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USDA Set to Approve Horse Meat Slaughter in the US

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Apparently horse meat is popular all over the world, albeit unbeknownst to most consumers.  And it seems equine meat will soon be making its way back to America.

Horse meat hasn't been legally produced in the United States since 2007, but the USDA is expected to approve a horse slaughterhouse in New Mexico within the next two months, according to the New York Times.

Stephanie Storm of the New York Times reports:
The United States Department of Agriculture is likely to approve a horse slaughtering plant in New Mexico in the next two months, which would allow equine meat suitable for human consumption to be produced in the United States for the first time since 2007. 
The plant, in Roswell, N.M., is owned by Valley Meat Company, which sued the U.S.D.A. and its Food Safety and Inspection Service last fall over the lack of inspection services for horses going to slaughter. Horse meat cannot be processed for human consumption in the United States without inspection by the U.S.D.A., so horses destined for that purpose have been shipped to places like Mexico and Canada for slaughter.
Justin DeJong, a spokesman for the agriculture department, said that “several” companies had asked the agency to re-establish inspection of horses for slaughter. “These companies must still complete necessary technical requirements and the F.S.I.S. must complete its inspector training,” he wrote in an e-mail referring to the food inspection service, “but at that point, the department will legally have no choice but to go forward with the inspections.”

Apparently Congress cut funding for horse slaughterhouses which forced them to close down in 2007. The NYT reports that Congress quietly removed the spending rider in 2011 which literally opened the door for equine slaughterhouses.

The lawsuit by Valley Meat charges that the USDA did not do their job under the Federal Meat Inspection Act which states they must provide inspection for the slaughter of "all amenable species" including "including cattle, sheep, pigs, goats, horses and mules."

The lawsuit is also supported by prominent ranching organizations like International Equine Business Association (IEBA), R-CALF USA, the South Dakota Stockgrowers Association (SDSGA), and the New Mexico Cattle Growers’ Association (NMCGA).

"Beginning in 2006, when inspections were temporarily prohibited, these U.S. horses continue to be slaughtered in foreign countries like Mexico and Canada," Bill Bullard, CEO of the R-CALF cattle organization, wrote in an affidavit of support of Valley Meat. "We believe the Mexicans do not adhere to the same humane standards as in the United States, and so some of our members won’t sell their horses."

The Humane Society disagrees with slaughtering horses for human consumption on principle.  In a statement they wrote the following:
Legitimate concerns about the health risks associated with consuming the meat of horses that are often treated with drugs that are prohibited for use in animals slaughtered for food, as well as the discovery of these drugs in horse meat exported from Canada and Mexico, have prompted The HSUS and Humane Society International to call for a moratorium on the sale in the EU of the meat of horses of U.S. origin. 
“Slaughtering horses for human consumption is archaic, inhumane, and unsafe, given the medicine chest of drugs often administered to horses and prohibited for human consumption,” said Wayne Pacelle, president and CEO of The HSUS. “It is astonishing that we may see the resumption of horse slaughter on U.S. soil while Europe is still reeling from a horse meat scandal. Have we not learned anything about the industry’s deception in Europe and the turmoil it has caused?” 
“If the USDA moves forward with allowing the cruel and toxic horse slaughter industry to enter our country, this administration is leading our nation in precisely the wrong direction,” said Nancy Perry, senior vice president of ASPCA Government Relations. “Recent polling shows that 80 percent of the American public overwhelmingly opposes the slaughtering of horses for human consumption, and given the current firestorm of concern and outrage over horse meat entering the food supply in Europe, it is time for Congress to prevent even one more American horse from suffering this terrible fate and stop horse slaughter in the U.S. once and for all.” 
“The slaughter of American horses for meat is an unnecessary and tragic end for these icons of our nation’s history,” said Hilary Wood, president of Front Range Equine Rescue. “American horses will suffer cruel deaths in New Mexico and will continue to be slaughtered abroad. Horse slaughter also brings a potentially toxic environmental threat to the state, with horses’ lives ending with a terrifying death, to be turned into an expensive and possibly toxic dinner.” 
“New Mexicans have repeatedly rejected the idea of a horse slaughter plant in our state,” said Lisa Jennings, executive director of Animal Protection of New Mexico. “Horses are a valuable part of our heritage, and we’re determined to develop a robust safety net for them, not condemn them to slaughter.” 
“I still oppose the opening of a horse slaughtering plant in New Mexico, and I am concerned about the impact it would have on local consumers,” said New Mexico’s Attorney General, Gary K. King. “The horse meat scandal in Europe has raised concerns about human health risks associated with consuming the meat of U.S. horses. Many horses may have been treated with drugs prohibited by U.S. and European regulations from ever being administered to animals that enter the food chain. A horse slaughtering plant in our state that produces meat for human consumption is still a bad idea.”
What are your thoughts about horse meat re-entering the U.S. market?

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Hide Behind said...

Ican remember buying horse meat to eat; Tasted just like jorse meat and was ean and tougher than wang leather.
In 40's through 60's remember hundreds of them being removed from open ranges in Eastern Oregon and people buy flounderd ones to sell to dog food producers.
Theyround em up whole and some were still kicking when bullet in head missed vital spot
They got 10 - 12 cents a pound for them.
Seen flic where some politicly connected ahole was given gov contrsct to remove them from public lands, paid to move and psid for them once again in Mexican butcher shop.
I remember seeing them in wild and on a ranch in Arapaho Colorado we fed them some times, ranchers and town folk alike.
No one wanted to own them cuz you could by a fine broke horse at auction for sometimes $24 bucks.
Things were fine until Denver and hollywood and flatland easterners came and had Dept of ag. And Other gov abc's kill them off.
You see they found them dangerous to children trees shrubs and front lawns.
About the only guy I evermet got hurt bad by a wild horse was yrying to ride one to break for a mount.
Flat landers could not understand what being free meant so they stayed became yuppy a holes and drove both the wild horses and old ranchers away as well.
Today they listen to country and western rock a billy wear boots belts and the women with pofed hair or steight as arrow dyed blone and silicon teats and jeans so tight they don't need butteipe front or back.
Yup the talk with a dtawl even if from Jersey snd talk about the good old days when the west was still west..
Course you may hear them sqiealnow as the horse on yheir 2-5 scre ranch is a pet and another reminder of areas history.

Anonymous said...

Hide Behind,

Wtf are you talking about??? Please work on the whole coherency thing.

Anonymous said...

Trying to get people conditioned to eating pets? I'd say so.

People better start thinking twice when they here the very old line "they do it in other places so why not here." First, who cares what they do in other places: they don't do it here and there's a reason for it. Second, they do it in places where people are starving. Third, if you adopt a new perspective just because someone tells you to is there anything you won't accept.

John Tilley said...

Who in their right mind would eat horse meat. I guess some people would. But not this guy. I am sorry. It isn't in my Pallet to grill up a steak from a Horse. And if my favorite store starts to sell the Horse meat I will no longer shop at that store.

Hide Behind said...

ALmost all of the horses slaughtered in US and Mexico come from public lands where BLM manages herd size by removal.
Old law said they were up for adoption same as burros but ran out of takers enen though they were almost free.
Largest suppliers of horsemeat into Mexico and world market get them under very strict guidelines that have holes in them a horse can run through.
The. Suppliers keep a few they can resell and move the rest south.
IT helps to have friends in Congress like McCain.
These are the publics horses and we pay for their pasture the salarys and groups who scientificly study them and their surrounding ecology; And then transportation out of country with no reinbursement to the public.
And the same goes for those cute little burros that when butchered taste not one whit differently. This is a multi million follar industry and its lobbyist are the ones who helped write the laws benefitting just a few wealthy men.
GOOD ol' Boy Cronyism at its best of so free enterprise.

Anonymous said...

The issue in Europe was that the horse meat was declared as beef. Horse meat came in handy, because it is lean and looks lean, more bright red , and so gives the consumer the impression, that the package contains lean beef.
Contamination: Are you aware how much medication and growth hormones is constantly and regularly given to cows, pigs and poultry? A lot of it is forbidden in the European Union, even in China. Have you ever visited a slaughter house? Are you aware of the growing and slaughter conditions of chicken?
Do you care as much about them?
I don't say I am for slaughtering horses, I love them, even their smell, but I also like and respect pigs, chicken, cows, and rabbits.
I'd rather see strict laws and guidelines to slaughter horses here, than stress them out by shipping them thousands of miles and then they get killed anyway, who knows where and how.
Are we willing to pay enough taxes to keep them well and alive until they die naturally, if we don't even care that 20%-25% of our children live in food insecurity and go hungry or receive unhealthy cheep food?
Just some thoughts, I grew up on a farm and I am an omnivore. I make sure that the meat I consume comes from animals that had a decent life - and one bad day. I know my farmers in person and trust them.


The forests are rampant with deer. Hang on to your guns... go deer hunting... keep your freezers filled. If it were not for the American Horse, this nation would not be a nation. We owe that animal our respect and honor. And if they get too old or infirm -they deserve and honorable humane death. And DO NOT SHIP them to Mexico!! Their method of killing is a knife to the spine. Consider that. The horse is still alive, thinking... when they hoist it upside down and gut it.

Anonymous said...

Better they are used and consumed than to starve out in the would or even in somebody's field who cannot afford to feed them any longer due to the fading economy.

Anonymous said...

I firmly believe slaughtering horses for food or
fertilizer is in the best interest of these noble animals.. I have never eaten horse meat but have smelled it cooking and it was not
up-setting.. It smelled quite palatable...
Meanwhile horses constently being abandoned is
a very grave problem.. We need to get real,Horse
slaughter palnts serve a need, for the Horses
as well as the people employed..

Anonymous said...

Wall Street has discovered a new venture.

Anonymous said...

This is one door they wished they never opened! With all the equine groups in this country they will be on them quicker than fly's on horse dong pile.

Anonymous said...

Eating ANIMAL COPRSES that have gone through agony/DEATH causes the absorption of agony hormons that will induce FEAR,VIOLENCE, DEPRESSION... Such negative feelings are wanted by satanic rulers that have been offering us "god's blood and copose" sundays in churches all around the world for two milleniums!
Eating raw PLANTS that have produce sugar out of SUN & WATER & CO2 causes the absorbtion of A POSITIVE LOVING SUN ENERGY that induces PEACE, CLEARTY, HAPPINESS...
Until XIX c. people who used to eat RAW VEGAN DIET were called PYTHAGOREANS (not vegeterans). Pythagoras WAS MURDERED for refusing to eat SACRIFIED ANIMALS (= for not respecting Greek's gods who asked the performing of ritual eating of animals)
It's all about MIND CONTROL METHOD for to create dumb non-thinking slaves : through eating death and drinking alcohol the most beautful, powerful magnificent human energy will be turned into debility.
Google/ youtube; RAW VEGAN and heal ALL your pysical, mental and even genetic disorders FOR FREE - bring their pharmaceutical industry down! bring their spiritual / economic/ scientific manipulation down!

Anonymous said...

They're ONLY talking about this now because the EU got caught. Period.

hp said...

I predict soon these discussions we be about dogs and cats.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

I live in a rural area where the number of horses that are malnurished is quite large.
Due to the terrible economy people just cannont afford to feed seems better to put the horses to some good use in a regulated, controlled slauterhouse rather than let them starve to death...which is really the cruel part of this whole thing.

juliaw1955 said...

Horses are vaccinated every six months with toxic vaccines! Are people crazy enough to eat horse meat. And then, there's another problem. I've been a horse owner all my life, spent thirty years in Houston with horses. Back before they stopped slaughtering horses, a person (especially in Houston) had to guard their animal with vigilant watch, because horse thieves would steal the horse, break it's leg, and haul it to the slaughter house. Dealers hovered like vultures at horse auctions to get cheep deals on horse meat. As the economy goes down, horses get cheaper. The same goes for February and Rodeo days. Horses disappeared, rode to Rodeo, and left there. Slaughter houses mean broken legs and inhuman death, toxic meat. If you have any compassion at all, stop this before it gets started again!!!!!

Anonymous said...

There's a myth about horses being Lucifers favorite sacrifice, throwing them off a high precipice. Horses are a noble creature made to serve men. Now to be served on a plate?


Unknown said...

One consideration is people's beloved horses will be rustled and sold. I worry about that all the time. The case in Florida where they were cutting them up alive with chainsaws selling the meat on the black market comes to mind. Also the show horses that were slaughtered and butchered in their own stalls. Legalizing the sell of horse meat for human consumption will only make rustling worse.

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