Thursday, November 8, 2012

Don't Get Fooled Again? … Ooops! Too Late

And Now, For Your Entertainment, The Ever Popular Duet, Wrack And Ruin!

Richard William Posner - Amerika the Baleful
Richard William Posner
Activist Post

The ruination of this country took place in 1913 with the passage of the Federal Reserve Act. People bitching and moaning about Obama destroying America are simply delusional.

Do you actually think Romney would have done anything to help the American people? Do you really think Obama is now, or has ever been, in charge?

This ostensible election was decided long ago. The voters really had nothing to do with it. The American people are played like a fiddle by those who call the tune.

Personally, I would rather have seen Jill Stein and the Green Party take over, but such scenarios are mere fantasy in neofascist America.

What we’re getting is another four years of “stealthy” neofascism, as opposed to the republican, “in your face” variety, which is what a Romney administration would have most likely meant.

Aren’t You Getting Tired Of Reruns?

What we had with this election was just a slightly muted replay of '08. The money masters, once again, put the worst possible candidates they could come up with on the republican ticket so they wouldn’t really need to tamper with the voting too much.

Maybe they figured another obvious fix like they did, twice, would cause too much “civil unrest” and they’re really not ready to use their new concentration camps just yet. First they want to finish turning the country into a “western” banana republic.
It’s easy to imagine a future in which growing numbers of cities have their frail and long-neglected infrastructures knocked out by disasters and then are left to rot, their core services never repaired or rehabilitated. The well-off, meanwhile, will withdraw into gated communities, their needs met by privatized providers. - Naomi Klein, The Shock Doctrine
Once America is reduced to the status of a third world country, with most of the population turned into homeless climate refugees, they can be herded into the labour camps.

Those who protest or are too old or infirm to be useful can be exterminated and the rest penned up like a bunch of Palestinians in the Gaza strip.

If, by some chance, the timetable needs to be adjusted four years from now, another set of marionettes will be chosen for a rerun of that ever popular reality show “The Amazing Presidential Race!”.

Silver Tongued And Slick

Obama is obviously a top-notch pitchman for the elite. They’re betting he can keep the populace under control until they’re ready to administer the coup de grâce; and he’s betting the wealth, safety and security they’ve guaranteed him and his family will be delivered.

And whilst the people slip back into the slumber of ignorant complacency, their enslavement will be completed, outside their deadened awareness; if not within the next four years, then very soon thereafter.

You Can Run But…

It would be nice to get the hell out of Dodge, but Canada is being besieged by the same capitalist profit machine that has destroyed America and much of Earth. It’s only a matter of time before it succumbs. At this point, there’s really no safe haven to flee to.

Just my opinion.

Consummatum est.

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Anonymous said...

which is the reason why i don't bother to vote. this article resonates my sentiments exactly, every word.

i always find it chemical seeing how people are overjoyed or upset when their candidates win or loses, as if he was really going to do something for them. Im just going to watch how this thing unfold, whether it was Obama or Romney.

ESF said...

Obama's neofascism is not at all stealthy, as the author maintains, but entirely in-your-face. He has publicly cheered for $5 per gallon gasoline; promised to shut down the coal industry; he unabashedly referred to his grandmother as a "typical white person"; shut down oil production in the US, but funded it in South America; golfed while BP poisoned the Gulf of Mexico; signed the NDAA into law, etc.

Joe Schmoe said...

You are the very reason why Obama won. Living off of someone else's coat tails shows me that you are incapable of accepting responsibility for your own life. Go home to mommy! Does she still allow you to be a parasite? Shame!

Unknown said...

It doesn't really matter Obama and Romney are the opposite side of the same coin, both just puppets.


The system without naming anyone is going down or at lest any support for a population that has been lied to and manipulated into a state of pathetic blobs. You can be a murdering slime ball as long as your rich and in power you can share all the benefits that are conned out of the sleeping population while leaving them homeless and FEMA bound in the end. This is all of their plans Dem. or Rep. If you think there is a difference you are sadly mistaken and a victim who needs to wake up because your not helping the problem only making things worse.

Anonymous said...

Please stop confusing capitalism with corporatism. Corporatism is the problem. Capitalism, which always gets a bad rap even though it has not existed in the US, is the answer.

canobs said...

__Obama or Romney, no difference as the MONEY MASTERS(privatized Fed), runs the non-elected CIA-NED,military (including military industry) leaders who with their lobbeyists decides what the president should do.

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