Thursday, January 17, 2013

Corporate News Shows Kids Raised on Farms Live Better, Greater Immunity

Heather Callaghan
Activist Post

Although there is clearly a bent with corporate-run media outlets, they do like to put interesting nuggets of truth in with the bunch for whatever reason. This time, it's Diane Sawyer espousing the values of growing up on a family farm - a foreign concept to many in younger generations. Sawyer was recently targeted for a lawsuit because of ABC's expose of "Pink Slime."

Children who grow up on the farm are generally healthier due to exposure to animals and other aspects of farm life, but also experience a significantly lower amount of sickness, allergies and hay fever. What isn't focused on in the video is their diet - namely, the 99% chance the family pictured consumes raw milk and non-GMO foods. At least the Weston A. Price Facebook page was sure when they posted this video and said "[Because] They drink raw milk!"

In 2011, a well-circulated European study that sampled immunoglobulin E (IgE) from over 7,500 children found that children drinking raw milk are 41% less likely to have asthma and allergies. Wouldn't that seem to align with the statistics in the video?

One of the biggest reasons mothers switch their families to raw milk is due to their children's food allergies and asthma - a health problem that takes 5,000 lives each year in the US.

Furthermore, if news outlets are open about the benefits of farm life and antioxidants for immunity - why the giant push for vaccines that are admittedly ineffective? Mainstream news still shames people who opt out by focusing on nurses who get fired for refusing jabs and on bioethicists who call such people "Selfish." I have yet to meet a small farm family I'd call selfish. Many like Mark Baker, give food away even in the face of persecution and losing the farm.

Have you wanted to transition into the farm life? The benefits go way beyond healthy eats and extend into the health benefits of the actual process of farming, gardening, and working with animals. So even if a beginner experiments and doesn't see a profit or big grocery savings, they improved their health in more than one way. More and more, the people around me are treading the gardening-livestock process. Some prefer to stick with gardening/aquaponics and canning, while others start with some chickens and go on to have goats, perhaps some pigs and a cow.

A local experimental pig farmer told me it was surprisingly easy to raise pigs - easier than chickens! He runs one hot wire around as a pen, lets them forage, and throws food in - "not donuts and candy" he told me. One pig raised for six months supplies his family of four with meat up to twice a day for a year - they will not purchase pork or often other meats from any grocery.

Even if you don't have land, families with pets fare better for a few reasons. Companionship, therapeutic love, but also shared immunity. Plus, many local farms open up their land for visitors all the time - you can visit with happy animals, volunteer, see how it runs, and eat homegrown. This also makes for a great homeschooling field trip.

Help find your farm at or by contacting a Weston A. Price local chapter leader.

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Anonymous said...

Kind of reinforces the idea that EVERYTHING our government tells us is a LIE, doesn't it?

Raw milk is dangerous;
Vaccines will protect you;
Guns kill;
Obama is a natural born American;
Printing trillions of dollars will make us wealthy,
etc, etc.

We've got to stop treating what our government says as worthy of respect. Laugh at the bastards! They deserve our disrespect. Let them know we "get it".

Zellie said...

I agree anonymous, they tell us all these things to steer people in the directions they want them to go in: go to the grocery store, buy imported fruits and vegetables sprayed with outlawed chemicals, buy farm raised fish from China and other nations that are fed toxic feed and exposed to crap including mercury that is toxic to us. Don't label the GMO foods on our shelves, FUND the FDA so they continue to pass GMO foods including the latest salmon and give US no choice when we go to the supermarket. Steer everyone into box stores, destroy small businesses including small farms all around the USA with their onerous regulations and then outsource our jobs and continue to bring in 100,000 immigrants a month and keep our borders wide open with illegal immigration and then tell us we are selfish and live high on the hog all the while the standard of living keeps dropping and the average American can't not only keep up but they aren't even eligible for all the FREE bennies the illegals get. Everywhere you look, this government has pitted the citizen against the illegal and the immigrant and it is in all areas of living. So, no, one cannot believe the government this government that is trying to pass gun laws but gun ran over 4000 ASSAULT weapons into Mexico so the drug cartels could slaughter innocent people there and also hasn't outlawed violence in the tv's, movies, video games, and continues to involve us in one illegal war after another killing millions of innocent people all over the globe in the name of democracy. It is getting crazy, the government's story keeps shape shifting. Doing something simple, like going back to the basics, growing your own food, having a few chickens in town seems to me the beginning of a return to the land and take some control back for yourself. It is about time.....

Anonymous said...

Great way for a family to live.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful way to raise children!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget, vitually all farm kids are also taught how to shoot at an early age. I have known many hundreds of farm kids and I can't think of any who are gun control morons.

Anonymous said...

I have seen this at a summer camp. The difference between city kids, who are pale and thin and small and eat tiny meals, to the rural kids from small towns and farms with a healthy glow and big appetites. I will take it a step further, and say the healthiest groups of kids to come to the camp were the locals. We have them at the end of the year, and these kids spend time outdoors in all weather, winter and summmer. The are generally larger kids, with huge healthy appetites. They had no special meals or allergies, no medications, only a few even wore glasses. After years and years of groups, the differences remained constant. The local kids, living year round on the edge of the woods and lakes of our wilderness, eating wild meat regularly, and breathing clean air were clearly much healthier. I also noticed that the girls still looked like little girls at 12, even if they were taller. Not so with the other groups. More very young girls were needing sanitary supplies in the city groups.
Clean air, water, and food. Who would of thought?

Anonymous said...

It is absolutely unbelieveable to think human beings can destroy others without batting an eye. Destruction is around the corner if people don't band together and put up some resistance.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful video! Going natural really does work. Perhaps the added dose of vitamin D from daily exposure to sunshine also helps this family fight infection. There's tons of research on the Vitamin D Council to support this.

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