Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Marijuana Legalization Bill Introduced in New Hampshire

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Erik Altieri, NORML
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A group of five bipartisan lawmakers has introduced legislation that seeks to make New Hampshire the third state to legalize and regulate the adult use of marijuana.

The measure, House Bill 492, would legalize the possession of up to an ounce or less of marijuana and the private cultivation of a limited number of marijuana plants for adults 21 years of age and older. HB 492 would also allow for licensed and regulated marijuana retail stores, in addition to licensed facilities to cultivate, and manufacture marijuana. Full text of this measure can be read here.

Polling conducted in January of 2013 by Public Policy Polling reported that 53% of New Hampshire voters support changing state law to regulate and tax marijuana similarly to alcohol, only 37% were opposed.

Including New Hampshire, there is now a total of six states considering legislation to fully legalize marijuana. It is imperative that your elected officials hear from you in support of this measure. If you live in one of the six states (Hawaii, Maine, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont) considering the legalization of marijuana for all adults, you can click on the appropriate link below and go directly to your state’s action alert. You can also click here to see if your state is considering any legislation pertaining to marijuana law reform.

Tell Your Elected Officials to Support Marijuana Legalization!

Please visit and support to help end marijuana prohibition.


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Anonymous said...

When are we going to get over this marijuana issue as a society? We accept alcohol and all of its horrible side effects from abuse and its physical addictiveness. Smoking is the same way. It's physically addictive and is killing people.

Hide Behind said...

OH let us sing in our purple haze
TO our new fredom to get stoned.
No amber waves of grain can compare
To home grown canabis and smell of hemp
That will clear the air of pollutants
From sea to shining sea.
Where purple mountains majesty can even be
A sky scraper or prison walls seen
Through a relaxing purple haze.
When we all will agree that freedom is
Finding a plant of realy good shit.
Who gives a damn what government does
just don' t screw with our buds and buzz.
CHRIST I have to beg on how I can live, so please let me go out if not in a warriors red white and blue blaze of glory at least let it be in a slaves purple haze.

Hide Behind said...

LIVE FREE OR DIE was once your states motto but today it is; " We beg of thee Your Majesty, that we who serve you faithfully can end our service peacefully by smoking a lowly weed.

Anonymous said...

WE have Idiot's driving sober we have Idiot's driving Drunk, and coming to you soon Idiot's Driving Stoned. What a Nightmare!!!

Anonymous said...

Quit your whining, Marijuana legalization is coming and your stupid arguments against it dont matter anymore. The majority of Americans support it. The majority of arrests made in this country are marijuana related. It ruins peoples lives by labeling them as criminals. The black market and gangs who run it are the only source of violence which comes from marijuana. Smoking isnt an issue, you can easily vaporize it or turn it into edibles. And those of you who mock our state motto, we may not be where we want to be but we sure as hell are doing better than most of the other states.

Hide Behind said...

NH People are not where they want to be and will not be happy until they are fully a socialist state.
They never out grew the small english shopowner small farmers mentality and want a tory government to supply every formality and benefit to keep it that way.
Its fishery and forestry are almost tree for tree and fish for fish regulated to keeps but a few from being able to earn a living.
One of a few all of New English and southern states with the highest numbers of government payrolled bureaucracys compared to a realy private sector productive occupations.
The states economic viability has always been because they elect those who know how best to get from fedetal largess and the wealthy out of staters power that likes their quaint simplicity and srrvitude to tourist money.
Towns with as many dogcatchers as police and every fed department being represented mostly by out of state residents.
Their educated who are far far more likely to befound applying for government positions and flee the state for wherever they may be or gailing in that end up working at lowly industrial management positions.
Provate enterprize is finding ways to fund through any and all government programs.
Well at least now that many of the free freedomrides are ending. in the future they can lower their stress levels by an inhale or two.

Anonymous said...

Did you even read the drivel you wrote prior to clicking the publish button? Horrible grammar and spelling do not make a convincing argument for your side. It simply reflects your obvious lack of education and understanding of my home state.

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