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Child Sex Rings Reveal Unspeakable Acts of Power Elite

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Nicholas West
Activist Post

One of the most difficult things to convey to people who are relatively new to information that appears in the so-called alternative media is just how diabolical the controlling elite really are.

People can seem to accept that the world is run by a bunch of ruthless bankers, or perhaps they realize that presidents and national leaders are puppets to corporate interests, or perhaps they even have come to grips with the fact that "The Elite" are willing to destroy nations and people to consolidate power and form a one-world government.  Poison the planet with depleted uranium? Yes. Poison the food supply with GMO's? Definitely.

But one topic that has been routinely shrugged off as manifestly impossible is that those at the very top of the pyramid, including well-known politicians and public figures, have engaged consistently -- and on a widespread basis -- in the organized sale, rape, torture and murder of children. Frankly, we had a hard time fully believing it ourselves until recently. But the evidence has become so overwhelming that we must have the courage to look into the very worst cesspit; one which better belongs in paintings of Hell's torments, not on the evening news.

According to, 800,000 children under the age of 18 go missing each year globally -- 2,185 per day. Their hotline received an average of 580 calls per day to this point in the last quarter of 2012 -- 3.5 million calls since the organization's inception in 1984. It is clearly an epidemic of staggering proportions.

When Fritz Springmeier and David Icke began talking 20 years ago about organized pedophile rings and mind-controlled sex slaves (often with overtly Satanic themes) within the highest levels of society, most readers met them with serious doubt or outright dismissal. We would be very unwise to dismiss their research now.

The Jimmy Savile scandal has taken center stage in bringing these revelations to a wider audience, as it is embedded within Britain's BBC corporate media itself where they were forced to lamely issue an apology that the original Newsnight investigation into numerous claims of sex acts with children was dropped, all the while insisting that "there was not enough evidence to say whether sexual abuse or harassment at the corporation was 'endemic'".

David Icke certainly has a different take on it. According to Icke, Savile "was the child-supplying fixer for the rich and famous in politics, entertainment and royalty" and can be linked to a massive child abuse scandal in North Wales. (Source)  Icke's 1998 book The Biggest Secret details a seemingly unbelievable number of prominent U.S. and UK political leaders who centrally figure into these scandals. Icke details how Savile is indicative not of a single evil person using their position of  power to destroy innocence, but is indicative of an entire lifestyle embraced within the top echelons of society.

Savile's close connections to the royal family cannot be denied, and even skeptics have to wonder how people in the highest positions could not have at least known and covered up the details of what was taking place.
Savile himself would boast about his connections to the royals and it was publicly acknowledged that he was a regular visitor to Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace (where Princess Diana lived after her marriage ended with Prince Charles), and Highgrove (the country estate of Prince Charles).
Savile told Esquire: 'The thing about me is I get things done and I work deep cover. I've known the Royal Family for a million years.' (Source)
As Icke highlights, one of Savile's own nephews, Guy Marsden, is now discussing what happened at Savile's "paedophile parties" with many children coming from orphanages or children's homes.

To those who still think Icke might be crazy to suggest something much larger, The Telegraph just released statements from the former policeman who exposed Savile. He says that Savile "engineered" his show specifically as a vehicle to gain access to children.
I believe he engineered his programmes within the BBC and Radio Luxembourg in order to gain access to children.
The classic examples are Top Of The Pops, Savile's Travels, Jim'll Fix It - all of them gave him access to young children. That's why there were so many victims. (Source)
At least 300, and many more inquires.

This is not the only scandal that large news outlets like the BBC have failed to cover. Sian Griffiths, a local council official in North Wales, collected details about allegations made between 1991 and 2000. The stacks of documents she reveals in the video below is beyond shocking, but nothing more so than the evidence of a coverup which followed the mention of high-profile figures who attended child sex parties. (Source)

The Jerry Sandusky case in America has every indication of, again, not being one demented predatory individual, but a systemic acceptance of a severely twisted lifestyle. As vile as he was shown to be, the fact that he could conduct his activities so openly over at least a 15-year period forces one to question how many others might have been involved. Some have speculated that his sexual acts with children dated back to the 1970s. Penalties were imposed on Sandusky and Penn State, but it was his connection with Second Mile (whose motto is "Providing Children With Help and Hope") that becomes even more disturbing. A child prostitute later came forward to give the following account which implicates another school and shows the abuse to be much more widespread:
In the email to Poly Prep, Bucceroni said he was 'a child prostitute' and was associated with a pedophile ring that included Sandusky, Foglietta, now-deceased Philadelphia businessman Ed Savitz and former Wharton School of Business professor Lawrence Scott Ward, who is serving a lengthy prison sentence for trafficking in child porn and smuggling photos and videos of himself having sex with a teenage Brazilian boy. 
'(Between) 1977-1980 I was a child prostitute associated with a tri-state (NYC-NJ-PA) pedophile ring. (During the) summer of 1979 I was brought to the State College area by Ed Savitz for the purpose of child prostitution with Jerry Sandusky at a Second Mile fundraiser,' Bucceroni wrote in the email. 'Due to time constraints, Sandusky became unavailable and I was introduced to Phil Foglietta by Ed Savitz & Jerry Sandusky. Foglietta was introduced to us as Coach Phil who coached youth football in NYC. Foglietta agreed to pay $200.00 for child sex and followed us back to a Philadelphia hotel, myself and another child prostitute then engaged coach Phil in child sex. (Source)
Here is a graphic showing only what was proved to have happened at Penn State.

Systemic indeed. Australia has now launched its own investigation into child sex allegations that comprise "churches, state care facilities, schools, charities, child services agencies and police."
The prime minister's announcement of a judicial inquiry follows allegations last week by a police officer of a cover-up by the Catholic church into child sexual abuse in the Hunter region, north of Sydney.
'I can testify from my own experience that the church covers up, silences victims, hinders police investigations, alerts offenders, destroys evidence and moves priests to protect the good name of the church,' he wrote in an open letter to the New South Wales state premier, Barry O'Farrell.
Fox, a veteran of decades of investigations into child sexual abuse, said he had 'irrefutable' evidence of a cover-up involving a number of diocese bishops. 'It potentially goes even higher than that,' he told ABC television.  (Source)
This is on par with what we already know about institutional child abuse that has taken place within the Orwellian-named "Child Protective Services." A range of studies have shown that at least 28% of children put into state care wound up being abused, with numbers much higher in certain states. And in Arizona alone, 500 of 4,000 children were sexually abused while in the care of the state. (Source and more studies here)

But one group really shows the scope of child sex slavery, abuse, and every vile activity imaginable: DynCorp. DynCorp is responsible for recruiting, training and deploying civilian peacekeepers and police trainers to 11 countries, including Haiti, Bosnia, Afghanistan, and Iraq, for the Department of State. (Source)

Whistleblowers, Ben Johnson and Kathryn Bolkovac, were both fired after attempting to stop DynCorp employees and supervisors engaging in sex acts with children. These children had been purposely kidnapped from other regions to serve as sex slaves. No one was formally prosecuted, even as more reports came out that DynCorp was part of a large network of child prostitution involving international aid workers.

More recently in Afghanistan it was revealed by a WikiLeaks cable that DynCorp threw "boy-play" parties for new Afghan police recruits. The exploits of DynCorp -- funded by the U.S. taxpayer -- is perhaps the supreme example of the predators stalking this planet. Here is Donald Rumsfeld stammering through an attempt to explain the continued governmental support for DynCorp:

An excellent two-part report "Children Under Attack," about the systemic abuse and coverup, can be found here.

It seems that every rock overturned reveals worse and worse. The Jimmy Savile scandal has opened up a door into truly demonic realms. The overwhelming amount of testimony across the board paints a picture of widespread torture and rape of children that produces a cognitive dissonance in any normal human being.

The realization that there are individuals in suits, crowns, and uniforms who are literally blood-drinking psychopaths that would make notorious elites like Elizabeth Bathory and Vlad the Impaler blush, is almost too much for an innocent mind to comprehend. And, yet, it seems to be so vast in numbers that it would appear to be the norm rather than the exception of a just a few demented people -- especially since the protection and cover-up for these groups is clearly vast as well.

We are programmed to fear the next Ted Bundy, or "lone nut" stalking our neighborhood, but we would do better to scrutinize more closely those to whom we pay our taxes and falsely look up to as protectors -- they are stalking the planet ... and they are doing it in packs. These are "people" who have no problem lying their country into war, bombing the innocent on a routine basis, and tanking economies on purpose. It is a matter of policy to starve entire populations into submission without a second thought. And apparently those are the least of their crimes.

However, before we can council our children, as adults we need to grow up ourselves. It is not a type of awakening that should produce fear and paranoia, but rather an admission that we are much better, and more capable of directing the course of our lives and communities than those who have been officially charged with the task. We also must admit to ourselves that the strangers to whom we have acquiesced our power are being revealed as stranger than we ever could have imagined.

The Prince and the Pedophile: Charles' Connections to Pedophilia Networks

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Anonymous said...

Is pedophile entrapment .. a means to an end ? A very useful tool being employed wholesale to control the actors on the world stage. ?

To quote the editor of Veterans Today on Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

"The largely privatized military/intelligence complex, driven by criminalized monopolies in narcotics, banking, oil, arms, pharmaceuticals and human trafficking has, without any question, gained control of the operations of most agencies of government, of all national economies and all media, be it news or entertainment, in the West."

Anonymous said...

Thank you for shining a light into this very dark place. It's worse if we pretend it doesn't exist.

Anonymous said...

I think birthing children in this world is the first form of abuse.

Jordan said...

I'm baffled by the Bachi Bazi practice found in Afghanistan. I figured that in a strict Muslim country, homosexual pedophilia would be unheard of. Anyone looking to learn more about that should check out The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan. Its a documentary found on Netflix.

Anonymous said...

Will these revelations sweep the vampiric legion from our planet? Let the cold winds blow; dazzling sunlight come bursting through the geo-engineered muck. Express desire to all Loving Powers in Universe that it will be so!!

Anonymous said...

This article does a fine job of connecting the pedophile dots.
An example that I would site is the CONSPIRACY OF SILENCE. It is a documentary done by the BBC in the 90's and was pulled from the schedule minutes before it was to be aired. This covers the events around the Franklin Cover-Up scandal and traces organized and ritual child abuse all the way to the White House of Bush Sr.
Mae Brussell was doing research into claims of satanic and ritual child abuse occurring at The Presidio. Many claim this is why she was threatened off the air and may have led to her death by cancer.
It is so heartbreaking to know that countless children are literally dying to be believed. It is estimated that 800,000 children go missing each year.
It has also been speculated that serial killers have been brought to the spotlight to cover for the organized rings behind these large numbers of lost children.

Anonymous said...

Where are they hiding these children that aren't in orphanges or foster homes? Surely, they're not killing them?

Steve said...

Humans have at last become conscious enough to discover that an evil and twisted abomination as
infiltrated the human race and preys upon its young. Pedophilia and supporters of Pedophiles,
must be eradicated - Pedophilia has no place in human evolution.

When the human experience is stipped bare of all polarities, beyond race, beyond religion,
beyond politics, beyond sexual orientation Pedophilia is a slime mould that needs immediate disinfection.

TravisBaskerfield said...

I have a hard time believing that only pedophilia is rampant among the elite. I suspect every imaginable form of deviant sex is available to insiders.

To call this "Satanic" is 100% appropriate. Everything turned upside down and claimed to be normal.

In the secret societies, in the higher rungs, chosen candidates are initiated into certain truths, the same ones that honest and moral seekers after enlightenment earn through selfless enquiry.

It all boils down to this: "Nothing is true! There is no salvation there is no guilt. Love is the law, do what thou wilt."

(The "Illumined" ones discard the bit about love. When you include that, the door to heaven on earth opens wide, but only then.)

TravisBaskerfield said...

I forgot to mention. In the late 60's, a very exclusive private club/bordello was busted. The clientele were the cream of Melbourne society and the pleasures offered were all the tabu things.

Even then, just turned 20, I wasn't a bit surprised. I still don't understand why that was so.

Anonymous said...

This is part and parcel to the awakening, that light will be shone on all darkness and evil eradicated so that humanity may advance to its highest consciousness. Thank you for helping to shine the light.

Anonymous said...

This is just rumor.. but I had a friend in Belize that worked on the docks. I heard stories of children being purchased and taken upon wealthy yachts. As I was told, they would use the children and then toss them at sea. An idle mind is the devils playground.

I don't know what to make of this report. I shudder to think its true. Very sad world we live in if so.

Paul Panza said...

I can hardly wait for the "light of truth" to find its way down to the lowest levels of the alien/military/industrial/complex, in those underground bases. The connection between the child molesters and the globalists agenda would make interesting reading!

Anonymous said...

I have for 27 years been trying expose this and finally the light is shining into the corners of the dark rooms! Also, it is important to mention Ritual Abuse and trauma based programming as the Elite are often also using their own children. My name is Stephen Shellen and yes, I WAS a successful actor until I embarked on trying to find out who had threatened my children. Extreme harassment and blacklist has followed me through Canada, the U.S. and France.

Anonymous said...

I agree that Conspiracy of Silence is a must watch video, it is typically available on youtube and, as I recall, was produced by the BBC. There are close parallels to the Penn State scandal and in one book written several years ago by an investigator of the the Franklin Scandal, there is a mention of Sandusky.

Also, keep in mind, that the disgraced president of Penn State, Graham Spanier, was hired by the NSA/DHS as an "intelligence consultant". Clearly, he is being protected by people in high places.

Anonymous said...

The pedophilia scene with Bush's neocons while they were working for sen.Henry Jackson(D-WA)late 1960s-1980s can not be denied. I was present when one of them was released for statutory rape of a girl procured through a local satanic cult.Timmy Geithner's proximity to the LIBOR fraud traced to 'elite' England and Geithner's proximity to Richard Perle is too much creepy and coincidence to be ignored.

Activist said...

Thanks to all you have added their voice. The light is brighter than ever. N.W.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Shine the light and squash these bugs!

Anonymous said...

To anon 11:09 -- many similar reports from central america. The MAYOR of a beach town in Costa Rica was busted in a child porn ring. All current searches seem to "time out" , but it was documented by the english paper there The Tico Times. Give em a call --

Gary Orlic said...

I was just talking about this very topic today in light of the Elmo incident. Though it turns out that in this case it was consensual, it never the less points to a major sickness in society. But I do not believe it is a sickness rather a hierarchy of demonic spirits, principalities, and weak minded power hungry elites who practice and encourage this behavior in order to gain even more power from demonic entities.

And this is exactly why I refused to vote in this election. Both parties are deeply bathed in the blood of innocent children and sexually use them as a means to an end. They will suffer for all eternity for their crimes against humanity, against innocence, and against the Holy Spirit of God.

walk away from the politics of this Godless nation, they are about to be dealt a fatal blow and only those who hear the voice of the Lord will be left in their right mind all others will be handed over to their desires.

Anonymous said...

And look at Rumsfeld with his beady eyes and little claw -- a reptile! Come on people -- believe it or not these people are not real humans!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, these "creatures" are not real humans! Like a black crow.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm lets see look into this sick affair and get depressed and possibility angry... or watch Dancin' with the Stars and feel good about how talented these stars are and the hardships they have had to overcome to get to entertain ME.

I mean please if it was really happening they would tell me so on TV and since there is nothing about it on CNN it couldn't possibility be happening they would be telling me about it if it was. Just more kook talk.

I don't know where you folks are getting your information but if it's not from CNN or you're local First Baptist Church pastor no wonder your believing this crap.
Also our politicians and business people in this country are fine upstanding God fearing men and women look at all the fine work they are doing all over the middle east to bring God and Democracy to these heathens so they can be saved by the precious blood of Jesus Christ.
The idea that any of them would abuse a child is just absurd.
Those who would seek to defame these wonderful men of God are surly Satan's own.

Anonymous said...

To the Belize commenter, its true, in 3rd world countries parents pimp their kids. My buddy went to a popular city in Central America on vacation, they were sittin at the outside cafe watchin local parents pimp their kids to tourists. My buddy said time n time again big fat clearly American businessmen would take kids upstairs to their hotel room. My buddy said if u ever hear of anyone saying they're goin on a "fishing trip" to a Central American country, thats code for they're not goin lookin for fish.

Anonymous said...

The thing that stands out as well, is that none of them seem worried that any of this stuff will catch up with them. In this life or the supposed "after life".

Anonymous said...

Who remembers the publicity that led to California's Roberti-Roos "Assault Weapons" Ban?

Patrick Purdy murdered children in the schoolyard, but the furor that ensued was not about the perpetrator, but the gun. Why?

Patrick Purdy became unbalanced because he had been victimized by a pedophilia ring patronized by several of California's most powerful politicians. Those politicians had to make the publicity about the gun because they could not afford to have anyone take a close look at Patrick Purdy, who he was, and where he came from.

See if you can find a copy of the official autopsy report on Patrick Purdy, then turn to the psychological autopsy section.

Ask Willie Brown and David Roberti about it.

Dharma Sanctuary said...

Pedophelia is a training ground for the elite to sharpen their tools of subjugation. They are psychopaths who do not have compassion for others. They rise to power because they have no conscience.

Even worse is satanic ritual abuse and child murder. If we're really going to learn about these sick, sick people, we need to know about the worst of their crimes. Many children end up dead, victims in heinous public rituals that bond these satanic, Luciferian worshippers in a pact of secrecy.

Anonymous said...

Could this be why we hear so much about pedophilia in the news- The whole pedo hysteria? Are we unconsciously aware the we are feeding on our youngest & in deep denial? I think this stands for something more- children as symbolic of how we have murdered our own souls to live in this world and how we continue to feed on any last vestiges of light & innocence just to plow on another day.

Anonymous said...

Also- I think it would be wise not to scapegoat the deeply sick human beings committing these acts, no matter how right it feels. I've noticed how pedos seem to be the last socially acceptable scapegoat that everyone likes to project their shadows onto, which makes it alot easier to refuse accept your own complicity & blindness in everyday life. Lets not give them too much power.

They are human, all too human

Anonymous said...

My best friend's daughter was raped repeatedly by a 40-something man when she was 7. The perp. was a friendly, smooth-talking character who bragged about his religious beliefs. He's now in prison for 12 short years. A bullet may be waiting for him when he comes out. There's been talk.

Between this and hearing about the Johnny Gosch case (please google it), I've come to the following sad and depressing moral conclusion. Until we start stacking the bodies of these pedophiles like cordwood, until they're hanging from the lamp posts, we'll keep on reading about these outrages. We need a global fire of cleansing violence to sweep this scum off the planet.

Anonymous said...

An anonymous user posted:

"The whole pedo hysteria?" It's not hysteria, it's a justified moral outrage to one of the most heinous crimes that one human can perpetrate on another.


"I've noticed how pedos seem to be the last socially acceptable scapegoat that everyone likes to project their shadows onto..."

Interesting to note that we have a pedo defender on this site. Those poor, put-upon pedophiles! They are suffering horribly from a society that doesn't understand their special needs!

Yeah, right.

The truth of the matter is that hatred of pedophiles is morally and psychologically self-sufficient, and doesn't require in the least any psychoanalysis of ulterior motives on the part of those pointing the finger at these wretched creatures. Calling for harsh measures against these wicked pedos isn't scapegoating at all--a mendacious and shabby attempt to redefine justified moral disgust. It's a rational response to what can be a brutally destructive act against a child, one that can easily damage them the rest of their lives, one that leads to suicide and substance abuse and lifetimes of torment, shame, guilt and dysfunction.

We don't need more sympathy for these sick pedophiles. We need sufficient sympathy for their child victims such that we'll be able to summon the will to start really and truly taking the problem of child rape seriously, and punishing with the harshest possible measures these psychopathic rapists who destroy so many young lives.

The public doesn't need more examination of its conscience, it needs to be sharpening its daggers against these pedos.

Anonymous said...

It all goes back to Babylon Mysteries. They are practicing that art. this is where Pedophile comes from. Study your history.

Yes all Top People are into this art.
Let's look back at ancient China, Rome, Europe,
all of it is connected.

Anonymous said...

Hysteria as in the general suspicion all men are held in when anywhere near children for one or people being arrested for naked baby pictures, the witch burning mentality that longs for blood but wont even examine how its society sexualizes & enables the predation of its young in the first place. Understanding & discernment are not the same as sympathy or molly coddling or dismissing the victim.

Respectfully, the public doesn't know its ass from its elbow and remains deeply unconscious of itself.The left hand doesn't know what the right is doing. Sharpening your knives feels all righteously justified like a good action flick but failure to understand how we even go to this insane point will only lead to more needless suffering. This requires honest self reflection which i see little evidence of in the posts to this site.

Anonymous said...

sanduskys organization the second mile was shut down and the funds were sent to another organization, Arrow Child & Family Ministries. one of the board of directors is:
Maria Bush, the always-busy wife of Neil Bush and full-time mother finds time to work as a community volunteer. A bundle of enthusiasm and energy, she loves working with the charity started by her mother-in-law, The Barbara Bush Family Literacy program. She is also active in the March of Dimes, Kick Start, Arrow Child & Family Ministries, Points of Light and the Children’s Assessment Center.

Anonymous said...

Are you serious with that photo ad for Doomsday Preppers in the same area as this article? You need to have a woman on your staff, who has a young daughter look at that ad and this article together and tell you what she sees.

OldProspector said...

What ? Sandusky's money was ent to a .org with a 'Bush' in a position of power? This has to be a joke!
The whole Bush family is in on it. Read up on the Lincoln Credit Union and their ties to Bush I. Then read up the Jeff Gannon affair where a male tatted up whore was given White House press creditials during Bush II. If you know anything about wash,DC, that is a big deal.

Fran Lawrence said...

Google: Pentagon pornography

Anonymous said...

"Respectfully, the public doesn't know its ass from its elbow and remains deeply unconscious of itself."

I agree completely. I also agree that we need the most searching critique of all aspects of society. A fraction of the population is capable of engaging in this level of analysis. Of course, of course.

But then you dig yourself further into a hole with, "...society sexualizes & enables the predation of its young..."

-Which reads very close to something like "I can understand how kids can look sexy, but it's not me that's auto-generating that feeling, it's a sick society CAUSING me to feel that way."

I don't buy that fricking b.s. for a second. Talk about justifying one's own questionable self-hidden thoughts! (Please forgive if I've pegged you wrongly, but I seriously doubt it.)

It's not a matter of inflated righteousness to want to nail these pedo bastards. It's simple anger at the damage these dangerous deviants to others. They're a cancer that needs chemo.

Anonymous said...

'Are you serious with that photo ad for doomsday preppers in the same area as this article?'

Exactly, thank you. This is what I meant- people are unconscious even when they claim to be wide awake

Anonymous said...

No we haven't " heard a lot" bout Pedophilia Scandals , unless it involves ONE football coach and as matter fact I watch 5 , 6 channels and only ONE has reported the huge UK PEDO Network Scandal and that was NBC and that was half ass amount of info , never mentioning Parliament or # of victims .
CNN regulates UK scandal to bottom banner and ABC , CBS hasn't mentioned one word and the appalling Context is they worship the Royals , prince harry , by numerous useless stories but the Network of Sickos abusing Children from Britain's Ruling class is mostly CENSORED to protect their Establishment , when it should be a top story , taken seriously .

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Until we start stacking the bodies of these pedophiles like cordwood, until they're hanging from the lamp posts, we'll keep on reading about these outrages. We need a global fire of cleansing violence to sweep this scum off the planet.
November 14, 2012 5:42 PM

Nope, you're wrong there my friend. Killing them won't solve the problem; the message won't get through to the others. I wish it were that simple but it isn't.

Based on the scientific evidence it looks like chemical (or otherwise) castration's been the only thing that works to counteract their 'urges'. It's true, look it up. Instead of a bullet to the head you aught to consider one to the groin instead. Cruel perhaps but, I'd rather do that than let these idiots intact around any child.

In my view, If you're unable to keep it in your pants and it's out of your control, then it should be removed.

Anonymous said...

The Telegraph today (Nov 15) reports that Lord McAlpine lives in Sothern Italy where he claims he has no TV or Internet. Yet he recieves emails?
He was not involved in the North Wales abuse scandal.Does that put him in the clear? Is he or is he not a Paedophile?

Anonymous said...

And this is only the tip of the ice berg. If only the world were aware of what the elitists do for entertainment when they are bored, elitists would be hunted down like the fetid vermin they truly are.

Christinne said...

Great comment, anony 7:33. One gotta be an idiot to breed in such a shitty world, period. Why do u think morons are against abortion and sex education? Where from so many children to be abused, killed, exploited? Where from if not for/from retards who breed recklessly in a shitty world? Where from the cannon fodder, the new mass of slaves ready to be used and abused? But just keep breeding folks, imaginary friends dont care anyway coz they dont exist....

RSCovey said...

Please be aware of the "Finders" group, subset of the CIA.

Anonymous said...

According to common practice, islamic laws dictate that female must have her Menzies in order to have sex with her.
HOWEVER, muhammad was the prophet of islam, he could do no wrong as evidenced in the koran, (his testimonies) and the hadiths. (testimonies about him)
He married his 3rd wife at 6, canceling a marriage in place, this was illegal.
At Aysha's house when she was 9, her mother took her from her swing and friends to give her to the prophet and he bedded her later.

doc said...

Endemic pedophelia.

Anonymous said...

You have interesting articles. However, I should point out that article pages on your site react very slowly, most visibly when scrolling a page, which is a pain, and even when selecting a word by double-clicking. So you may want to work on the content of a page that contains a single article. Just an idea, thanks for reading.

Wipe the Drives said...

Whats up with this reptilian race David Icke speaks of who need virgin blood to coexist with us? Humans have ways of justifying their lack of empathy. Do unto others before they do unto you. would it really take a cold blooded reptile like human without the empathy gene to perform these acts without conscience to explain how humans alone could not justify this behavior?

Lamargo Petersen said...

Though I no longer believe what the Bible teaches I do recall the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, this does fall into that category. I agree giving birth to a child in this day and age should be a high security endeavor! To let your child out of sight should be a crime.If a way is found to take down these dark creatures I suggest implementing it immediately.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I was surprized in my mid years to realize i was a victim of a pedophile ring. i've written some about this on cause...

Anonymous said...

Thanks to the author of this article, Nicholas West, for keeping this story in the alternative media. Please continue raising awareness through weekly, bi-weekly or monthly articles on the topic of pedophilia among the elites. As I recall, wasn't Congressman Barney Frank involved in something years ago?

Anonymous said...

As of today according to Brit papers. Total saville complaint calls are 520.

You guys remember a year or so ago when human remains were found outside one of the Queens Palaces? The big problem is the people who investigate are often infiltrated also. Which is a big reason why many serial killers/ satanic rituals do not get solved.

Folks may just start to post their testimony on youtube. The Police in england keep arresting DJs and Musicians in he Savile case. But accused politicians are off limits. Filth.

A society that cant protect their kids? And we talk about liberty, freedom and Justice?

Lets protect the innocent first.

Comedian Louis CK once said, "you know how I know the pope is a pedophile? Because there are 2 types of people in the world. Those who want to have sex with kids, and those who want those people dead. There is no middle ground when it comes to raping little kids". JP II gave Ratzinger the ex Nazi the duty of investigating and dealing with the Church Pedo issues. What happened? Transfer of priests from one parish to another and a cover up.

So keep that in mind in the future. Anyone who knew anything, kept quiet, destroyed documents, covered up, ignored, most likely is also a Pedo, Sorry there is no middle ground on this topic.

Anonymous said...

Funny how all these paedophile issues spurn from men....kind of explains why women are not welcome in boardrooms, churches and other positions of power....I'm no feminist but am starting to see the merits of female motivations and nature

Anonymous said...

Thank you for researching and writing about this. Hopefully, more people will wake up to the true Satanic and Luciferian nature of the Psychopaths which control this planet. I sent your article out to friends. Good job.

Anonymous said...

800,000 is a lot of kids to go missing. For those who think these kids are not being murdered Google the Detroux Affair, your soul will be tormented for months to come. What the hell kind of people are these??

Anonymous said...

Also interesting to note, is that while 1000 people liked this story on FB, only 190 people shared it on FB. Why is it that people are not as willing to share this information?

Anonymous said...

Facebook should be renamed Openbook.

Americans don't wanna be bothered.

They would have to give up their porn addiction to actually give a shit.

Your either part of the problem or part of the solution.

Unfortunately, these people can't see the correlation between the two.

Once you understand how your being lured into it and lots and lots of prayer the rest is easy but until then...

Anonymous said...

Reports are that Prince Phillip has had persistent issues with a bladder infection this past yeas.

The most common cause of a bladder infection is feces in teh urinary tract which typically arises from unprotected paedeophilic sodomy - the ritual most commonly preferred by the Satanic elite because it supposedly rejuvenates the old and the dying.

Connecting the dots........and suggesting Prince
Phillip, husband of Queen Elizabeth, is on a spree of child abuse to reverse his decline into death.

Anonymous said...

The Versace killing I've read was also done by a gentleman Andrew Philip Cunanan who was used by the Illuminati as a slave and surprise surprise just snapped. Makes a lot of sense. I stumbled onto an article that went into the background of how the killer had actually been abused by them and Versace being associated with them abusing these children. What is going to be harder to convince the public of is that these people are also Luciferians. The perversions they commit against children are actually a big part of their religion because it is the opposite of the tenets of scripture, they engage in acts that are the opposite to the laws given to us by the almighty father (The commandments and scripture) It is an abomination to cause a child to sin and this is exactly what they do. Read Ultimate Evil to have a better understanding of the big picture.

Tom Dark said...

I tried to break the public ice with this, years ago.

Then I wrote about the results I got from it, here:

Maybe the silence is for the same reason the Republican Party still exists: people reserve the right to fantasize that they, too, will one day get to be that rich and that corrupt. Because there's bugger-all else in their lives that's anything but dead boring.

Anonymous said...

Reformed and seriously ashamed participants in satanic ritual and abuse state that the more radical and sick the ritual act is, the higher the status of the offender in that specific satanic group becomes. The entire satanic program, with its ritual and abuse and murdering seems only to be out of boredom/stupid and lack of empathy.
Long ago, my three year old brother wailed like all hell was breaking loose while he was in the bathtub with the door closed. It truely made the hair on the back of my neck standup. This was serious. "WHAT'S WRONG", my mother cried as she ran to rescue the little fellow. "I've stuffed a marble in my bottom and I can't get it out!!!" came the truely frightened whimper. Satanic behavior, with its thoughtlessness,is like misusing marbles. A bad habit to be dropped.

Anonymous said...

There is much more information on Deep Underground Military Bases at the Alien Digest website.

Anonymous said...

***Anybody care about the pedophilia that's rampant among Muslims? In Iran it's legal for a man to marry a girl as young as 9. Their pro/phet, Mohammed, married a 6 year old and had sexual intercourse with her at age 9. And these dirt bags are pouring into America.

Anonymous said...

LOL.Are you trying to devert from the topic?That reallly says something about you.The artical is NOT about Iran,you sleezy sneaky american!

Anonymous said...

Fine piece of work. Savile is as u say only scoping the entertainment industry and those expected to take the fall when push comes to shove.

Iran - geez posts from IQ's in excess of a 110 prefered

Anonymous said...

I hope they are all hunted down soon, ruthlessly, and put to death. Even in Buddhist, which is so much a pacifist religion and hates all violence, even Buddhism says that some people are too disgusting and too evil and should be sent off to get on with their karma before they can do further damage.

Anyone who can hurt a child. let alone USE a child for sex is beyond my understanding.

And, yes, I understand that they do actually torture and kill them.

It is impossible to understand. Impossible to imagine - unless you want to go mad.

I still cannot believe it! How does one get any sleep these days?

Anonymous said...

Truly the Earth is about to be re-set 12/21/12........I await the great cleansing with much joy.

Anonymous said...

Just one look at Rumsfeld and his little claw makes me want to hide my children.

Anonymous said...

Was it not Princess Diana who wrote of her new family of Royals, **They're not human**? She, too, was used, knew too much and paid the ultimate price.

Anonymous said...

The sad truth is that most child sexual abuse comes from family members...what about that?

Anonymous said...

I'm middle age now. I'm in Canada and I can tell you these rings exist. I shouldn't be alive really but I am, most other boys from that time have killed themselves or died in some other way including aids. I keep my mouth shut as my abusers are everywhere still. A few have died. But I see those who are still alive in politics and business and in entertainment. I see those who abused me on TV still smiling and reading the news or what have you. I keep my mouth shut. Yes my life has been destroyed and I am damaged beyond repair no matter how much therapy I get, but I keep quiet, right now it's just staying alive.

Anonymous said...

One of the best articles written on the subject. I have book marked it and use it on a regular basis to inform people. The harsh reality is difficult to swallow, and as you mentioned, results in cognitive dissonance. Thank you.

Activist said...

Thank you for the overwhelming support for this article. And thank you for the intelligent comments, I'll do my best to issue some follow-up information. In the meantime, Madison Ruppert just penned a report about 152 new allegations stemming from this nightmare demon Savile.

Stay strong,

Nicholas West

Anonymous said...

I'm a survivor of this, in the UK from 1989 till last year, I got less useful after 16 so wasn't used as much in recent years. Dunno why I'm sharing this, nvm.

Mostly just want to say thank you so much for writing this and bringing this to light. I hope one day myself and fellow survivors will actually be believed and articles like this are helping towards that.

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