Sunday, December 16, 2012

SPLC Demonizes 'Anarcho-Capitalists' and 'Voluntaryists'

SLPC names Doug Casey, Porter Stansberry, G. Edward Griffin, Lew Rockwell, Alex Jones, and others in latest anti-patriot "Hate Watch" attack.

Anthony Freda Art
Activist Post

The Southern Poverty Law Center fashions itself as a a think tank that identifies rightwing extremists. In the recent past their work on "domestic terror threats" found its way into Department of Homeland Security documents, like naming people with "Ron Paul stickers" as potential threats.

It's a bit ironic that they use their "Hate Watch" blog to demonize people that they in fact hate.

Now, they're at it again expanding their hateful attack on a peaceful group that espouses voluntary interaction and the non-aggression principle -- anarcho-capitalists.

First, trend forecaster and investment specialist, Porter Stansberry is introduced by SPLC:
Stansberry has turned from scam artist to antigovernment radical, using various Internet publications to mix dubious investment advice with apocalyptic warnings about a coming era of tyranny that will destroy America.
Then, radio host Alex Jones is referred to as a "far-right...antigovernment conspiracist" who gives Stansberry a platform.

The SPLC calls out Doug Casey as an "antigovernment investment guru”, an “anarcho-capitalist,” who is a bit more pleasant than his "close cousins in the far-right 'Patriot' movement."

They attribute Casey's overall message to be "The government is your enemy, and if you don’t prepare, it will destroy you."

SPLC describes anarcho-capilitalism as the following:
They propose instead an essentially stateless society in which all relationships, economic and otherwise, are voluntary and untaxed. Services like roads and mail delivery would be built and maintained by private entities that would charge market-based fees for those who desired to use them. Government in any recognizable form simply would not exist.
Ooh, call DHS immediately.  These ideas are so radical.  A voluntary economy, roads and all?  Break out the State guns to stop this movement before they think more radical thoughts about freedom.

SPLC says Casey's ideas are closely related to Constitution patriots until Casey points out flaws in the Constitution that led to limited states rights and individual freedom. They quoted an April 2012 article Casey wrote about the politics during the Civil War:
Greater independence among the states could have led to more innovation, and I doubt there would have been the unpleasantness of 1861-’65. People with differing ethical values and economic interests would not have been forced to obey the same laws.
Then in classic guilty-by-association SPLC form, they seek to tie voluntaryists to sovereign citizens who they have already thoroughly demonized in past "hate" articles by claiming they share "many of the same issues that sovereign citizens do."

Citing that they are both "conscientious objectors" to the State because they both believe "might does not make right. The state rests on might: therefore it should be rejected.”

They name a few other notable figures that believe that freedom is better than tyranny like Judge Andrew Napolitano who they call a 9/11 Truther, G. Edward Griffin and Larken Rose.

Finally SPLC does their best to close with a bang, literally.  In a desperate attempt to make these people who believe in the non-aggression principle look violent, they quote Stansberry as being optimistic that the government could never become overly tyrannical because the American people own guns.
What gives me confidence for the future? Gun sales, for one thing. U.S. citizens legally own around 270 million firearms – around 88 guns per 100 citizens (including children) today. That’s a hard population to police without its consent.
SPLC responds "Sounding very much like his Patriot cousins-in-arms — and very little like a proponent of nonviolent resistance."

In other words, they want the reader to view him as a proponent of "violent resistance" as well as the rest of the people named in this hit piece.

Since the SPLC has so much influence with the DHS and FBI, can we expect anarcho-capitalists and voluntaryists to end up on terror watch lists like Ron Paul supporters, people with bulk food, missing fingers, and other ridiculous things that make you a terrorist?

Dear Southern Poverty Law Center and Department of Justice

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Anonymous said...

Our rulers use play the left and right against each other to keep us down. Democrats and Republicans work together at the top to serve their corporate masters, while the people at the bottom fight each other.

The SPLC and the Ron Paul zealots also are entirely fake controlled groups representing left and right. Getting the little supporters of each group fighting each other is what our fascist rulers want.
This article will help them.

Jason Mann said...

The constitution is not the problem. Although I believe that private entities are far better suited to bring free market solutions to roads and mail, the necessity of a federal safety net is undeniable as we will see war again in our future.

The problem with those on the left and the right is that they rarely find a position that represents the equal justice provided by our constitutional mandates. They under value its simplicity.

The only difference I can see between the larger majorities within their respective parties is varying degrees of fascism whether by local, state, or federal entities.

Government itself has become our most deadly of enemies purely due to the fact that the people have embraced a socialist appetite for democracy, evading our Supreme Laws like a plauge in order to satisfy their insatiable thirst for a coddled life.

My indivisible liberty is my only pursuit, any one standing in its way is both the enemy of my constitution and my declaration of independence, and as my forefathers, two documents which I shall happily sign in blood.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, first comment, you have restored my faith in humanity, pulling my hair out over here because people can not seem to see the obvious facts you point out. Same as the Daily Bell article calling RT controlled opposition. Same as all these alternative media websites instantly going to the gun control issue on cue after CT.

It is so obvious they are trying to divide us to the point of outright hatred. I'm so sick of this garbage. The alternative media is worse than the mainstream with their yellow journalism at this point. And of course rather than question their assumptions people will just entrench themselves further in the "me against them" crap. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

Morris Dees of SDPLC is a nice guy !
Have you ever read his divorce papers? He had an affair with a homosexual man as a birthday present to his wife!
It also mentions he likes adolescent sex! He is a really good looking fellow and any adolescent lucky enough to make it with him has a shot at hanging out in his Southern POVERTY Multimillion dollar mansion! You can see his pricey digs here!
He has no problem with the "New"Black he obviously knows what's good! He's not a weirdo! You are!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1 & 2 please take a hike, and take your supposed high-horse with you. I'm not a "controlled opposition" I'm one individual.

There is no "coming together" with people that believe what the SPLC have to say about much of anything this decade. Those people declare anyone who isn't a government worshipping fool, to be racists. Dangerous. Nazis hiding inside every bush and under every rock. They lump in hundreds of groups right along with the Klan. Anyone they don't like, and treating them the same. They see disgust with government the same as hatred of other races. They see gun ownership as the same as being in a hate group. It's insanity.

You either toss that tripe aside, and be rational human beings, or you don't come together on anything with rational human beings.

They Worship the government. Without it in their eyes, the world would be nothing but fascists and ethnic cleansings, paradoxically.

What's more there's no "coming together" with those people, against your supposed corporate masters, or on any sensible economic policy.
Any one of those Keynesians are going to bail out corporations, the minute they fail, because in their economic philosophy they're too big not to.

There is no ally in the SPLC for anything, outside of flaming leftist progressives. Everyone else to them and those who grant them any respect, are viewed as if they've already lynched someone. They're fanatics.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the article. For info on people using voluntary Libertarian tools on similar and other issues worldwide, please see the non-partisan Libertarian International Organization @ ....

Anonymous said...

Took a nice hike.......I do that every day to stay healthy.
I am always reminded on my hikes how all good people (especially those who are still connected to nature) have one thing in common. They see the world as a good place where finding common ground is better than finding differences and fighting about them.

Your 9:41 rant will, again, be very helpful to our ruling fascist pigs who use divide and conquer to keep us down.
Were you too angry to read the part where I said the SPLC was "an entirely fake controlled opposition" group? Or do you have comprehension issues?

Anonymous said...


So much irrational hatred and conspiracy-laced rhetoric in one place...ugh.

The SPLC are a disgusting bunch of bigoted haters, can we all just agree on that, and not attempt to butt into their schtick of demonizing other perceived groups like "Ron Paul zealots"?

Regarding that whole "Ron Paul zealots" comment, if you had clue one about those things which the individuals whom you have collectivized into a normative group believe in common, you would know that prime among those common beliefs is individualism, personal responsibility, and the non-aggression principle.

Try learning something real today instead of trying to sound like a pseudo-intellectual pundit.

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