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Psycho Houston Cop Highlights Wider Justice Problem

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John Galt
Activist Post

The word "psycho" is not used here to be inflammatory. It is generally accepted that the pyschopathic personality is a disorder characterized by amorality, brutality, lack of impulse control, and profoundly lacking empathy. With this make-up, as author of The Psychopath: The Mask of Sanity Hervey Cleckley, states:
Provided you are not forcibly stopped, you can do anything at all.
Stories of police brutality across the nation are legion, but every once in a while something stands out as particularly heinous. In this category would certainly be the case of Michael Pena of the NYPD who during his time off at 6:15 a.m. drunkenly raped Lydia Cuomo in a Bronx courtyard; an act that the court concluded was not rape, but "sexual assault." Pena will likely be in prison for life, but the wording of the court is horribly offensive for victims of such savagery.

When the court system and the police departments themselves downplay, or completely overlook and obstruct the punishment of officers, it leads to public confidence falling into an irreparable state. Such is the case of a young Houston man who had the misfortune of running into Sgt. Curtis Hampton.

24-year-old Blake Pate, after being hurt in a car accident on Christmas Day, exited his vehicle dazed and likely seeking help. Instead of receiving help, he was shot four times . . . killed by a police officer who was nearby the scene of the accident. An autopsy revealed that there were no drugs or alcohol in his system, and he had no criminal history.

According to a complaint filed by the victim's mother:
'Officer Hampton witnessed the accident and went to investigate,' the complaint states. 'The noise of the crash brought numerous residents of the apartment complex outside, allowing them to witness the subsequent events. 
'Blake extricated himself from the wreckage of his vehicle and began to walk toward the nearest street light. Blake was stunned from the accident and bleeding from superficial wounds to his face. Blake had his hands extended in front of him. 
Officer Hampton drew his service pistol and fired four shots at Blake at an extreme close range. Blake was struck in the thigh, the chest, and the neck. 
'At no point did Blake attack or otherwise threaten Officer Hampton. Blake was not found to be carrying any type of weapon. He was completely unarmed. At the time of the shooting, Officer Hampton was not in fear of his life or bodily injury or that of another. Officer Hampton saw no weapon on Blake nor did he suspect Blake had a weapon.' (Source)
Blake's mother, Patsy, received no remedy from a grand jury, which decided not to indict Hampton for the killing -- they heard no witness testimony.

Patsy's complaint has now been issued at the federal level. The complaint goes on to chronicle Sgt. Hampton's long history of brutality, which included other questionable shooting incidents. One incident that was documented was Hampton shooting a man multiple times who was threatening suicide. The department ruled that this was not excessive force.

A second incident saw Hampton shoot a dog that was enclosed behind a fence. No disciplinary action was taken.

Adding to his repertoire of psychopathic behavior, Hampton also has multiple complaints against him for sexual harassment, categorized by one woman (also an HPD officer) as attempted rape. Hampton was suspended for 15 days, no charges. And that was a heavy penalty compared to the one that followed after he tied his girlfriend to a bed and tried to rape her - 5 days suspension, no charges. This incident was concluded to be sexual role play that "went overboard."

According to the Houston Press, another incident emerged that led to the following statement encapsulating the classic behavior of a psychopath:
In 2008, another HPD officer filed a complaint against Hampton for sexual misconduct. 
'It is extremely disturbing that someone in a position of authority cannot see the error of what he did,' reads an HPD Internal Affairs document. 'The fact that [Sgt. Hampton] seeks to blame the victim makes his actions even more egregious.' (Source)
To date the HPD has stayed true to form and has taken no action against Hampton for Blake Pate's death. Blake's mother has taken the correct step in filing a suit against the city, and against Hampton, personally. If police departments are not going to take action to screen, monitor, and properly evaluate predatory behavior within their ranks, then it is up to victims and activists to hold them accountable by filing lawsuits and spreading the word about being on high alert of certain individuals.

Here are a few recent cases and additional resources to help combat police brutality and hold accountable those committing acts of violence, as well as covering them up:
And of course one of the worst incidents ever caught on film: the torture killing of unarmed, homeless and mentally challenged Kelly Thomas:
Resources for victims and activists:

Mothers Against Police Brutality
Citizens Against Brutality
NYC-Justice.org (including multiple links to national sources)
How to Record the Cops
Never Talk to the Police

Please add your recommended resources in the comment section below.

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Anonymous said...

Disgusting. Keep exposing them, not that a psychopath feels shame, but I like the idea of a sort of alert list to let the public know who to look out for. Good resources at the end.

Anonymous said...

It's not just the bad cop. It's the cops behind the bad cops. Much to their detriment, they are all supporting the bad behavior.

But, for me, the defining moment in law enforcement was Columbine high school. Dozens of cops hid outside, behind armored vehicles, as hundreds of kids were inside being shot at.

What were the kids to do? They are unarmed and the armed fools "cops" are outside hiding and waiting for it to end so they can enter the school safely. Why are the cops outside waiting? Waiting for what? Why are they even there, if they aren't going to do anything? Why were their lives more important than the high school kids?

I think that's the real question. Why do cops think their lives are more important? That they should live, while unarmed children are shot and killed just hundreds of feet away?

So you ask, "what does this have to do with the story?" It's all about cops seeing themselves as more important. It's all about them going home at the end of the day. It doesn't matter if you do!

Unfortunately, these examples are all just symptoms of societal decay. It will only get worse. Much worse.

stevor said...

This sounds like what the recent "LA cop killer" was against in his department, though I've been too busy to do a lot of reading on him.

Anonymous said...

Nothing else can be expected from the arms of the oligarchy. They're only there to satisfy their deeply disturbed psyche and to serve the oligarchy and protect their their loot not to mention help them get their hands on more of what doesn't belong to them. The police and armed forces of each and every country only attract psychopaths. Nobody in their right mind would ever want those jobs or volunteer to do them.

hp said...

Once again, where are the fathers, sons, uncles, cousins, boyfriends?
If a few hundred (thousand) relatives and friends step up and put down those who murder their families and friends, perhaps this will initiate a little self policing among the police. Self preservation the motivator.

How long before the tens of millions of armed citizens, when seeing the cops coming just start shooting and consider it self defense?

Nemetron 2000 said...

Let me guess, Sgt. Hampton thought Mr. Blake was a zombie coming for him to feast on his brains.

Face covered in blood.

Arms outstretched before him.

Walking in a staggered and dazed manner, probably mumbling and moaning from a concussion and pain.

Dumb ass cop who watches way too much television.

Yep, the formula for a wrongful police shooting.

Zimbabalouie said...

Among the many rsources mentioned one notable source was missing. The Cato Institutes Injustice Everywhere. This site was started by David Packman after suffering abuse by the Seattle PD and not finding justice.

Mr. Packman created an outstanding site dedicated to tracking and statistically reporting police abuse. He later turned it over to the Cato Institute who has done a fine job of continuing to Mr Packman's project.

Co-opted Confederate said...

What should happen is: each state should require the public posting of all charges against all law enforcement officers for any reason within 24 hours of the charge and require the chares remain posted publicly until the officer is no longer on active duty as such.

katz said...

There is a Federal tort called 42 USC 1983.

If you win, they pay your legal fees, as well as for the damages.
The tort is designed to stop this type of brutality, under color of law. The definition is if the actor deprived a citizen of their Constitutional rights, and due process rights, under color of law, and caused damage. Sue them. GET LOTS OF MONEY> that's all they understand.

Anonymous said...

Houston has one of the most corrupt police departments in the United States.Unless you know the right people don't expect them to treat you with dignity and respect. They will drive 60mph in a 30mph to get to a coffee shop then want the coffee and donuts for free!

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to post his name, picture, address, phone numbers, family members, bank accounts, car make/model/color and any other available info. Should be posted all over the internet and posted on every telephone pole with 20 miles of this [expletive deleted].

Anonymous said...

You see how people like Dorner try to go against the system and wonder just how long it's going to be in this country until citizens have had enough and start retaliating in response to badged thugs.

Anonymous said...

When you hire ex military mostly to patrol your streets you are scrapping the bottom of the public barrel.
the results will therefore be commensurate.

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