Monday, December 31, 2012

Tri-Command Merges U.S.-Canada Military Policy

Dana Gabriel, Contributor
Activist Post

The Arctic has become an important part of North American perimeter security. Recently, the U.S. and Canada signed two new agreements that will expand bilateral military training, security and defense operations in the region. Both countries are working together to prepare for any real or perceived threats and are moving towards merging their Arctic foreign policies.

On December 11, 2012, the U.S. and Canada signed the Tri-Command Framework for Arctic Cooperation which will further integrate United States Northern Command (USNORTHCOM), Canadian Joint Operations Command (CJOC) and North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD). According to a press release, the framework is designed to, “promote enhanced military cooperation in the Arctic and identify specific areas of potential Tri-Command cooperation in the preparation for and conduct of safety, security and defense operations.”

USNORTHCOM, CJOC and NORAD will work more closely in the region with regards to planning, domain awareness, information-sharing, training and exercises, operations, capability development, as well as in the area of science and technology. This also ties in with the Tri-Command Training and Exercise Statement of Intent. The newly signed military document is aimed at, “enhancing joint and combined readiness in support of safety, security and defense missions through combined training and exercises and reinforcing partnerships and collaboration among the Commands.”

The latest U.S.-Canada military agreements are part of the Tri-Command strategy and demonstrate the importance being placed on the Arctic. The Tri-Command Vision has previously called for USNORTHCOM, NORAD and Canada Command which has now been replaced by CJOC to, “Improve unity of effort with each other and with our respective mission partners; develop a culture of continuous collaboration and cooperation in planning, execution, training, information management, and innovation; enhance intelligence and information sharing and fusion.” In order to better achieve these objectives, “The Commands shall develop and share comprehensive, situational awareness and a common operating picture, and must strive to interact seamlessly with each other and with our respective civil authorities, non-governmental organizations and other mission partners.” The Tri-Command is part of efforts to merge both countries, security and military priorities under the umbrella of a single, U.S.-dominated North American Command.

As part of the April 2011 U.S. Department of Defense Unified Command Plan, responsibility for the Arctic region is now shared between USNORTHCOM and USEUCOM. With the move, USNORTHCOM was given the primary task of planning and advocating for future Arctic capabilities, as well as engaging with stakeholders across the U.S. military, other agencies and international bodies. This is significant considering USNORTHCOM’s partnership with CJOC, along with NORAD and was instrumental in the development of the Tri-Command Framework for Arctic Cooperation. In an example of what we can expect with regards to joint Arctic security, Canada’s 2010 military sovereignty exercise, Operation Nanook included the U.S. and Denmark. The Arctic is also an emerging issue for the NATO alliance. Canada and the U.S., along with other NATO member countries have participated in the annual Cold Response war games. Strengthening its military presence in the region and enhancing security collaboration with Canada and other northern partners has become an essential component of America’s Arctic strategy.

In mid-2013, Canada will begin chairing a two-year term of the Arctic Council with the U.S. assuming the leadership role from 2015–17. Many view this as an opportunity for both countries to advance a North American Arctic agenda. The intergovernmental forum which also includes Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Russia promotes cooperation, coordination and interaction among the Arctic states.

The Arctic Council has signed an Agreement on Cooperation in Aeronautical and Maritime Search and Rescue which became the first legally binding deal ever negotiated between all the eight Arctic nations.

As far as military and security concerns go, in April 2012, Canada hosted a meeting of the Northern Chiefs of Defence to discuss shared Arctic interests. This included common safety and security issues in the region such as emergency response and support to civilian authorities. The conference provided a setting to hold multilateral and bilateral talks focused on the Arctic and there are calls to have similar meetings on a regular basis.

The U.S. and Canada share similar goals and concerns in the Arctic and are further building up their military presence in the region. With a strategic framework in place, both countries are working towards establishing a North American Arctic foreign policy. At times, Canadian and Russian rhetoric in regards to Arctic sovereignty has been reminiscent of the Cold War era. Rising tensions could further escalate the militarization of the far north. Increasing diplomatic efforts is the key to building the foundation for more multilateral cooperation in the area. While the process to resolve territorial disputes and the scramble to secure resources has thus far been peaceful, the Arctic still remains a potential flashpoint for conflict.

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Dana Gabriel is an activist and independent researcher. He writes about trade, globalization, sovereignty, security, as well as other issues. Contact: Visit his blog at Be Your Own Leader


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Anonymous said...

These actions are a response to reliable reports by the Mossad that Mooselims in polar bear costumes are setting up terrorist camps in the Arctic to invade North America.

Anonymous said...

canada has just sold out, this is a another way of USiraeli takeover of the western world, sieg hail usa and isreal, sieg hail you bastards,

Anonymous said...

"[C]anada has just sold out,"

Actually Canada was "sold out" a long time ago.

In many ways Canada has been more monopolized than the U.S.A for decades, and our media is actually the least diverse/most monopolized in the entire world(something like 80% of our media is owned by 5 or 6 companies, in turn with some of the same people on the boards/in management positions of more than one of those companies).

I recommend the film "Oh Canada: our bought and sold out land" (aka 'the oh Canada movie' on Youtube) that gives some great info on the corruption in Canada and the "Canadian Monopoly Man" and his connections to numerous former Prime Minister's/heads of state and lower level politicians in Canada.


Anonymous said...

Embarrassing comments from from first 2 posters. I know they feel deep shame for their attempt to discredit this story. Their faces must be beet red.

No one wants further integration of the US and Canadian military, expect a few twits that think it'll be "like the movies", and a few war and bank lords that have plans in mind other than want most people think.

Anonymous said...

Shame on you who thinks the other comments are shameful because you have no clue what is taking place.Ask yourself this question,how many oil companies operating in this country are Canadian?Who receives the lowest in royalties for there oil,Who has polluted every major river flowing from Alberta to the Artic Ocean?Who is about to do exploration in the worlds most sensitrive Ocean without as much as doing a environmental studty on it.And who has been hard at introducing the Ominous Bill that will exempt any corporation from responsibility like an oil spill for example then tell me that Canada has not sold out this country of mind.

Anonymous said...

Why would citizens of ANY country want to merge their interests with a country that put into place the NDAA, the Patriot Act or builds FEMA camps, openly lies about just about everything, promotes war and violates international laws regarding torture and piracy on the high seas and who protects a criminal banking system, preferring to throw families on the street rather than bankers in jail?

They swear an oath to their Constitution when taking office; then punish their citizens for trying to follow the Constitution and reward those who break it. Their own Symington Act forbids support of countries that develop nuclear weapons outside the Non-Proliferation Treaty and then they give billions of dollars to a country that is in violation.

Who in their right mind would trust a country that has a record like that? Would you want to trust this country with protecting your sovereignity?

Either the Canadian Government is just stupid or they are criminal or someone has a gun to their head.

Anonymous said...

People keep trying to make this into a “sectarian argument” – Canada vs. the U.S. vs. Israel.

None of these countries have ever been real democracies; it’s all been a lie.

By now, however, the "elite masters" don't care if we ALL know that we are slaves.


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The City of London Corporation

Are Corporations Masquerading as Government in Australia and Worldwide?

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Anonymous said...

Corporations are the ones putting a NOOSE around our necks WORLD WIDE! The whole SYSTEM of a corporation IS NOT COMPATIBLE with human existence! Corporations are about MONEY and taking RESOURCES at ANY COST! Humanity is just IN THERE WAY! LET'S also NOT forget about China, how much of America do they own now?? Rumor has it, that's who's behind getting the guns!! Makes sense to me!

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