Food Safety Modernization: Interview With Activist Post Writer Heather Callaghan

YouTube – EndTheLie

Activist and Staff Writer for Activist Post, discussing the Food Safety Modernization Act, the FDA’s invasion into various areas of food production, the truth about organic foods and more. End the Lie Radio airs from 10:00 PM – 12:00 AM EST/7:00 PM – 9:00 PM PST every Monday evening at http://UCY.TV/EndtheLie.

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Stories Discussed:
GMO Global Alert – The Truth Has Been Revealed
Kenya’s Recent Ban on All GMOs Draws Cheers and Jeers
Cheerios Removes App During Fury of Anti-GMO Backlash
FAIL: World’s First Fat-Sugar Tax In Denmark To Be Dismantled
Kid Suspended, Interrogated by Cop For Healthy Kombucha Drink In Lunch Box
Farmer Wins Stressful 3-Year State Legal Battle — Raw Dairy Sales Upheld
7 Recent Victories for Raw Milk Freedom Advocates
Meat Industry to Retaliate for Pink Slime Exposure with Higher Prices

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