Cheerios Removes App During Fury of Anti-GMO Backlash

Heather Callaghan
Activist Post

Cheerios just faced a humiliating public relations failure thanks to the undiscriminating nature of free speech through social media.

Just a few days ago, Cheerios (General Mills) released an app on Facebook asking ‘fans’ to gratefully show what Cheerios means to them. Users could write their own sentiments by placing Cheerios’ iconic black font over a yellow template, complete with little cheerios for periods and dots.

The app was yanked after only one day when their Facebook page (and photo album associated with the app) was flooded with a torrent of anti-GMO messages from angry consumers.

You could literally spend all day looking at ‘Recent Posts by Others’ on Cheerios’ Facebook page – they are nearly all complaints about GMOs and declarations of boycotts.

Cheerios’ Facebook admins were hard pressed to keep up with the angry pics in plain view for everyone. They deleted most of them, but some screen shots still exist on Cheeseslave and here. Other Pins included “Cancerous”, “Science Experiment”, “Cheerigmos”, “Colony Collapse Disorder”, “We are not guinea pigs” and more…

It doesn’t appear they even tried to delete anti-GMO comments in the ‘Recent Posts by Others’ section because they are still flooding in at this moment. Feel free to go there and leave your comments on their wall.

And why wouldn’t customers be upset after the questionable defeat of Proposition 37 to label GMOs and the millions spent by corporations to snuff consumer desire to know what’s in their food?

According to Ballot Pedia, General Mills donated $1,135,300 for No on Proposition 37 in order to keep their products from having to bear GMO labeling. So even if they were to remove GMOs and promote an organic line, it would not appease former customers. General Mills has drawn their line in the sand, spent over a million to deceive paying customers, and is now trying to hide the backlash from other customers who do not yet know the damaging nature of genetic modification.

It just goes to show that the fight for truth about GMOs in the face of deception by Monsanto, DuPont, and large food corporations is far from over. And consumers are winning without needing millions for a failed hushmoney campaign. Unswayed, we are taking information into our hands, like the people who took to labeling grocery products themselves with anti-GMO stickers that you can print off here.

Perhaps consumers are also angry about the deceptive marketing of ‘whole grains’, added synthetic vitamins that our bodies don’t recognize, other toxic ingredients and fillers like wood pulp?

Regardless of that or the presence of GMOs, Sayer Ji at GreenmedInfo has fervently written on the dangers of wheat and other grains in our diet, most recently about mycotoxins (fungus) that our industrial food complex allows to incubate in large storage facilities and causes major hormone disruption.

To avoid spending money on corporations that spend millions to promote GMOs, maybe it would be better to take a look at breakfast meals around the world.

Thanks to real food blog Cheeseslave for catching this event before it was swept under the cyber rug. To Cheerios and General Mills – shame on you and your lies.


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