Tuesday, February 12, 2013

3D Bio-Printed Meat is No Longer Science Fiction


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djohnston said...

This is a purported "solution" in search of a problem. At 08:15 he says:

"To make textile and food grade tissue is actually an easier problem... If you think about leather and meat they are no longer living, and they don't have to serve a biological function. And we also don't have to worry about issues of immune compatibility."

How do you "grow" meat from dead tissue? A contradiction in terms. And, who says we don't have to worry about immune issues? Haven't the GMO scientists been saying that about bioengineered fruits and vegetables?

Just because you are growing in a nutrient medium in a petri dish does not mean that the amount of nutrients necessary are any less than those required for a real cow or pig.

There are much better, natural solutions available. Besides growing food locally on small plots, there is the story of an illiterate African farmer who, using primitive tools and proven methods, is reclaiming farmland from the sub-Saharan desert.

The Man Who Stopped the Desert

His methods are now being used by others as the word has spread.


According to a BBC report, "Satellite pictures of northern Africa show that areas lost to the Sahara desert during decades of drought are turning green again."


"And the researchers say that while overall improvements have been steady, dramatic progress has been made in particular villages and areas, particularly those where donor agencies have invested consistently in soil and water conservation.

One particularly successful farming technique is known as 'contour bunding'. It consists in placing lines of stones along slopes and contours on the land to help rainfall soak in, and to stop topsoil washing away.

And that is helping to transform thousands of hectares into productive fields - where nothing grew just a decade ago."


So, if dirt poor farmers in Africa can reclaim farmland from the Sahara, why aren't international efforts funneled into more productive projects like this? One word: greed. You see, the "feed the world" crowd is not really about empowering poor people with a surplus of available food. It is about empowering themselves with more wealth.


This "meat growing" project is more bullshit "science" in the name of "feeding the world". The presenter admits it costs thousands of dollars to produce just one pound of meat. But, that is because they are not "factory scaled" yet. Even if the costs were brought in line with current meat prices, how would the average African be able to afford to buy a pound? If the U.S. economy continues on its downward spiral, how will the average American be able to afford to buy a pound?

HereAmI said...

Isn't it nice when someone speaks the truth for an entire page?
I vote to grow an endless supply of djohnsons in a meat factory. Our problems would soon be over.

Anonymous said...

In the meantime, across the pond, the Royals of England feed their serfs horse meat. I kid you not. Has anyone heard (or is herd?) of that scandal? And they're lucky it was horse meat which, according to the French is a delicacy. It could as well have been human flesh from the corpses in the cemeteries or the victims of their imperialist wars. The possibilities here are truly horrifying.

Marsha Anderson said...

"there is the story of an illiterate African farmer who, using primitive tools and proven methods, is reclaiming farmland from the sub-Saharan desert."

My question is, why the use of the adjective, "illiterate" before the word African. His mind is certainly not lacking for innovation using "primitive tools" and proven methods to turn the desert green/habitable for gardening/growing food

Anonymous said...

I remember a few years back there were multiple scandals going on with cosmetic companies using ingredients that were derived from certain parts of corpses sourced from chinese prison inmates. no sh!t. sounds like a joke but of course you can research this yourself... and as usual after the attention was gone about it most if not all major manufacturers continue this and similar practices.

Anonymous said...

" the Royals of England feed their serfs horse meat. I kid you not."

Anonymous, don't be silly. There is a current anomaly in which horse meat has been improperly labeled after being produced somewhere in SE Europe and distributed widely including the UK; it is being studied and will be fixed.

But there are no serfs in Britain, and the Royals feed nobody anything. You're several hundred years out of date.

Anonymous said...

Johnston, isn't it odd that African farmers have had thousands of years to improve agriculture, and it's only just now that they come up with a solution? Well, it's not odd at all. Because it didn't happen.

You ask how we can grow leather, when leather is composed of dead cells. Well, living cow skin cells are grown, then killed and formed into leather.

The Sahara is only a tiny percentage of the land area of the Earth, and if we reclaim all of it for farming, then we've lost a beautiful desert and gotten more monotonous plow fields in exchange, and we've only increased the amount of food for humanity by a tiny percentage.

Whereas he's talking about direct energy conversion into food cells, which means artificial meat at ten cents a pound.

Also, the food being grown will be identical to natural food because there will be no need of GMO. Why would you need GMO to protect your crops from insects when they're grown inside a lab? Why would you need GMO hormones in cows to produce more milk, when you're synthesizing milk without cows?

Food printing means local control of food supplies. It means consumer choice as to what goes into our foods. It means enough food for everyone, for centuries to come. As for after that, well, your Sahara solution will be insufficient in a few years, and I'll take a solution that can feed humanity for centuries over one that won't feed us past this decade.

Anonymous said...

this is all nonsense. its like saying the world is overpopulated when everyone is simply bunched up in metro areas on top of one another all the while federal mentality condemning people learning to farm among other things and contribute to economic growth by creating monopolized capitalism.
everyone of these so called labs developing ideas like this are designed and funded by eugenicist who have no interest in the well being of humans. I suggest you do some research on EUGENICS if you don't get it. nazis were the first to popularize this and has continued to be used to this day by all governments world wide. until poeple see what is happening with the true intent of current science then humanity will never be able to recreate what nature does so perfectly.

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