Is “Gray State” a Psy-Op?

Michael T. Winter, Contributor
Activist Post

In answer to the question posed in the title of this piece, this writer does not have a definitive answer one way or the other. There are, however, several aspects of this trailer that point to this being a psy-op. If you are on a website that would post this article, then there is very good chance you’ve seen the trailer for the movie Gray State as seen below. 

Condensed, the movie addresses what it would be like if FEMA began round-ups and executions of US citizens. The trailer, 2:40 long, seems to have one goal in mind; to instill fear in the viewer. It is devoted to violent graphic scenes of round-ups; direct head shot executions and intimidating footage of faceless FEMA soldiers goose stepping toward defiant, rioting citizens. The trailer is laced with heavy machine gun sounds, buzzing helicopters, people screaming, and death; lots of death.

On the surface, one might applaud the intrepid director and crew, facing down Hollywood (much ado is made of this fact in interviews), and, even more so, having the stones to make a movie depicting our government in such a harsh light. But the surface is just that; a surface and we live in an age of deception.

Thanks to the Internet reformation, the plans of the globalists have been laid bare. The tricks they employ are numerous and come at us from every angle. This movie trailer would appear to satisfy two of their primary objectives within the paradigm of this deception. The first objective of the trailer is to instill fear and hopelessness into the population, which it effectively does. The second feat accomplished is to give warning of what is yet to come.

It is well documented that globalist-controlled Hollywood is complicit in these types of ‘pre-alert’ efforts by allowing television shows and movies to become vehicles of warning to the populace. There is massive evidence pointing to this modus operandi; 9-11, here and Sandy Hook, here are two recent examples. There are many more, but this space does not allow for a list, and this is not the focus of this piece.

We cannot claim that we weren’t warned in advance of any number of calamities; those in the past and those yet to come. The globalist stamp is all over this project. The globalists, (one might think not human by their actions) are just people at the end of the day, and people make mistakes. The Aurora, Co. shooting was rife with errors, here, and here. Sandy Hook was even worse, here, from a production standpoint (which from a globalist view was a production, no less so than a staging of Othello at the Met).

There are a number of ‘tells’ associated with this project. A ‘tell’ is a term used to describe the actions (and thus indicators) of a deception. Most commonly referred to in conjunction with gambling and gamblers themselves, the term is apropos here as applied to markers that this trailer is (in all likelihood unbeknownst to the entire cast and crew) a project of globalist emanation. The trailer focuses on real-life proposals by the elites, such as RFID chips, QE IV, and martial law. Sub themes include empty grocery shelves, cameras in homes, the ripping apart of loved ones and the heavy boot of the state. At the end of the trailer, the last shot shows a pyramid, a favorite image of the elites.

Google and YouTube, two of the most powerful (globalists owned) Internet companies on the planet are fully on board with the promotion of this trailer. A Google search brought up Gray State after typing in only ‘gray st’. After ten pages (11 listings each page) it didn’t slow down – the listings went on and on. What movie trailer in history has yielded such buzz? Remember, this is a trailer. No release date was announced then and none has been forthcoming, (This in itself is suspect. The trailer was made in 2011 and here we are in 2013. There is zero information online pertaining to a release date. It appears the trailer was made and that was it. One could almost call it a mini-movie production of and by itself.)

Most of the numerous links are to alternative news sites such as Prison Planet. Many of the site links are to dis-info shill sites known for being so. There is a great consistency to all the links – in every one there is a hyperlink to the trailer. It would appear the primary goal is to get people to watch the trailer. On YouTube, there are 492,260 views and numerous pages of ancillary interviews and analysis. These analysis focus on the feasibility of the concept of Gray State becoming a reality. In one interview with an actor in the trailer, he stated there was a lot of work to do in the “trailer.” He held up his fingers in the “Quote-Unquote” sign as he said “trailer.” That type of hand gesture is used to indicate (among other things) that what is being “quoted” is not the actuality of what is being inferred.

Research into the production company for Gray State, Hot Head Productions, from Minnesota, proved to be a dead end. There is a website for a Hot Head Productions in New York, but not the company sought. The only site discovered relating to the correct Hot Head Productions is here, but the phone number on the site is to a locksmith that has had the same number for seven years.

There is very little information on David Crowley, the director and writer. There are many sites with interviews of him about the trailer, what it means to society, etc. etc. But there is nothing on the man himself. In this age of LinkedIn, FB, Twitter and the like, one would think there would be something on the guy, but there is nothing. His bio indicates he likes making movies, (but does not list any) and that he was in the army. That’s it.

A search to discover the source of the initial funding remains unknown, not for lack of trying. None of the interviews reveal this fact. One interview has Crowley claiming the trailer cost six thousand dollars to make. The trailer has tanks, helicopters, exploding buildings and uber-expensive military gear. It doesn’t take an MBA to know that, with all the explosions and heavy duty armaments, tanks etc. it cost a hell of a lot more than six grand to make. Where do these resources come from? In an interview with Crowley, he claimed the trailer generated $67,000.00 in investment money. He indicated this would be used to create a media package to help draw investors for the movie. Wait a minute! The trailer was allegedly created to bring in investors. Now that that has been done, and $67K has been brought in, that money will be used to…draw investors?

The company that supplied the weapons and heavy armaments is The Bullet Exchange, here. The owners of The Bullet Exchange are revealed to be David Crowley (Director and Writer, GS), Mitch Heil (Director of Photography, GS), and Danny Mason, (Lead Actor, GS). The company’s C.V. reveals that they worked on two other movies, Pandemic, here and Problem Solving the Republic, here. Both movies underlying meme is the government is staffed with malevolent people intent on bearing us ill will. Crowley’s bio on the site lists “Experience: 5 years Army infantry, squad leader, Deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan”. Heil shows, “Experience: Five years in the 82nd Airborne, Deployed to Afghanistan for 12 months and Iraq for 14 months”.

The question to be posed is this: How do Crowley and Heil go from being gung ho soldiers to dissident filmmakers? How do they accomplish this feat of rebellion whilst drawing on their contacts accrued from years of military service? One would think, if Team Crowley is genuinely rebellion minded in their project, that the Army, if not discouraging the film, would certainly not endorse the project to the point they help supply the gear to make it a reality. This smacks of psy-op collusion.

Psy-ops are the children of one acronymed agency or another. To obtain tanks one needs permission of the Federists and, well, tanks. Tanks come from the government, and the government would not willingly loan out tanks to be employed in a movie depicting them in this harsh light unless someone, somewhere had not granted approval. If this movie was independent and truly anti-government as claimed then it makes sense they would not have the cooperation of the government for the trailer.

The underlying message the trailer imparts rolls across the screen to the sound of guns blazing, “With every weapon of the state turned against us, how long can we resist?” There is no hope offered in this trailer. There is no ‘resolution’ and no happy ending – nothing but fear and panic inducing images and sounds. It is really little more than another salvo, fired by the elites, to further diminish our feelings of security and well being. Rather than succumb to the fear, there are wise words to ponder as an antidote to soul poisoning fear. “Only focusing on what is wrong is a trap that just feeds the machine. We must really focus on creating what we want, even if doing so only makes it easier for future generations.”

The elites want us to focus on negativity. This mindset, aided via media projects like this ‘trailer’ succeed in germinating fear and negativity. Perhaps this trailer is not disingenuous at all, and is exactly what it purports itself to be. But in this age of deception where the globalist enemy controls every aspect of our existence, the chances of this being a genuine concept trailer are slim. Based on the results of this cursory investigation as outlined above, one might conclude Gray State just doesn’t add up. From a globalist point of view, why make a whole movie (costing many millions), when for a fraction of that cost, they can create the same amount of fear just by pushing a well-made trailer?

Michael T. Winter has been published on RT here and Global Research, here. He also has published a novel called Branko’s Ride, purchase on Amazon HERE. Michael is based in southern Illinois, USA.

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33 Comments on "Is “Gray State” a Psy-Op?"

  1. The makers of Gray State are sure taking their sweet time. By the time it comes out, we won’t need a movie about it, as it will all be for real.

  2. It has been funded by donations:

    It seems to me that ActivistPost has tells of being a psy-op as well or better than this movie. Think about it.

  3. Okay I came across this article because in today’s news in Minnesota a family of three was found dead and had apparently been dead since Christmas. The article said it was an apparent murder suicide. They didn’t release the names of the victims but the article did say that the male victim was the writer and director of the film Grey Matter. I searched the film and immediately felt like there was something wrong. I wonder if this film and the premise of it had something to do with this “murder suicide”. Isn’t it strange that the family went missing near the holidays and somehow no one in their extended family had noticed. Most people are in contact with extended family during that time. Even if no one in their extended family noticed what about the girls school? Wouldn’t they call? There is usually a policy after three I excused absences the school considers you truant and sends child protection your information so why didn’t that happen? Was it really a murder suicide or was it a way of keeping this film under wraps? What do you guys think?

    • Crowley was accused of ripping off investors, that this movie had just been eating up expenses with little to show for it. Apparently it had been in production for years.

  4. So he is dead now along with his wife and kid most likely assasinated

  5. Well… David Crowley was found dead along with his wife and daughter this morning. It’s hard to grasp honestly. He was so nice and their family seemed so happy. I only hope I won’t be next for having participated in anything for the movie. It all seems/seemed so strange.

  6. Producer is dead…. Media reporting a murder suicide…

  7. Crowley and family found dead in their house.

  8. A “dissident”. How dare you use the word “dissident”, makes me think YOU GUYS are the psy-op here, using common government buzzwords. He and his family have been murdered in their own home. Kind of blows your whole story out of the water, doesn’t it?

  9. I agree. This is a brilliant piece of psy-op! And what could top the writer/director suicideing himself and his family so the pigs would be the prime suspects. You can’t buy this kind of marketing to save your life! I was completely taken in until I read your article.

  10. Loved reading this post:) After finding David and family now reported to have been found dead in their home- I would prefer to think that was dummies and the family have been given new identities.
    Perhaps a further stunt to increase and build on the fear and suspision, NWO playing us like a game! Phewy
    I can just see how this will play out now!

    • This scenario doesn’t play out. I get that for three weeks in the most visited time of the year, nobody comes inquiring but a neighbour? Not all families are functional and talk regularly. For all we know, the Mason family was divided due to the movie itself! The point is, we don’t know.

      BUT! Think of the collusion required by so many parties for them (found by neighbour) to be dummies and the Masons are all getting plastic surgery and living in the Maldives or some silliness. David Mason and his family were MURDERED. The globalists would not risk ‘giving them new identities’. They would (working for them or not) kill them. Oh…go ask one of the members of the SEAL team on the Obama- I mean, Osama snatch. What? You can’t? They’re all dead? Would you wake the fuck up?

  11. I dont believe anything about this guy..he is about as dead as the Sandy Hook kids. Good Job exposing the constant BS

  12. You are right to be skeptical. The Wannabees are not reluctant to kill their

    The Globalists do not have the manpower, or the resources, to bring their
    Big Vision to fruition. Basically, all they have is Fear, Confusion and Disinformation.

    However, many Humans are Simply Stupid. And they will remain that way.

    It takes discernment, attention and prayer to ascertain, and differentiate
    Good from Evil. I welcome your efforts in this regard, and I thank you.

  13. CON-FUSING broken down
    Con=negative, opposing positive
    Fusing=the binding or attachment
    Glueing yourself to a negative seems counterproductive to a happy life. Remain positive.
    We are energy. That is all.

  14. Two names on the team… Crowley and Mason. Very suspicious..

    All in all, they wanted to keep this guy hush hush, so they axed him and his family. We’ll never get to see the movie now…

  15. this movie is 100% a psy-op. I also would cast my doubts about the murders of the producer. might be another advertisement stunt. I don’t want to cast any religious crap here – but remember that Satan is the master deceiver and there is only One who can stand against him. search for truth

  16. Download the movie and watch it before claiming “only a trailer was made”.

    Found here:

    (middle of second screen as you scroll down –>

    Gray State By David Crowley

    (Title 17, U. S. Code). Fair Use.
    Instant Download)

    • that peice of garbage called Gray State: The Rise is just a collection of bullshit gleaned from the likes of Alex Jones and the true disinfo shills. It is a fear ispiring collection of crap and in NO WAY related to or associated with Crowley’s trailer of movie efforts. It’s just the Chosenites hopping on the coatails of the publicity.

  17. I think the give away is the masonic checkered table cloth that they sit at while discussing the subject…so obvious to my eyes.

  18. Crowley’s dead. This is going to go viral and infect our social cousciousness. This is definitely a Psy-op. That fact that you that this coming like a year in advance…I applaud you.

  19. Michael T. Winter is a cunning little shit, if he even exists , those tell tale signs he refers to apply on this site too , and i see them clear as day . He has mixed truth with fiction within this article . Indeed , he is a bigger psyop than the gray state boys themselves , and all the cointelpro networks promoting this trash .

    You are right about one thing Michael. You will not receive our fear and we know true power is within the seed on adam , not that demon bloodline .

    we will be tested , but in the end you will fail , like you always do !

    • Dude, you are mistaken. This is amusing to me. I’ve seen it before. Just because a writer posits a theory does not a shill make. I’m no more a shill than the tree outside my window. In this article, when I wrote it, the VERY first line is my declaration that I don’t know if GS is a psy-op or not. The piece is just a question to that. I am also the guy that ASKED FOR the second piece of this set…the interview with Crowley. And if you had actually read into and all of the peices, you would see that I came to believe in the turthfulness of his endeavour.

      David and I spoke a number of times on the phone and had an email convo going. When I heard the news, I felt gut-punched and was very shook up for days. I am still horribly sad and angry over his and his families deaths. I don’t take offense to your accusation. I myself have mislabled people, so its all good, Carl.

      I was even invited (and accepted, happily) by Mason, to be a script consultant. I have a copy of the script in my posession. Do you? I get it that shills abound, but brother, I am not one. I don’t take offense at your accusation- we never know these days.

      Trust me dude, we are on the same side. Perhaps if you read some of my other pieces, you would see where I come from. Link is here,

  20. I was highly suspicious of this film as soon as I saw that they have used footage of Lord Monckton… I have seen footage of him persuading billionaires to buy up media outlets to push forward their financial agenda on the public (in particular Gina Rheinhart – billionaire mining magnate)

    To me it seems to be a rallying cry against government, but in favor of unbridled capitalism ie. Plutocracy, The Governing Bankers etc… So I’m a tad confuzzled

  21. DisasterSurvivalMagazine | March 24, 2015 at 4:17 am |

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  22. Well since he and his family were found “suicided” around the holidays (time of death, bodies discovered a month later), guess we can put this suspicion to bed.

  23. And we believe you, Anonymous.

  24. How many shades of Grey are there? Yes, we must question everything. There’s more to our reality than just either us or them; there could also be us who are really them.

  25. This is a pretty weak argument for it being a psyop. Because pyramid and theme, is the argument. Surely it isn’t a movie designed to educate people of the path their government appears to be taking, so that perhaps we may avoid that fate. The google search results are what they are because grey was not spelled correctly.

    Certainly a faked death and limiting the psyop to producing a movie trailer for a movie that doesn’t exist, and a crappy documentary is plausible because it multiplies the influence of scant resources (or in this case, limited resources provided by donors).

    All in all I’d think it is not a psyop. Some things are, like the canada day bomber, but I think people go overboard with the psyop thing and it is because the state wants people to buy into intentionally planted BS so those people look nutter.

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