Sunday, December 30, 2012

Welcome to the Apocalypse and Unveiling of Truth


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Anonymous said...

They are short on time. They will be crushed by the most powerful God, Ahaya.

They will kill themselves off and the saints coming marching in.

Read the bible and find out who the saints are.

Not many know right now except the elites but today is the great awakening.

Anonymous said...

They even think to change dates and times with a new calendar.

Guess what, they managed to shave 8 years off so really, we are in 2004, not 2012. The new year is really in the spring so some time in March it will be 2005

Nobody thought of that really. What a joke the 2012 deception was

Anonymous said...

"Read the bible and find out who the saints are."

I'd prefer people looked to ancient mythology, seeing as Christianity was created by mashing all the ancient mythologies into a single, perverted tale of "One True God".

Hence the original biblical term used for God was Elohim, which implies multiple gods combined into a single God image.

And the frequent Biblical references to the Christian God being the "god of all gods"... which is not possible if there is only One God.

Though the Old Testament is far better than than the New Testament, S(h)atan even gets a mention without being tied to "evil".

Note that in other mythologies the Father becomes deranged and either devours(eats) his own children or imprisons them before the prodigal Son rises up and overthrows him(Zeus and Athena overthrowing the God King Kronos).

In Christian theology though the deranged Father is upheld as the "pure goodness" of "God"(the Holy Father) and those who saved the World from his wrath are "evil" Angels of Light(Satan/Lucifer).

One Man's freedom fighter is another Man's/God's "Satan".

Don't let the teachings of the Christian organized theology dissuade you from seeking the Truth about God, the real history and stories of God date back far further than most Christians are led to believe.


Anonymous said...

Cute reptilian female in the video with triangular pupils.

The world is not as the mainstream media has made it and eventually we will all see who is who. see link below to find out about the masters of Earth.

Anonymous said...

"Cute reptilian female in the video with triangular pupils."

See, this is a perfect example of the symbolic disinformation the "masters of Earth" put out to discredit the whole alternative media and "conspiracy theorists" and such.

The references to people being reptilian aliens is symbolically derived from the fact these people are "Satanists".

The primary symbols of Satan are snakes, serpents, dragons or other reptilian figures.

I don't rule out the possibility of extraterrestrial life by any means nor the possibility of some alien involvement in world affairs, but most of these "masters of Earth" are members of Satanic/occult societies borne out of the study and understanding of ancient symbolism - so logic dictates that it's just symbolic crap.

In addition to the 'alien agenda' bit serving well to discredit most theorists to the majority of people in our society it also serves well for radicalizing those conspiracy theorists - it's far easier to hate these people and be willing to do illegal things to fight them if they are not human beings but some evil reptilian alien invaders.

The more radical the opposition becomes the more excuses they have to radicalize(and lobotomize/brainwash) the rest of society to combat that opposition.

Don't let them screw you around that easily, especially over some symbolic smoke and mirrors video editing tricks.


Anonymous said...

Well said, J. Both posts.

Anonymous said...

Well thanks Anon.

Just to clarify though I have no problem with the Christian Bible's stories, although perverted compared to the original mythologies they are based out of they still reflect the actual scientific underpinnings of those stories just as well so as the original mythologies do.

Stories are stories, it's the science behind the events that inspired those stories that is true and of primary interest to me.

My main issues with the Christian theology are:

1) The churches/religious orders manipulate and control people's perspectives of God and the biblical mythologies, preventing them from truly developing their own personal understanding of God and spirituality in general.

2) The past cataclysmic events recorded by ancient cultures and mythologies as godly battles(battle of heaven and hell, battle of the Titans, etc.) are portrayed as predictions/prophecies of a future "Apocalypse" event.

[They are likely to happen at some point again but as even the Bible points out nobody can know when that will be, using such myths to scare people into subservience is wrong.]

3) All context from the original myths has been removed or perverted - the fact that "Lucifer" was a "freedom fighter" toppling a God King(Zeus vs Kronos in Greek mythology) that had turned monstrous and totalitarian and had imprisoned or cannibalized his own children/angels/gods is gone.

The "freedom fighters" are portrayed as the "forces of evil" itself, just like the people in Afghanistan and Iraq and Libya and Syria and such who are trying to defend themselves from foreign tyrants that have invaded their homes are portrayed as evil religious nutcases that are part of a "death cult" and deserve to be ground into the dirt mercilessly for opposing the tyrants.

The "axis of evil" for the Christian organized theology is Lucifer/Satan.

Religious propaganda is the worst.


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