Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Coming Food Police


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Anonymous said...

Wellness programs that dictate what you eat, how much you exercise etc, would follow on from measuring 'well-being' for the new economics movement which proposes we 'go beyond GDP'

Anonymous said...

coming? what about raw milk raids or peanut processing facility in sw?food police are here, these policies just give them more power. funny you can't bring home baked snacks to share at schools when the store bought crap is full of hfcs preservatives and artifical colors/ preservatives. argggg....whole wheat additive free snacks made at home are far more nutritious than the junk peddled to our kids in public school. In exploring the option of providing fresh local food to local schools, we found that it HAS to be processed to most extents, save salads.

my brother recently watched the film Farmagedon and was shocked. he asked me if this stuff was really happening to farmers. yes it is, and it will only get worse if the CONSUMERS don't start demanding clean food choices. educating themselves, and others. when schools and the WIC program are not allowed to offer whole milk due to fears of obesity, when many studies and general FACTS on how the body processes milk protiens, show that reduced fat milk is more likely a cause for health problems than the milkfat.

obesity isn't the only health issue brought on by poor eating habits, but one of MANY- and it not up to government officials to decide what is healthy for you and your family to eat. It is up to informed, empowered citizens. farmers will not have a leg to stand on without the support of determined customers. determined to eat clean healthy food. real food. determined to create policy that ensures tax funded school lunch programs provide healthy choices, sourced locally, instead of dead fat free milk and nasty processed chicken nuggets, salt laden canned veggies etc....

food to feed the body and mind- is not just your right, but your obligation to the future. Govt policy won't make anything better, just create outrage- like when NY was trying to make it so folks couldn't buy soda with food stamps- there was an outrage of backlash- what are the poor folks gonna give their kids to drink- soda is much cheaper than juice or milk! bc of ignorance of citizens and politicians, this policy was never enacted and tax $ still fund people feeding pepsi to infants bc it's free and cheap.....insane i say....

hungry4food said...

pay attention to what they say in the youtube video at frame 1:45 ,

Then listen to this one on Silver ,

DavidGordon said...

Well spoken anon 10:15. You might however wish to reevaluate your "whole wheat" preference as well. A number of toxic effects from this stuff, not only for those with gluten sensitivity, but also general consumers. Goog Dangerous Grains, Sayer Ji, et al.

Anonymous said...

Consumers get some blame deservedly.

But young kids are exposed to McDonalds poison meals at a very young age, usually as part of a school experience.
Sophisticated marketing swine hook the kids on toxic food at a young age with TV, sports, celebrities and even our political leaders helping to sell the fast food poison.
The fast food merchants own our vile Congress critters and get laws passed to help them sell more poison food and make more money.
The fast food merchants target poor neighborhoods for their toxic products and locate there in droves.

So by the time the average poorly educated, dumbed down propagandized American turns 21, he or she is already a very unhealthy sickly person, with an addiction (YES I SAID ADDICTION)
to toxic food.

These 'blame the people' types always slither in on an article like this one to point blame away from their corporate benefactors. Dogs.

'Fast Food Nation' by Eric Schlosser is a great book that exposes the food corporations and the pure evil that they perpetrate on every American. Buy it (or read it free online) and you will see how the people really have no chance against the cabal of corporate food giants and their servants in the Senate and Congress. And if your don't believe that just re read the slick smooth silky lies of 10:15 to see how they roll.

Mythblstr said...

God what BS. If the government cared about what people ate Monsanto wouldn't be controlling the USDA and the FDA. THe USDA food pyramid was designed with corporate profits in mind, not your health. THis is more corporate propaganda because as long as you believe that the government is going to tell you what you can eat, the more likely you are to fight any regulation that prevents these corporations like Monsanto and all of the toxic food giants from feeding you poison.

angryoldgit said...

Obesity is mainly caused by a new and unreported, protein found in the GMO wheat developed in the sixties. The protein and opiate that adheres to the opiate receptors of the brain ensure that we all consume 450 grams of food each and every day. This aided with Aspartame, found in diet sodas and almost every other artificially sweetened food and drink, is addictive and causes a craving for carbohydrates.
Ban all GMO products and end the obesity crisis, but Big Pharm will never allow it.

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