is no higher purpose in their creed.
Those that hire them expect nothing more than that they do what they are hired for.
And as for the personal glory; Their employers will parade and display them to the public for their glorification.
Let the masses have mass ceremonys that have become moments of religiosity while the ones who do the hiring, firing and then discard them amass their fortunes from places the Warriors have laid in their hands.
They each received what they sought and if the Warriors want more than their agreed upon wages let them find places where their creed can be employed.
There are lots of economic opportunitys for Warriors of good health to practice their craft in other services to those employers of the past.
They can exchange one coat of arms for a coat of different color, Blue and Black seem to closely match their old ways.
AND then there sre more lucrative positions as Security for their old employers personalitys in far flung lands where they learned the Warriors Creed

RDG said...

How one thinks and how one feels is ... every moment creating, molding and shaping his or her future, and contributing to the content of the mental and feeling 'bodies' of all of us. Jack Mullen is a fine and articulate writer and researcher. Yet, he does not point out the fact that it will serve us in no way to be frightened, anxious or hateful as we stand fast to the principles that made this county great. Some of us should be reminded... what we do is very important, yet how we think about what we do and how we feel about what we do is also very important. And, WE are this country!!! ALL of US!!!! So look in the mirror and YOU decide! Is America worth fighting for? Are you or are you not proud of the PRINCIPLES that where the basis for our grand beginnings? What our politicians do is NOT necessarily having anything to do with AMERICA!!! It is up to us to make sure the world is reminded what the TRUTH of the American people really is, always has been, and will always continue to be! We are the living in the only land where there is ANY hope of continuing to BE THE LAND OF THE FREE AND THE HOME OF THE BRAVE!
Let us not battle amongst ourselves. Let us all just be that which is necessary in our daily lives to SHOW AND EXPRESS the goodness by Her very Nature, that America is!

Anonymous said...

There's also no mention of a foreign power that would be willing to help us fight against our govt. This is an unpredictable scenario that can work to all of our advantage since there are many countries who loathe the US govt as much as many of the people do.

Anonymous said...

Molon Labe!

Anonymous said...

I would be very hesitant to open the gates of America to a foreign army anon 12:41. No need to potentially give yourself two enemies in the long run.

Anonymous said...

"The government is warning of al-Qaeda attacks, but is actively funding al-Qaeda."

There is no such organization; it's made up to scare you.

Anonymous said...

When the other nations arrive to collect their debt from the West, all corporate management and all government officials will be arrested en masse and transported to the many prisons that already await them.

They are all clearly guilty.

Anonymous said...

"The government is warning of al-Qaeda attacks, but is actively funding al-Qaeda."

There is no such organization; it's made up to scare you."

I thought the same thing. I thought (from reading news sites like this one) that Al-Qaeda is fake, a lie, like everything else our criminal government says or tells us, an invention of the CIA to manipulate the brainwashed sheeple. And doesn't Al- Qaeda actually mean toilet?

I for one will not give up my guns. If my guns are ever taken forcibly, and I am able to, you can be sure I will buy twice as many guns and ammo illegally on the black market. I am getting angrier and angrier about the criminals who have stolen our country through lies, stealing, fake elections, false flags, brainwashing, etc.

What really irritates me is reading comments on mainstream media news sites. So many people commenting are still blaming "Liberals" for all our problems and claiming we've become "socialist". Seems the brainwashing has worked amazingly well as this is exactly what they're being brainwashed to believe and parrot. And apparently they have no hope or desire to ever wake up.

These criminals need to be taken out, locked up in prison, tried and convicted of their massive global crimes of every kind. They will do anything to maintain their ill gotten power, control and wealth and they have the military behind them. We should start with the ones that we know who they are.

It frustrates me that the sheeple worship and glorify them, blaming the other side (Democrat or Republican) for all the problems. I always tell the truth to these people about the fake elections, the fake two-party system, 911, etc., but it seems to go "in one ear and out the other" and doesn't even register in their brain. In their heads they are probably writing me off as a crazy conspiracy theorists, exactly as they were brainwashed to do!

Marijuana was just legalized in two states and we still have guns, so obviously they don't have 100% total control yet. If we don't take this country back and treat the criminals as what they are we can all kiss our asses goodbye as the criminals running things would rather see us dead than prosper, that is obvious.

Anonymous said...

There is mention of Foreign Powers.... Just not in this article.... Bush or Obuma has secured mutual defense agreement with Canada... In the event we (Our Government) can not contain whatever emergency is declared, Canada will send troops.... Look it up...

Anonymous said...

The people could simply ask nicely to step down. There is no honor in a government that cannot speak the truth.

There is no law to stop us from reminding corporate politicians that we're still onto them. We don't need anymore mind draining tv news broadcasters either, telling us how to feel. Their version of reality sucks hard. More brain power is going to be needed to keep corrupt leaders at bay.

Even the Pope stepped down! C'mon!! He knows a satanist controlled government when he see's one.


Anonymous said...

Evil wins battles but, NEVER the war.

Good will always trump Evil.
Evil is stupid but, resourceful i.e., lying, stealing, killing, like all criminal gangs do...

Good is quiet and reserved. It will let Evil do it's thing. But, all the while Good is watching, listening, and planning Evil's future.

Once Good loses Hope, Good will become more Evil than Evil could ever be. You see, Evil is afraid to die. Good realized that fact long ago. So, Good will sacrifice itself so it can grab Evil by the throat and jump off the cliff together.

Evil will die in fear and Good will die a legend! Good will always be a martyr to inspire more Good to overwhelm Evil.

So, what side are you on?

Anonymous said...

Somewhere in all of this repeated mess of political taking of rights and obvious corruption, the people have drawn a line and that is the taking of weapons, as they are the last connection to humanity the people have.
The people are realizing they are NOT property, but individual humans that crave that little bit of freedom granted simply by existing. That not one man or a group of men who have crowned themselves by their own authority, not the authority granted them by the people or God himself. And to lose this final fraction of freedom, means a fate worse than death. The people are deciding even a scarce win with many many deaths at least gives hope to a future for others, much as has happened before in prior wars.
We can no more describe a color or what love is than we can the need to be free. It is within ourselves for the people to refuse any other compromise, and though it may cost life, it will be a win to prove the evils and corrupt can never win when the will of the people is stronger than life itself.
People will chose to be under the thumb of those they deplore as slaves or die free and win.
What good is your life, if it belongs to someone else?

Co-opted Confederate said...

The entire US government of the current and last 4 Presidents(GHW Bush, WJ Clinton, GWBush, ??Obamafraud) could all legitimately be declared Domestic enemies of the US Constitution or aiders and abettors of treason.

brad said...

Why do we reelect democrats and republicans? They're the ones who put us into this mess. The presidensity (intended) has been either of these 2 parties since 1804. Congress a little less i think. Can only date to 1855. That shows them alternating power for over at least 157 yrs.

To believe that the rape-public-again party, or the demo-(demolish)crap parties are any sort of solution to the very problems they propose and then legislate is insanity. Is incredible stupidity.

Last election i had NO option but Feinstein or the Rep pablum. Neither is acceptable. Anyone would be better, since the purse and puppet strings would then be cut at least for awhile.

It makes me want to run against someone simply to change the dialogue. I may have no chance of winning, but i will not advocate corporate control or accept illegal FDA, USDA, etc rulings, presidential laws, etc. i probably couldn't do much more than get my body killed, but the dialogue would change direction.

sjsrana said...

Is 'Government/ARMY/POLICE' immaculate and NO one should DARE to question their 'ORGANIZED CRIME' activities?


Are they not all 'ORGANIZED CRIME'???

'Sharmila continues to persevere with her more than 12-year long struggle for the repeal of the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act (AFPSA). On a protest fast since 2000, she is force fed via tube at a government hospital in Imphal, Manipur, where she remains in custody and denied free access to her family, friends and supporters.'

WEAPONIZE WOMEN to SAVE them from growing incidents of RAPE and SEXUAL ASSAULTS from those in UNIFORM........

Anonymous said...

They gave us the finger so we give them the finger. If they fling bullets, well, so ends the Fascist States of Stupidity in a blaze of idiocy. Attempting a gun grab in America is as dumb as it gets hence all the panty-waste legislation being slung to bamboozle people with paper.

Anonymous said...

It takes people to operate the elitists firepower. Good luck on finding those traitors to support your cause. Elitists and their traitors will be shown the same mercy any enemy of the state would be...none...

HereAmI said...

Interesting that "Illinois is preparing a Bill to register gold and silver". Just a harmless word, registration. But behind it lies the manipulation of language which has enslaved America. Each word a thread; individually, easy to break, but collectively, much harder. The threads are growing, one Executive Order after another.
"Register". ( Latin ),genitive singular of rex, "a king".
Definition : "of the King".
By registering your gold and silver, therefore, you willingly ( and that is the intent ) give your gold to the King. You may then count it, and look at it, or photograph it, but he now owns it, and may confiscate it whenever he wishes. 1933, anyone?
Just like you registered the birth of your children, when you didn't have to. By doing so, you made them the chattels of the Federal Government, which is the Agent for the Crown, which leases the Colony of America from the Pope. Who, as Christ's self-declared ( but not Divinely-declared ) Vicar upon the earth, owns everything.
"For the earth is Mine, and the fullness thereof, saith the Lord".

Anonymous said...

Yes, Adolf did say this, but he was warning the German people about gun control. He never "took the guns" or "registered the guns". Quite the contrary, the 1938 National Socialist Gun Act GAVE GERMANS FREEDOM TO OWN FIREARMS, after the Weimar Republic took those rights. Obviously, Adolf wanted a fully armed citizenry. He was overwhelmingly elected twice by popular vote, and had the full support of the great majority of the people. Common sense tells you he wanted a fully armed Germany. He was warning the German people about gun control, and gave them gun freedom in 1935. Did you know 165,000 Jewish soldier voluntarily served in Hitler's army including the famous elite SS Obersturmbannfuhrer Adolf Eichmann and SS General Reinhard Heydrich were both Jewish. Disinformation agents like Alex Jones push these kinds of lies. This is an example of how you tell a real patriot from a pseudo-patriot.

Josef Stalin, on the other hand, certainly did ban guns. Then he killed 30 million people. Don't give up your guns. Gun and ammo prices may fall back down this year, but don't bet on it. People are buying all the guns and ammo they can get their hands on. Gun manufacturers are working overtime and are backlogged. The real reason for the Second Amendment is protection from a tyrannical government, not self defense, hunting, or anything else.

Anonymous said...

The elites win with tanks and hot air. There's no hope for them without either. If the talking heads are branded traitors of the Republic then its over.

Anonymous said...

Why did you censor my previous comment? I thought this blog was supposed to be about the truth.

Frank said...

Good article until you quoted that POS mass murdering hypocrite Abe Lincoln. You remember him the guy that ignored the Constitution and murdered close to 700,000 Americans along with 100,000 dead civilians in the south and tens of thousands of rapes. Couldn't you have found a quote from a real patriot.
Lincoln is the guy who put us on the path to total destruction!

Frank said...

My comment didn't go up either!

Anonymous said...

We went after the traitors of the Republic who published gun owners addresses in NY. The operation uncovered a bunch of journalist scums.

We need to go after them relentlessly and publish their locations, habits, their favorite hangouts...

Almost without exception they are tractors. For example Chris Matthews censored Ron Paul by leaving his name out when he won straw polls. Ari Shapiro of PBS did the same while on taxpayers funded payroll. Both examples are traitorous election rigging.

jack said...

Frank, I feel roughly the same about Lincoln, but his quote is still valid. His assumptions are that all Americans are armed and prepared as a part of the militia and therefore no Army, foreign or domestic, would have any chance against an armed American populace .

Hide Behind said...

Wil admit to not being a tactcal genius or expert on modern weaponry, but what weaponry in public hands would be effective against todays policing agents and their hi tech equipment?
Where would one find enough citizen support to any form of an armed rebellion?
How many rounds of ammo would one expend in just one minor operation that may only last an hour?
How many magazines can you throw away in a running and especially in a retreating gun fight?
Most importantly what makes you think that a hit will putyour enemy down if he is wearing full body armor. When that will stop even US military rounds.
Other than the few blackguns fire 308 and beter round andplain jane 223 you may as well be firing an air soft.?
How close do you think you can get to even within the lowest tier of forces that give the orders.
Where will the reinforcements and replacements of fallen comrades come from?
Where can you hide from unseen eyes that see you even on the darkest night?
There is no such thing as a secure bunker, let alone an impregnable one, so where will you hunker down?
When you bought your black gun was it a registered one and did you buy your ammo and mags with a credit card, and so do they know where and can find where and who you live with, and like in Iraq will they haul you kin away until you come in?
Once started where,or more importantly when, does the shoting end?

Anonymous said...

My comment on al Qaeda wad deleted too. It was truth.

Anonymous said...

This site is full of dis-info... constantly blocking mine and other viewers comments!

What's up AP?

No one is threatening anyone... as AP author and administrator Eric Blair claims is the only reason comments won't be posted here.

You want the fucking TRUTH? then check out this site (and links):

In line with the first comment on this thread...

The big stick to which Biden is referring, is Tesla technology.... the same technology that brought down the Twin Towers.

Ultra-low sound wave technology.

Ultra-Low frequency sound waves that vibrates targets into dust.. and is invisible to the naked eye.

And psyche of the American mindset.

Enemies beware! (citizens)

What the fuck do you think he's talking about?

Obama's phallus?

Dream on!

Anonymous said...

geo engineering-check
right left false paradigm-check
control of the money supply-check
control of resources-check
technology we don't even know about-check

Anonymous said...

Here's the thing:
If a bunch of farmers or whatnot with antique AK's can hold Afghanistan even in the face of the best equipped and trained army in the world, then certainly Americans can do it too here. We already did it when England had the best equipped and trained army in the world. Why not again?

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