Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Scientific Case Against Global Warming in 12 Minutes


Data from an article by Dr. David M.W. Evans presented by Stefan Molyneux.

See article and data sources here.

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Jonathan Wessner said...

People can call me crazy, and stupid, but I knew they were wrong. We had an exceptionally hot summer where I live, to which a climatologist said this area has hot summers sometimes, and this is one of those times, global warming/ climate change was not involved. He insisted it was real, just not to blame this time.

abinico said...

What will most be noticeable is weather extremes, both hot and cold. The term global warming is a media title and as usual quite wrong.

HereAmI said...

The case as presented above first states that there is no dispute that CO2 causes warming; it is all about feedback; and then contradicts that statement by saying that CO2 does not cause warming.
The reason why case 2 is correct is as follows.
CO2 re-radiates infra-red from the sun, but at a longer, ie less energetic, wavelength. This longer-wavelength IR cannot penetrate water, which is the place where all the excess heat in the system is stored, ie in the oceans. So CO2 cannot cause warming.
For any scientist to say that as the earth heats up, it radiates heat less effectively, is the purest form of nonsense. Newton's Law of Cooling has been known about for ever. This makes the assertion that the hotter something is, the faster it loses that heat. As the satellites prove.
Little is made of the primary role of the sun in causing fluctuations in global temperature. Any normally intelligent person must surely see that without the sun, we are cold and dead. The sun's thermal output varies somewhat year by year on a cyclical basis, but probably more important is its magnetic field, which induces a similar field around the earth. It is this field which when strong, prevents cosmic rays from entering earth's atmosphere. These rays seed clouds, clouds reflect heat. This simple observation is not part of the climate change models; which are in place entirely to create fear. Fear is then used to ensure public compliance with a political agenda which seeks to send most of us back to the stone age whilst maintaining and increasing the control of the banking "elite" via CO2 taxes and penalties, etc.
But most egregious of all is that this false-fear scenario deflects attention away from what we really should be worried about, which is the terminal poisoning of our environment. The majors oceans are now awash with colossal rafts of non-biodegradable plastic. We are poisoning the earth's soils with the aluminium/barium/strontium being sprayed down upon us from aircraft every day of the week.
We are in terminal danger of living in a perfectly-heated world which is dead to all forms of life.
Mankind is over.
Fortunately, we have a Creator who is about to intervene decisively.
"It is not in man which walketh to direct his steps". Jeremiah ch 10 v 23.

Anonymous said...

Man made envirobmental change is real. Climate is what you expect. Weather is what you get. A global mindset is needed for change. The solution MUST be an alternative to oil/coal/nuclear/gas for two self serving reasons. Environment and lower costs. Innovate.

Anonymous said...

Do these people think that the creator made this place and then walked away from the whole thing?

Of course, it's a power grab. It's time for them to triple our electric bills and attach smart meters to our homes, which will be another slow kill recipe and usher in Agenda 21.

This is a battle between the Most High's chosen and Satans chosen people.

Pkease read the Old Testament on your own and not under the direction of any priest or pastor who are bound to silence under gov't or lose their no tax status.

We have to save ourselves.

Love ya

Fourwinds said...

Last night over a beer in a Luang Pra Bang bar I had a discussion with an English journalist who was a global warming alarmist. I delivered what I thought was a considered debate on my part against the global warming catastrophe based on the simple observation that the globe always has warmed and cooled over time and that even if it is warming it may not be totally the fault of us humans.
I was ridiculed, talked over, called an idiot and had to listen cliches like "the science is irrefutable." Of course it is refutable and as outlined in this video, possible totally wrong. I was disturbed by his vehemence and bullying approach which largely reflects the tactics of the global warming alarmists. Time will tell, and I think time and nature is on my side.

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