Saturday, February 23, 2013

Trial of BP Over Deepwater Horizon Set for Monday

Jeremy Truitt

Nearly three years after the Deepwater Horizon accident dumped over four million barrels of toxic crude oil in the Gulf of Mexico, oil giant BP is set to face off against the Justice Department in court Monday.

It all started in April 2010 when a massive explosion on board the platform killed 11 workers and injured many others. The platform ultimately sank and set off a 3-month frenzy to cap the well as oil continued to gush into the Gulf.

BP says it will fight the government’s charges of gross negligence, saying “We have always been open to settlements on reasonable terms... faced with demands that are excessive and not based on reality or the merits of the case, we are going to trial.”

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According to the Times-Picayune, the difference between “negligence” and “gross negligence” under the Clean Water Act means the difference between a $4 billion fine and a $17 billion fine. The editorial cites previous BP safety violations, saying “The bottom line is simple: BP should pay the highest penalties possible to undo the grievous damage it has done.”

Under typical circumstances, major companies almost always come to a settlement when such high penalties are at stake. In a trial, much more uncertainty exists. A guest on Fox News urged BP to settle.

“We’re in a situation now where BP is pointing fingers at people but the reality is, why don’t we sit down and just try to get this settled, BP? And why don’t you just accept that it was a very terrible situation that you created?”

So why hasn’t BP simply settled? A lawyer involved with the case told Bloomberg that with BP shifting blame to it’s sub-contractors Halliburton and Transocean and with 5 states involved, the case is simply too complex.

The Anniston Star sums up the difficulty, saying: “Even if all are determined, in some way, to be guilty, how does one divide the blame in dollars? It will not be an easy task.”

The company still has time to settle should they come to a last minute agreement with government lawyers, but since it’s already been several years, that seems unlikely.

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BP vs. The World: Who's Winning?


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Anonymous said...

Well if "corporations are people", then, if they are found guilty of gross negligence, resulting in the deaths of the rig workers..(not to mention thousands of residents...and millions of animals....and the death of the entire Gulf of Mexico ecosystem).....then their CEO, and anyone who made decisions.....should be given the death penalty!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

BP is largely owned by banksters and saintly green royals like St. Phillip and St. Charles.
Peasants need to be taught their place.

Anonymous said...

Instead of bending over and pardoning BP just after Hitler's birthday when the well blew up, president Bend Over should have confiscated BP assets and arrested the involved parties of Halliburton and BP and BlackStone.

avatara said...

BP is british and british are controlling economic ,foreing and miltary policies of usa-so nothign will happen.
kill english spies isnide usa establishment.


Exploitation of U.S.A. by England and her Agents.

The recent case of an English servant( au pair) by name of miss Woodward being convicted of man-slaughter of an American baby of American parents and yet allowed to walk away Scot free highlights those who did not realize earlier) the complete hold of England and her agents on the affairs of U.S.A. 19-year old child minder Louise Woodward convicted of murdering by shaking a baby to death. But due to all BBC propaganda and British pressure, the American judge later freed Woodward, reducing her sentence to less than a year of time served.
In other words that murderer walked away Scot free immediately after judgement -while some black Americans are behind prisons for 15 years for possession of 15 grams of marijuanas.
The same english media and her agents in America were doing free propaganda for the girl and even before and after the trial were declaring the convicted girl innocent. It is the same media (B.B.C. And others of same punk types) who have all through last 15 years been doing propaganda against Blacks, Hispanic and what not, and have fully pushed for tough measures against drug takings on the basis that with drug scare a lot of Blacks would be (and have been) put behind bar for more than 15 to 20 years on trumped up charge of possessing !5 dollars worth of Hassis.
It is the same british infiltrators in American media who push for draconian law agasint use of casnnabis in usa. Ludicrous draconian drug laws sustaining wholesale incarceration are destroying lives and families for over 43 years yet there remains a frightening silence on America’s streets to those awful government acts. Washington federal and state laws coupled with mandatory prison time has made a prison industry out of the poor and minorities indulgence of a common weed plant named cannabis. Anyone of consciousness must ask themselves; what kinds of people make thousands upon thousands of children homeless with barbarian drug laws?

Certainly the American public’s oversight is a worthy testament to the Washington Press Corp, media cartels and our government sponsored movie industry that so many Americans have remained silent about the prosecutions that are completely out of all proportion to the personal use of cannabis.

It is the same British (more specifically english) media and peoples who are pro-capital punishment (as long as victims are non-english) , pro hard line policing( only against non-english peoples), more pro tobacc0,more pro rotten british beef, more pro big british business( but anti-foreigners` business-whiplash against Japanese ownership of a few American concerns but complete silence of American firm being hostile way being taken by british and Canadian firms is one example), more pro pollution, more anti-environment, very pro-english financial institutions` hold on world economy (but against European finance getting strong--anti-European Single currency is for that reason), very anti-cultured( they call it pragmatism) and very anti-foreign countries (Usa, Canada, and Australia excepted as these are regarded by English press as their colony( they call it across the pond, or english backwater))), very anti-blacks, anti-whites of Europe, anti non anglo saxon whites of America and even anti-Scottish

Anonymous said...

After the big 911 lie, Bush finally got to invade Iraq and set about plans to steal all the oil.
But we already know that.

Last year the oil pie in Iraq was carved up, by Bush2 (Obama) and guess who got the LARGEST SHARE OF THE PIE?


The gulf disaster and its theatrical show of lawsuits is a crime against the American people.
BP is fighting over crumbs in public with the US government, in private they are partners.....the US government is the junior partner.

The facts from the horses mouth.

Anonymous said...

It's too bad that energy industry insider Matthew Simons cannot testify in this case. On Bloomberg he came out and stated that BP was fully at fault. About 2 weeks later he unfortunately died alone of 'accidental drowning' in his hot tub.

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