Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Colorado Legalizes Recreational Marijuana and Industrial Hemp

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In a victory for freedom and common sense, it appears that marijuana will be legalized for recreational use in Colorado. Amendment 64: Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol is leading 53.36% to 46.64% with 36% of the total vote reported.

Amendment 64 legalizes the personal use, possession, and limited home-growing of marijuana legal for adults 21 years of age and older; establishes a system in which marijuana is regulated and taxed similarly to alcohol; and allows for the cultivation, processing, and sale of industrial hemp.

In particular, the law removes all legal penalties for personal possession of up to one ounce of marijuana and allows people to grow up to six marijuana plants at their home in an enclosed locked space.

A study by the Colorado Center on Law and Policy found that marijuana legalization could produce more than $120 million annually in new revenue and savings within the first five years. Wholesale recreation cannabis in Colorado will be taxed at 15% with the first $40 million allocated to the Public School Capital Construction Assistance Fund.

In addition, its passage is expected to create a plethora of new jobs, especially in industrial hemp. Hemp is a non-psychoactive strain of the cannabis plant and an agricultural crop that is widely cultivated across the globe for its seed and fiber. Hemp has thousands of modern industrial uses from paper, textiles, construction materials, fuel, to dietary supplements. Significantly, it is much more sustainable than current competitor materials. Watch the video below for the potential of industrial hemp:

Two other states, Oregon and Washington, are also voting on similar measures. Early results show Washington state will likely legalize marijuana as well with the Yes votes leading by double digits for Initiative Measure 502. Meanwhile it appears Oregon's Measure 80 is headed for defeat.

Massachusetts also voted by a dominant margin (63%) to legalize medical marijuana bringing the total number of medical cannabis states to 18.

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Six whole plants. What a joke. The big joke is on the people who think they have won something.

Anonymous said...

Agree six plants isnt much. Mother Necessity combined with more awareness will open the next door.

Anonymous said...

6 plants can be huge and yield pounds.
This is a time to celebrate, not whine.

This is a time to wish you lived in Colorado. (coming to your hometown soon). Voting, which has been trashed recently, protects all our other rights. Voting can change the world........
Only protesting and voting (beyond the propaganda blitz)can change the system. Jawohl!

Anonymous said...

time to move to CO.

Anonymous said...

While I do not smoke marijuana, I am glad that the voters had their say in the matter and were able to pass this.

Anonymous said...

I think there's plenty of apathy and deception going around, the votes aren't totaled yet. Many were tricked like we were in California, "Oh that isn't a good enough law"

Damn it! Pass the frigging thing, get FOOT in DOOR, then work out the bugs, look at us in California, they're raiding dispensaries, it's no different than raiding CVS pharmacy, Wallmart Pharmacy, Kaiser Pharmacy, etc.

Between Obamacare vs nutrition and herbalism, the 2nd Amendment butt humping, and Schedule 1 drug status, we are being treated like you would distribute Bologna sandwiches to black slaves (not by the co-op's or doctors, but by intolerant people), we're slandered and treated like crap by cops, and many people brainwashed over the past 40 or whatever years of this BS.

Several States are crashing and burning.. Just say screw your pain meds and pray for..

and Montana

Pray for us all, we ALL need help getting our god damned rights!

NORMAL "gone to sleep" in the middle of the half-ass results? I dunno, maybe he was tired. Apparently after pouring my soul out for the past decade plus, I'm not.

Where it ended at NORMAL Liveblog..

I guess? I shouldn't assume, all I know is I went there thinking they would stick through this. Can we get some 100% precints reporting? Considering we have all these "sick fucking privately owned, uncertified last minute patched by who the fuck knows and with what, high tech electronic voting machines from fucking hell, going for American Citizen Butt fucking round FOUR"

Basic Research wasn't even done for Candidates who are Pro/Anti Medical Cannabis.

Exibit #1: Fucking Feinstein and Matsui
I actually laid a turd in Feinstein's soup bowl, and voted for Elizabeth... LOL I hate that oath breaking bitch that much.

Matsui, what the fuck you going to do. I think she just needs education. Dear NORMAL, go educate that fucking bitch. Matsui actually isn't bad when it comes to flood control. In the big picture it's a small umbrella against the storm, better than apathy and a West Coast Style Katrina Inland Sea! If that happens, the DHS might as well use the fucking hollow points on me, cause I don't think I would even want to live if my land get's fucked up.

Oh yeah before I forget, how many Chronic pain cannabis users own firearms..
This is a real mind and legal fuck. Who's going to fight and say fuck this? Or is it so fucking vague that one day it' going to be surprise?

Anonymous said...

My mother and I are moving. Tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

six plants can produce pounds of marijuana

Anonymous said...

yes, but will the federal government allow this??? Or will they come in and arrest people anyway?

Anonymous said...

Yep, CO and WA are looking like 2 possible new future addresses for me. But let's not forget the prohibs and the DEA will probly do everything in their power to frack it up.

Seedsman said...

Looks like the populations of CO and WA are going to rise rapidly in the next year

Anonymous said...

There is no doubt this is a major victory for freedom and common sense, both of which are most decidedly NOT on the agenda of the DEA or federal government. As they proved in Montana, the feds will not let this stand unopposed, so as much as I would like to celebrate, I believe down the road even more innocent, freedom-loving people will be arrested and put in prison for growing a wonderful plant.

Anonymous said...

Six plants, cultivated and harvested properly (we're a LONG way beyond the back porch flower pot ditchweed of the sixties, kids) is a LOT.

Will the feds oppose it? Sure. Or more accurately, Big Pharma, Big Energy (including Big Oil--and petroleum-based plastic fiber-based industries) and Big GMO Cotton and Corn will lobby powerfully to oppose it.

(Well, Monsanto, Bayer, DuPont and the rest will oppose it till they develop non-reproducing genetically modified seeds under their own patent.)

Hopefully state after state will just do it anyway and end the madness of corporate controlled prohibition.

Let's not, however, overlook the massive private prison industry and all the feeder industries (jail contruction, uniforms, weapons, administration, bought judges and lawywers, cops, etc.). They'll chime in, too. Removing prison offense laws from the books will not make them happy at all.

Anonymous said...

Corporations will never stand for Hemp to replace theor posion products they push on the public, its all about their share holders profits, not the rebuilding of this REPUBLIC we gave away! The only thing I know people could do is to go across this nation & plant Hemp in every place they can & let it take over like a wild fire, the more it spreads the more it come back each year untill it is as common as it was when G.Washington thought is was the best thing he had ever seen & used, for pleasure & making all sorts of goods! Go Johnny Hemp Planters, plant on the side of hwy's, back rds, corn fields, even on every State & Federal Park, heck with the amount of cops soon to out of work, they will be glad to plant it to if it will feed their families! Hemp could replace Nuke Plants for power & the gov knows it!

Anonymous said...

On one hand I am glad to see that people will no longer be harassed by the state for recreational use of marijuana, on the other hand I am saddened to see that people are pleased with receiving permission to do what the government has no right to control in the first place.

I feel that many of us have unwittengly given up our own authority by even asking for permission. The real issue is still - what right does any person or institution have to determine what I can or cannot do to my own body? The question of legalization of marijuana would never have come up in a truly free society. Allowing ourselves to be fooled into voting on the matter fools us into accepting the 'tyranny of the majority' paradigm.

derwin said...

Yes we have been duped again.I'm sorry to tell you.If you claim to be a citizen then you have no rights only benefits and privledges.The 14th amendment says it is against involuntary servitude,but it doesnt say anything about voluntary servitude.You consent to everything.contract,contract,contract.License= permission to do something that would otherwise be illegal.Is it illegal to smoke a plant that god made.Of course not.My brothers and sisters need to wake up.You are all considered legal dead fictions,until you wake up from the admiralty sea of commerce.Think about this,Everything you use is under your legal(strawman) name.The next time you get a bill in the mail look at it,Your name is in all capital letters.That is not you!!!! wake up. truth and ask for wisdom.

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