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Council on Foreign Relations Plan for Global Governance in 2013

Council of Councils Members
Nicholas West
Activist Post

It is incredible that mention of a one-world government in many circles is still considered to be conspiracy talk. Fortunately, the global political awakening that arch-globalist Zbigniew Brzezinski has referred to is forcing ever-increasing justifications for their use of globalist language.

One would hope that a relatively new Council on Foreign Relations initiative that is expanding can lay to rest any debate about the desire to form a global government in the name of supposedly solving global problems.

The initiative called The Council of Councils was featured in a recent round table discussion of the central problems facing the world that they believe require multilateral cooperation. The discussions and recommendations released from this convention of experts is important to keep available the next time you hear the label conspiracy theorist hurled in your direction. The title of the round table was Challenges for Global Governance in 2013.

Just as we have seen from other think tanks such as the Project For a New American Century, The Royal Society, and the Brookings Institution, among others; their thoughts translate to reality on a less-than-coincidental frequency, so we would do well to listen to what they are saying.

The Council of Councils initiative was announced in March, 2012 and clearly identifies a strategy for forming alliances across a series of shared concerns as set forth by the CFR. It is important to note from the beginning that the CFR bills itself as non-partisan; and here is where the uninitiated can immediately be tripped up. Non-partisan sounds like a good thing, going beyond typical party divisions, while striking a note that rings of independence and an objective search for the truth.

However, when one understands that in their own words, "The founding membership of the Council of Councils includes leading institutions from nineteen countries, roughly tracking the composition of the Group of Twenty (G20)," we begin to get an inkling that their version of non-partisan means that they are flexible in their use of whatever political language is expedient to get results that go beyond any concept of nationalism.

The party of the CFR is the One World Party.

There have been many predictions for 2013: political, economic, and environmental. These predictions take a large step toward confirmation when we read the writings of elite think tanks; they tell us explicitly what the plan is. The conferences themselves illustrate much of what we can expect on the globalist agenda for 2013, and it seems to line up perfectly with events that would benefit those in favor of a one world system and centralized control.

From the CFR website:
The Council of Councils Moscow Regional Conference
December 12, 2012—December 13, 2012

On December 12-13, 2012, CFR convened the second Council of Councils regional conference: "Russia, Europe, and the Future of Global Governance."
Participants discussed four major themes:

• Russia's G20 chairmanship
• The eurozone crisis and global economy
• Syria and the function of the UN Security Council
• Cybersecurity and institutional reforms

Council of Councils Russia Regional Conference Agenda (PDF)

Conference Papers: Prospects for the Russian Chairmanship of the G20 (PDF)

The Council of Councils Singapore Regional Conference
October 30, 2012—October 31, 2012

On October 30-31, 2012, CFR convened the first Council of Councils regional conference: "Asia at the Crossroad: Regional Priorities for the Twenty First Century."
Participants discussed five major themes:

• Stabilizing the global financial system
• Advancing trade liberalization
• Strengthening maritime security and freedom of navigation
• Assessing the proliferation threat in Asia
• The future of Asian security cooperation

Rapporteur's Report for the Council of Councils Asia Regional Conference (PDF)
Council of Councils Asia Regional Conference Agenda (PDF)

The Council of Councils Inaugural Conference
March 12, 2012—March 13, 2012

CFR convened the inaugural Council of Councils conference on March 12-13 in Washington, DC. Participants tackled four major themes:

• The overall state of global governance and multilateral cooperation
• The status of the nuclear nonproliferation regime (with a focus on Iran)
• The dollar's future as the world's reserve currency
• The criteria for humanitarian intervention, in the wake of regime change in Libya, and an ongoing crisis in Syria.
The documents above are ponderous reading to say the least, but they echo what we see currently playing out on the world stage to such an extent that they are better understood as a blueprint.

The themes above can best be distilled into the following 5 directives:
  1. Managing global economic collapse and the loss of the dollar as the world's reserve currency (stabilizing the global financial system).
  2. Managing "humanitarian intervention" through UN representation (fulfilling the narrative of abusive dictators in need of regime change). 
  3. Managing Eurasia, i.e. China's economic influence and Russia's political influence (Asia trade liberalization and Russian G20 chairmanship).
  4. Managing nuclear "rogue states" (Iran and North Korea - "proliferation").
  5. Managing the Internet (Cybersecurity and related institutions).
To understand how crisis managers like the CFR operate, we must look at their false premises. Every single point that they cite as an urgent need for reform was created well in advance, so that they could hold conferences offering wide-ranging solutions.

Economic Collapse: Think tanks like the CFR would like us to believe that the economic issues we are currently facing just simply happened, perhaps from bad policy, or lack of regulation within rogue nation states. However, the economic collapse we have seen is the direct result of the consolidation of the world's banking system into 6 mega-banks that are now above the law. Global governance will only enhance this problem, as it goes even further toward consolidation into a global banking system lorded over by the very same entities that looted the planet to begin with. There also seems to be a concerted effort to impose a private banking system in any country that controls its currency: central banks are the real target for West's imperial wars.

Humanitarian Intervention: One can employ euphemisms all they want, but there is no such thing as a love bomb; yet, this is what is suggested time and again. The CFR specifically cites such intervention following the destruction and dismantling of Libya - previously the most economically and socially rich country in North Africa, and now fractured and left in the hands of a brutal campaign of genocide. Syria is now on the chopping block to be saved through NATO bombing campaigns, the arming of Al Qaeda terrorists as the opposition, and mass propaganda campaigns that are aimed to convince the global community - yet again - that WMDs are being used by the current regime against its own citizens. It, too, will likely fall and a sectarian genocide is bound to follow.

Middle East Destabilization: This is the heavy-handed version which results in outright declaration of war. The wars in the Middle East began with lies, and every action thereafter has been a deliberate fog primarily centered around the threat of WMDs. There is slight lip service paid to the "poor oppressed people of (fill in the blank)" but we have seen the death of over 1 million Iraq civilians, Afghan civilians, and increasing civilian casualties from drone strikes across the Middle East and Africa. The crippling sanctions levied against Iran is the first salvo of outright war on that country that could result in untold millions perishing. This increasing destabilization is built into the globalist system, not something that they desire to avoid.

Geopolitical Reorganization: This could also be called global hegemony. From all of the chaos comes order, according to think tanks like the CFR. The elimination of "rogue nations" is at the heart of the globalist agenda, which seeks consolidation into the hands of a few powerful regions.

Brzezinski's response in 1974 to the question, What is The New World Order? is telling:
We need to change the international system for a global system in which new, active, and creative forces -- recently developed -- should be integrated.
This has been used to great effect by the U.S. to start wars where "terrorist" regimes can be subverted or dismantled, and their flags (resources) captured. Likewise, financial wars create the need for reorganization. As stated in the Prospects For The Russian Chairmanship of the G20:
Generally speaking, the authors would like to see the G20 emerge from merely a crisis committee to become a more enduring steering group for the global economy... 
A more ruthless approach to who gets to participate at the top table and the number of formal presentations made during the meetings would be another important contribution to Russia’s aim of getting back to basics. (emphasis added)
There are indeed many moving pieces on The Grand Chessboard, but there does appear to be an urgency to make 2013 a transformative year within the "Great Game" which could lead to a WWIII scenario as the final consolidation both political and economic comes to fruition.

Internet Control: China has just implemented name registration of its Internet users. If over 1 billion people can be made to comply with such a mandate, how will the U.S. be able to resist? However, the U.S. is not used to an overt, centrally managed system such as China, so it needs false flag terror to implement such draconian policies. The writing is on the wall with the announcement of state-sponsored viruses like Stuxnet and its offspring, as well as a dire warning coming from McAfee about an almost certain Project Blitzkrieg, which should be fully realized in 2013 with the intent to attack financial institutions.  


The agenda of global governance exits, and the move toward a one world government is being executed. The solutions being discussed at think tank conferences in a wide range of disciplines from geopolitics, to science, to health, to economics and communications are all beginning to coalesce into an overall agenda of centralized control. This fusion is manifesting at an accelerated pace in tandem with the rapid awakening of humanity to its condition of increasing servitude. We are, as Brzezinski titled his 1970 book, Between Two Ages.  It is the age of power mad control mechanisms locked in a battle of the ages with the spirit of that which refuses to be fully controlled.

2013 seems to be the threshold where we will discover which force has the momentum to decide the unwritten future beyond. 


Here are some excerpts selected by an reviewer of Between Two Ages (with comments added by the reviewer [parentheses] and myself [bold]) which should illustrate that Brzezinski is either a legitimate prophet, or has been instrumental in a top-to-bottom think tank orchestration of what we have seen come to pass.

Between Two Ages was published in 1970.
"The technetronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values. Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities." (This was an excellent prediction although it is slightly worse now.) - Warrantless wiretapping was approved for another five years, putting no restraints on what will be done by the NSA's new facility set to open in September, 2013
"In the technotronic society the trend would seem to be towards the aggregation of the individual support of millions of uncoordinated citizens, easily within the reach of magnetic and attractive personalities effectively exploiting the latest communications techniques to manipulate emotions and control reason." (Fox CNN and Facebook?) - Social media and the control exercised by effectively privatizing free speech. The recent Facebook shutdown of political dissidents only hints at how this aggregation mechanism can become a tool of government suppression. 
"Today we are again witnessing the emergence of transnational elites ... [Whose] ties cut across national boundaries ...It is likely that before long the social elites of most of the more advanced countries will be highly internationalist or globalist in spirit and outlook ... The nation-state is gradually yielding its sovereignty... Further progress will require greater American sacrifices. More intensive efforts to shape a new world monetary structure will have to be undertaken, with some consequent risk to the present relatively favorable American position." - Precisely what is sought after in Challenges to Global Governance 2013, as outlined above.
Interesting on page 57 "By the year 2018, technology will make available to the leaders of the major nations, a variety of techniques for conducting secret warfare, of which only a bare minimum of the security forces need be appraised. One nation may attack a competitor covertly by bacteriological means, thoroughly weakening the population (though with a minimum of fatalities) before taking over with its own armed forces. Alternatively, techniques of weather modification could be employed to produce prolonged periods of drought or storm..." (Has the world already gone way beyond this?) -- Yes it has: the "bare minimum of security forces" can be seen in drone warfare. One only needs to look at the battlefield of 2017, as created by General Atomic's next generation of Predator C Avenger designed specifically to reduce human numbers. Oh, and it will use a "death ray" -- also referred to on page 57.  Weather modification and its use in warfare is explicitly covered in the 1996 Air Force report: Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather by 2025.
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Anonymous said...

Excellent coverage of the many angles. They know that only a tiny percentage of the average population will read their documents, so people remain confused as they see events play out. That's also part of the plan.

Anonymous said...

They better hurry up as, George Bush may not see his New World Order come in.

Anonymous said...

Lucifer is so happy things are progressing at an even faster clip. His poisoning of the food,air and water has worked very well. The majority of the population is acting borderline retarded. And just for good measure they line up for their yearly toxic vaccines. It will not be long now before he can lay out the ID mark for every soul on earth. When does American Idol start again for the sheeple?

Anonymous said...

Outstanding overview...

We will defeat the NWO !

Anonymous said...

Worry not, citizen. These NWO wankers stack like cordwood and can only dominate children, which they do when nobody is looking. I hope Bush41 is on life support with a CFRtv set on full-bullshit when the NWO=OWO fails miserably. The headlines will read, "Bush NWO FAIL". Of course George W., Jeb, Marvin, and the others will all lose their holdings to the U.S. government to repay for 9-11, child molestation at Bohemia Grove compensation, Fukushima, the Halliburton participation in the Deepwater Horizon blow out and murders, the HUD fraud with John Gotti, etc.. This is why we educate ourselves to vote well. So garbage like the CFR and their ubiquitous propaganda and lying news broadcasts DO NOT HAPPEN.

Anonymous said...

Out of ignorance, the last poster wrote: "We will defeat the NWO!"
Any take on the world situation is totally without merit if there is nothing in the estimate of the situation about the influence of UFOs upon national and world policies.

Of course, that would mean that the considerer of that position has done some deep thinking about that topic. And I don't see that often, certainly not here at all. I guess, despite all other topics here that it is considered too crazy.

As a newcomer to this list, I have scanned the list of about, at least, half a hundred topics of all manner in the right-hand column and see not a mention of UFOs, ETs or more topical to this list, a need for an idealized perspective upon this place we call home. Why is that?

Why is there not even theoretical discussions of what ET contact--we'll stick with an "overlord" type of scenario where they don't come initially to vaporize our planet. (It may be more convenient for some of you to think of these benign ETs are God-like, here to get us in order and not to subjugate us. However, the downside of that is it looks like they have ordered our goverments and outfits such as the CFR to set into motion an obvious need for a single, central power structure. That would be the much maligned UN of course. The US and NATO being the necessary police force to bring about the required changes in those places around the world that would have nothing to do with a one-world government. Need it be said that would include about every nation worth its economic salt?

Each country knows what the game is and each country is in there swinging to the best of its ability to get a leg up on the others. Yet they are working together, unoffcially to cut their own throats. One of the biggest puzzles in the world among the uninformed about the ET factor is why are the world governments doing such crazy things when traditionally such actions are so unnatural and, in fact, are exactly opposite to what any government normally strives for? --Lowering living standards to the wealthy nations and sharing the wealth to the Third World is not notmal business as usual! The US seems to have the inside track with the ETs. We may want to assume that we were picked as the best force to bring about the required changes to the world order. We harbor the UN and the national resources to expend elsewhere according to the need.

All you have to do to start understanding what is going on with our world is to accept that UFOs are real and do some serious thinking of what it would mean once a sophisticated beings have come to visit. Then life suddenly gets very complicated if not exciting.

Anonymous said...

Damn reptilians! I wish they would go back to Alpha Draconis.

alex said...

* A very percipient perspicacity indeed...well thought out & a clear delineation...refreshing & succinct...with all the obfuscating BS flushed out...cheers

Johnny Genlock said...

Y'know, I'm having a bit of trouble seeing the relevance of Mr. UFO's post here on global governance, and I'm a double abductee! Just because I got a tour on a scout craft when I was 10 doesn't mean I'm blind to this nefarious CFR influence and its very earthly origins. I think Mr. UFO is a disinfo agent, attempting to divert attention away from us taking appropriate action. From the earliest interviews I did with insiders I kept hearing these crazy stories of Henry Kissinger's pet plan to follow up WWIII with a fake alien invasion to draw all the countries of the world together against a common foe (for consolidation). ET will come, and it will be made-for-Hollywood fake. Meanwhile, we do get a visit once in a while over the centuries. They've never stopped a single massacre I'm aware of. Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, never got buzzed by ET. It falls to us to make the difference, period!

Johnny Genlock said...

Yes, Mr. UFO, the US has been picked. It has been picked to be thrown on the trash heap. The reason all industry has left, been moved, is because the elites don't want there to be a disruption in supply/demand while they dismantle and subjugate us here in the great US of A. What is difficult about that to understand? A free people cannot be left free when the rest of the world is being ordered into authoritarian fascism. We must be made example of, would be the motive. Time to turn the tables.

Johnny Genlock said...

Yes, sophisticated beings do visit. And they see us being ruled over by rulers with the approximate morals of alligators. What is there to do? Oh, that's right. We might just stand up for ourselves, get out of the mindwarp, and take steps to remediate the situation.

Anonymous said...

Excellent article. Awake people! What a delight to see you all up-and-atom. We have a lot of work to do.

Somebody, tell that guy those UFOs are drones. The enemy has been identified. They left a clearly distinguishable money trail. If they start lending again, don't fall for it. Stay focused....they want what we have. They want everything and they want us gone afterwards. No mercy for the 1st world middle class. Nope. But first, they steal pensions, homes, savings, they ruin lives with their absolute and utter disregard for the human condition. The banks are the bane of society today. The heartwrenching stories of shattered lives as a result of these pirarrha-like "savvy businessmen" is an filled with tears and broken dreams, futures that will be nothing but worry and reliance on others.

"We're Onto You"

Deflection away from them, reversing the tide, propaganda wars and fairy dust is their mode-of-operation. "Unsustainable!"

Ridicule them into obscurity. They are weak links in the chain of mankind. They are diseased with irrationality and it is incurable, unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

We have the ET-David Icke school that believe the reptilians are directing NWO ops. We also have have the Bible-Masonic school that believe Lucifer directs NWO operations. Both schools believe in extra-terrestial influnence. Then (of course) we have the vast clueless majority watching TV.

Anonymous said...

ONE World government under international bankers. Those who issue money and credit direct the policies of government and hold in their hands the destiny of the people. An international conspiritorial drive for power on the part of the men in high places willing to use any means to bring about their desired aim, global conquest. If the American people allow private banking institutiions to control the issuence of their corrency, 1st by in inflation, than by deflation the banks and corporations that will grow-up around them will deprive the people of all their property until they grow-up homeless in the land that their fathers conquered. Primarily inflation occurs when money is created and loaned into circulation as debt at interest under the fractional reserve banking system. Primarily deflation occurs when money is extinguish and credit restricted withdrawing money from circulation under the fractunal reserve banking system. The international bankers regulated the volume of the currency, m-1 m-2 m-3 of the money supply by expansion and contraction of credit. It is all a gigantic Ponzi Pyramid Scam. A conficence game. There is no real wealth being created. Central bank notes stupidly called money are bills of credit. It is all fiat currency or currency on decree. What ever the King says its worth. The next bubble that is going to burst is the bond market followed by the derivitives market. The sheep have already been sheared. The Elite Globalist Banking CABAL of the NWO that are members of Satan's organization which is the Illuminati have abscounded with the national treasuries and usurped the people's wealth. The have skimed the top of the financial pyramid and will bail out with their golden parachutes with a silver lining making a soft landing while the debt surf slaves crash to the bottom bearing the full brunt of the blow. It called intrinsic and constructive fraud, conspiracy to commit fraud counterfeigting and check kiting. When are the American people going to wake-up to this fraud and turn on their opressors. Your so called represenatives in congress have sold you out are in collusion with the international finance hyenas.

Anonymous said...

Nicely done, Nicholas West!

As someone else posted on here awhile back, we still need a better way to refer to the NWO, as that is the benign name they chose for themselves.

It is amazing that this TREASON has been so open. All the members of government who have secretly betrayed the offices they held have committed treason against their nation.

The excuse for all of this was Hitler and the blaming of nationalism for war. But this international tyranny of the unelected is a supra-state. It does nothing to stop the rise of evil. In fact, as a system with no checks or balances, it makes greater evil inevitable.

There is a war being waged against peoples and their nations, by bankers and the various franchises they support. They are essentially a criminal organization, the worst mafia ever. Yet, they operate openly in luxury as they crush peoples around the world.

Amazing world. Amazing that all the federal powers keep their eyes on the horizon for al-Qaeda or whatever while evil parties right under their noses. Will they ever resist, or is our fate cast?

Anonymous said...

One of, if not the best, articles you have shared with us. I will be re-posting. Thank You!

Michael Kinsey said...

The planning of these groups is the road to hell on earth. The 10 kings hate the great whore(global world civilization and world governemnt) who rides the beast( mark of the beast tax system) and make her desolate and burn her with fire.Thieves fall out,the 10 kings will rebell against antichrist and his banksters.Most everyone will die when this happens.

hungry4food said...

This is why they are doing what they are doing .... pay attention to what they say in the youtube video at frame 1:45 ,

Anonymous said...

In 1917, Rep. Calloway's report to congress about the establishment of a cabal whose specific, written-in-stone purpose was to control the national debate on specific issues, gave us what we needed to know. This new cabal of J.D. Rockefeller, Paul Warburg(representing the Rothschild bank), and J.P. Morgan(industrialist).

The broad ownership of media by this group has led to tragedy after tragedy in the form of assassinations and murders and property destruction and other crimes covered up by the Council on Foreign Relations controlled media, or Rothschild bank owned and controlled Associated Press coverage. Our nation is a mess because of these foreign based entities invading and destroying that which has kept us well in the past. World wide and domestic murder and pillage is not necessary, as the CFRtv tries to convince you that it is necessary. The sooner they are BANNED from ANY media control, the sooner out country's troubles may heal, not before.

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