Amerika The Baleful

Richard William Posner
Activist Post

image: Richard William Posner

oh darkening, foreboding skies,
for mutant waves of grain.
for strip mined mountains agonies
above the poisoned plain!
amerika! amerika!
god cast its ire on thee,
and curse thy graft with endless wrath
from sea to filthy sea!
oh treacherous for workers feet
whose desperate struggles press,
a dead end road with no retreat,
of endless killing stress!
amerika! amerika!
despair thy fatal flaw.
a tyrant soul without control,
thy crimes disguised as law!
oh hideous for villians proved
in never ending strife.
who more than peace their power love
and money more than life!
amerika! amerika!
your god is oil refined.
all your success is bought with death
and every gain a crime!
oh maddening for human dream
that sees beyond the years.
thine fetid, filthy cities scream
awash in blood and tears!
amerika! amerika!
god turns its face from thee.
you stifle good and brotherhood
from sea to viscous sea!
oh poisonous for burning skies,
for fruitless, poisoned grain.
for ravaged mountains pillaged bare
above the wasted plain!
amerika! amerika!
god weeps for loss of thee
for souls despair, for earth and air,
and roiling, poisoned sea!
oh dreadful path for pilgrims feet,
who tread with fear and doubt,
a one way street where war drums beat
and slaves of empire shout!
amerika! amerika!
god wrest its grace from thee.
till paths be turned from greed and ruin
by those who will be free!
oh agony, for gory tale
of endless, bloody strife.
when on and on, to no avail,
men squander precious life!
amerika! amerika!
god shed its wrath on thee.
till selfish gain no longer stain
a free humanity!
oh sorrowful for human kind
that see beyond the greed.
beyond the lies that kill the mind,
beyond the pain and tears.
amerika! amerika!
god shed no grace on thee,
till human kind awake and see
the truth to make them free.

Richard Posner is a writer, computer graphics and image editor, and is skilled at electronic music applications. The full range of his political and ideological views, and the background for those, can be found on his own site. Richard can be contacted directly at 

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