Thursday, November 8, 2012

U.S. Continues Descent Toward Third World Status; Loses Top 10 Position Among Most Prosperous Countries

Joe Wright 
Activist Post

As much of the zombie-like public is still focused on which two of the political hack parties are going to offer a better direction for the future, the only direction that the U.S. is currently (and consistently) headed is directly into the Third World.

The United States is exhibiting every sign of becoming a Third World country, as evidenced by its failings in 10 key areas, and for the first time it has dropped from a top-ten position in the 2012 Legatum Institute's Prosperity Index, as covered in the video below. Perhaps most significantly, its Economy fell to 20th -- Malaysia and Thailand are 15th and 18th respectively. Equally as troubling is Safety & Security which came in at 27th. Personal Freedom at 14th was on par with Uruguay and Costa Rica; and only 16 places above Botswana. (Ranking Page)

For those with the means, skills, and a supportive structure of family and friends, now might be the time to seriously consider leaving America for brighter shores to escape America's decline. Or at least consider offshore banking to preserve your assets.

The battle for freedom is global, and America has gone rogue, therefore one should not feel unpatriotic for fulfilling their desire for freedom elsewhere. For those who value entrepreneurship, innovation, self-sufficiency, basic human rights and limited government, all of the facts point to America being a very dangerous place indeed.

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Anonymous said...

Dont blame Americans, we're workin as hard as we can. Blame the gang of 535, including the presidents, they're the ones makin secret trade deals that send our jobs overseas. The day Americans try politicians for teason is the day America is on its way back.

Anonymous said...

Well, I wouldn't blame the Americans that didn't vote, that's for sure. But, yes, if accountability ever factors into the system, and if checks and balances are properly restored, then it's back on track for sure. Just follow constitutional principles, it was made to be easy.

Anonymous said...

"don't blame americans Blame the gang of of 535."
Please tell me who the idiots are who keep electing these criminal insane so called leaders?
This downfall of our freedoms liberties and country began a long time ago. And we the people allowed it to happen!
The only one to blame is ourselves.

Anonymous said...

How many of these "Americans" had a gun to their heads when they voted for Chim Chim or my favorite Mormon? How many was it, 100 million roughly Oh Yeah! I blame the people because it fits, now own it! live it! be it! comrades, forward to globalist enslavement!

Anonymous said...

The secret is cash flow, unless its not unleashed it will never be an economic upward motion.
The economics are so fraudlent that what the real numbers are is uncertain and it seams like nobody exactly knows.

The second issue is the so caled sosialism/comy drivel served in the USA. Norway is infact far more Capitalistic than the USSA is. We dont suport fully a litle clikk of robberbarons, right now the fight in Norway is between the cleptocrats and the bigg monpolys, and their hendgmenn, the parasittic class of "consgriares" in all policy makings.

The second fact is governace, and soscial wellfare. In one major aspect the difference of the USA and Norway as an ex. is if you became sick and ut of reach of work, you can still have a disent life. Not as a middlclass, but still deasent life.
And we dont make wars and pimp/pumpup a insanly bigg army, and a even bigger insane military ind. complex, the biggest bucket of expences, the real way of throwing hugh amounts of cash straith out of the window/or down the toilett.
Infact the anual income of the USA, dayli basis, is at staggering 54%. Of BDP.
That, compagnerios, will ruin You.

We have 3 % unimployment right now, we lack infact profecional people, and if you are a nurse, you can pick on the topp of the shells.
Higher school teatcher, no problem at all.
Hell they may even "give" you a plase to live in the beginning, as the Sweds and so in Finnland.
All in all, its the cash flow that matters.
Not the amount of stinking rich people, they have never mattered anyway, ever.

Its the sosciaty at large that matters.
To releas the cash flow, its vital to make that actualy posiible. If the goverment erazed the debth, simply gave the houses to the people, and block app. in the city, the releas of cash, will start a flow of possibilitys not able in the current situation.
It will not happen.
Unless the bailout stopps the USA is dying.
This is what I define as a Defibilator Belife.
Keaping a dead corpse technicly alive, by using artificiale stimuluses as a hart starter.
Its alive.


Its simple but the cojones are copletly lacking, in all the aspects of sosciety.
Thats the bottom line.


Anonymous said...

VERY DANGEROUS PLACE,yes you might say that,I had a vision a while back and the russian military and the state police were stopped in the middle of the little town we were in and they were shooting everyone they saw,people were running in every direction trying to get away and were being shot in the back as they ran,I won't go any farther into it,BUT yes, its going to be a very dangerous place here in america,real soon.......

Carroll said...

As long as the American people sit on the couch and allow Wall Street and the MSM to select both presidenial candidates,(by weeding out candidates like Ron Paul)don't expect anything to change for the better.

Anonymous said...

Clearly it isn't even close to top ten in spelling.
There are dozens of factors, some recent, some decades in the making and planning.

1 A horrible education system, creates dumb people who laugh at smart people and makes great obedient workers.

2 Garbage food, fast food, toxic GMO food for a nice slow poison brew.

3 Fluoride, chemtrails, and many big pharma products enhance the poison brew.

4 A massive propaganda system composed of your entire corporate media, Hollywood and music industries create the fairytale.

You end up with frightened confused easily controllable people. The rich bastards who engineered it all, want compliant workers and total control. The descent will continue, and will accelerate.

Anonymous said...

Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion in full effect.

Anonymous said...

I live in Colombia next to Venezuela. Obama is learning from Chavez. Chavez has created a huge dependency on government and has assured his election. Also, he has open borders to Colombia's poor, knowing they will vote for him also. Exactly what is going on in America.

Anonymous said...

The USA is declining, yet the third world is also falling faster. The problem is that some countries with healthy economies or raw materials are growing faster. The USA is fighting too many wars and if it spent that money on it's industry and growth rather than interest payments, they would be back on top.

The are also fighting themselves politically, and that is 100% counter productive

Anonymous said...

I have been warning the people of this country for 3.5 years that all of this was coming if they did not take action, well these same Homo Sapiens have according to the Lying News Media voted this Fraud, who was hatched in Africa on a dirt floor, who hates White People and has Pledged to Murder all Whites on the Planet? How Can One Country of Trained Slaves be so Stupid? Even his Worthless Wife? Debatable? take her Free Loading Friends on 16 Vacations and spend $16 Million Taxpayer Dollars? That also Violates The US Constitution? You Idiots allow these Homo Sapiens Carte Blanche, now kiss you asses goodbye, these Africans are taking over your country!

canobs said...

First, the FED should be Public, not privatized and controlled by the BIS(bank for international settlements)__then, a few eazy things like stop the casino economy forbidding use of the fiscal heavens, hedge funds(no-tax)by the Banksters and multinationals, apply the Tobin tax on all wall-street transactions to end heavy speculation, limit the salaries, bonuses, commissions of the traders, banksters, lobbeyists(who are fraudsters anyway) leaders of multinationals and favor manufacturing job creation in all domain except military where expenses should be cut in half(the republicans will love that one).____ SEE how easy, NOW good luck for Mr. Obama to implement This, especially with the collaboration of the so agreeable republicans(excepting maybe RonPaul who has good non-republican, non-libertarian ideas)

Anonymous said...

Sad! Prey for better days... dont be afraid , GOD is with us all and if it takes this for us to be with him then so be it!

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