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Top 10 Most Influential Whistleblowers

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The subject of insiders -- or "whistleblowers" -- is somewhat tricky; anyone on the inside is often presumed to be compromised by their former allegiance. Nonetheless, the nature of government work is rooted in compartmentalization. So, perhaps the best indication as to whether whistleblowers have something valid to say is the level of persecution they have endured.

The following whistleblowers have endured a varying degree of pushback from the system, but are still around to reveal key points of information that make us all question what we are being told by our government and the corporate media.

Please listen to the video presentations of the following insiders who have used their positions to educate those on the outside about the machinations of people far more devious than ourselves. They follow in the footsteps of people such as Daniel Ellsberg, and are not the criminals that the U.S. government increasingly charges them as. Rather, these whistleblowers represent the highest level of activism and courage.

Jesselyn Radack --  Radack is a former ethics attorney and adviser to the Justice Department. She had been presented with the first case of a detainee in Afghanistan following 9/11. That detainee was John Walker Lindh, an American citizen labeled "The American Taliban." Lindh was set to be interrogated (tortured) without council. Her advice not to pursue that direction went unheeded to the point where her e-mails to the court were deleted, which she had to then resurrect from her computer and present to the media. She subsequently was put on the No-Fly list and was targeted for investigation. Rather than fold, she fought back and wound up going to work for the premier whistleblowing advocacy group, the Government Accountability Project at, founded in 1977.

After everything we have come to know about the torture apparatus overseas, and the subsequent arrival of that apparatus onto American shores embodied in the NDAA, Radack's work is more important than ever. She discusses in the video below her background and the intensified war on whistleblowers.

Thomas Drake (NSA) -- The world got an historical overview that shed quite a bit of light on the NSA through a former ABC News reporter, James Bamford, when he released two books The Puzzle Palace and Body of Secrets, which lifted the veil and revealed a massive spying structure that far surpasses the capabilities of the CIA. The apparatus Bamford revealed was comprised of programs like Echelon that were suspected of not only massive international spying and data collection, but also domestic operations. Now those suspicions are being confirmed by high-level insiders such as Thomas Drake, who appeared in a Baltimore Sun article that highlighted a $1.2 billion program called "Trailblazer" which Drake submitted was a program of "fraud, waste, and abuse." He was subsequently charged under The Espionage Act and was facing 35 years in prison. Drake's defense team actually hired James Bamford as an expert witness. The case for 10 felony charges against Drake could not stand up, and he reached a misdemeanor plea deal.  Drake was the first to come forward under a new climate of aggressive formal indictment for whistleblowers that equates their truth-telling with real espionage such as selling state secrets.

William Binney (NSA) Former top NSA mathematician and code breaker, William Binney, has gone on record to publicly reveal the scope of a top-secret surveillance program that has directly targeted everyday Americans following 9/11. He is sounding an alarm about the massive scope of this project that engages in 24/7 warrantless wiretapping of the American population. Thomas Drake's testimony was revealing, but Binney was a 32-year, top-level veteran of the NSA who reveals in the video below the domestic component of a program code named "Stellar Wind." With the NSA working to complete its $2 billion fortress of surveillance by September 2013, which can store 100 years worth of electronic information, Binney's concerns that we are heading down the road to totalitarianism ring true.

Mark Klein (AT&T) A veteran of twenty-two years as an AT&T technician, Mark Klein left no doubt about the veracity of an NSA domestic spying program when he revealed how he found secret rooms at a switching center in San Francisco. And he had the documents and blueprints to prove it:

Klein says he collected 120 pages of technical documents left around the San Francisco office showing how the NSA was installing 'splitters' that would allow it to copy both domestic and international Internet traffic moving through AT&T connections with 16 other trunk lines. 'It’s gobs and gobs of information going across the Internet,' Klein says. President Bush has acknowledged he authorized the NSA to intercept the communications of people with known links to terrorist organizations 'into or out of the United States,' but that 'we’re not trolling through the personal lives of millions of innocent Americans.' Intelligence experts say the NSA has the means to filter out suspect communications with sophisticated machines that spot key words, names, addresses or patterns. Eventually, Klein says he decided to take his documents to the Los Angeles Times, to blow the whistle on what he calls 'an illegal and Orwellian project.' (Source)
Yet, the LA Times' editor Dean Baquet killed the story after speaking with Director of National Intelligence John Negroponte and Director of the NSA Gen. Michael Hayden. The story later appeared at the New York Times. Mark Klein recounts his version of events below and how he came to realize that he was "being forced to connect the Big Brother machine." It is worth noting that the Electronic Frontier Foundation has spearheaded lawsuits to reveal just what is being done to the American people, but courts recently ruled that warrantless wiretapping can continue.

Sibel Edmonds (FBI / 9/11) In the wake of 9/11, Edmonds was enlisted as a translator in the FBI language division to interpret wiretaps conducted inside the United States, having been born in Turkey and speaking several key languages. She describes the language division as "the highest security unit in the FBI." She has since become the most classified woman in history, and her efforts to uncover FBI criminality that included, "money laundering, narcotic activities, and nuclear black market converg(ing) with terrorist activities" led her to be pursued and persecuted to an incredible degree by the Justice Department under John Ashcroft and Robert Mueller invoking "state secrets." Her story is harrowing, to say the least; however, she sparked serious doubts among the general population regarding the 9/11 Commission Report -- and she hasn't stopped. To get a glimpse of the energy and tenacity of Sibel Edmonds, see the video trailer below for the whistleblower documentary "Kill The Messenger" which can be viewed in 5 parts starting HERE. More of her work can be found at Boiling Frogs. She also set up the National Security Whisleblower Coalition. And what is The American-Turkish council?

Susan Lindauer (CIA / 9/11) Susan was a former CIA asset who worked with the Libyan and Iraqi embassies prior to 9/11. Following that day, she began to reveal CIA complicity in Middle East heroin trafficking.
Lindauer also talked candidly about how Israel tried to buy U.S. Intelligence officers and Assets. For the first time on record, she revealed that a known Mossad agent tried to bribe her into handing over Iraq’s collection of banking records on Al Qaeda’s financial pipeline by phoning her home in Maryland while she was traveling in Baghdad, and promising to deliver a suitcase full of cash to any city in the world in exchange for the papers. (Source)
Susan subsequently became the second non-Arab citizen to be arrested under the Patriot Act, which culminated in a five-year indictment and near total prison lockdown for one year.
While in prison Susan was subjected to harsh conditions that would be considered torture in multiple countries. Contrary to what most Americans think, Susan and the other inmates in solitary confinement were only allowed outside once every TEN days and even then the actual amount of time outside was closer to thirty minutes. (Source)
In the video below she discusses her revelations about pre-9/11 warnings and all that followed, which eventually got published in her book Extreme Prejudice: The Terrifying Story of  the Patriot Act and the Cover-ups of 9/11 and Iraq.

Col. Anthony Shaffer (Military) -- Shaffer is an intelligence agent who claimed that there was deliberate stonewalling of information prior to 9/11 as part of what came to be known as Able Danger. Beyond that, he revealed a culture of infighting between intelligence agencies that, even taken at face value, is concerning for the American taxpayer. Shaffer published his account in Operation Dark Heart. The Department of Defense responded by purchasing the book's first, uncensored, 10,000 copy print run (with U.S. taxpayer dollars, by the way). He might have had something important to say. The video below touches upon what that might have been.

Joe Banister (IRS) -- In our article 10 Ways to Stop Being a Slave and Bring Down The Pyramids of Control, IRS resistance was presented last. Here are the questions we asked:
How can a machine be built without the funding to build it?  The entire prison system we see around us has been built with our own money. Did you authorize it? Did you authorize the preemptive wars, bank bailouts, corporate subsidies, the high-tech surveillance grid that enslaves you?
Special agent, Joe Banister, exposed the mechanics of what the IRS is and how fundamentally illegal and unconstitutional their tax collection policies and methods are. The system came down HARD on one of its own. His story is instrumental in understanding what happened to the next IRS whistleblower, Sherry Peel Jackson, who took exposure to a whole new level and was pursued ruthlessly for her revelations. The income tax we have been told to believe is a patriotic obligation is itself a complete fraud. The current tax code is 72,000 pages. It is complicated for a reason. If we can wake up to the foundations of this nightmare coercive system, we stand a great chance of restoring power into the hands of the people instead of a tiny few at the top of the pyramid. Caution is warranted, however: the IRS is ready, willing and able to lock you up for a longer term than human trafficking and child porn. So, proceed with caution, but keep courage close at hand. You can see Joe Banister with Ron Paul, below.

Bradley Manning  (Military) -- Manning allegedly transmitted state secrets to WikiLeaks:
Manning was arrested at forward operating base Hammer outside Baghdad on 27 May 2010 on suspicion of being the source of the biggest leak of confidential state documents in US history. He faces 22 charges relating to the transferal of hundreds of thousands of diplomatic cables, videos and war logs to the whistleblowing website.
Under the US military rule book, a soldier must be arraigned and his trial officially started within 120 days of him being put into captivity.
Should the trial kick off on 4 February next year, as it is currently scheduled to do, he will have been held for 983 days. (Source)
Bradley Manning's case and treatment is at the heart of a new U.S. government mission that equates the revealing of truth as aiding an abetting the enemy, which should serve as an indictment upon the system which pursues truth-tellers like Manning so vehemently. He only sought to expose the horrific "collateral damage" of the war in which he was enlisted, which has been properly retitled into "Collateral Murder." Due to his total lockdown, there is no video we can present of Bradley Manning speaking for himself, but the video he brought out to the public through WikiLeaks says it all:

Julian Assange and WikiLeaks -- Assange is in a category all his own due to heading up the whistleblower repository of WikiLeaks. It has been argued that Assange and WikiLeaks are controlled opposition, much the same as Anonymous; or is it just a global chess game?  Given the subsequent persecution of Assange that continues on without relent by the establishment, he seems to have more likely been a patsy who has served to demonize all manner of whistleblowing and intimidate anyone who would take center stage in an effort to bolster people such as those documented above. Very well-respected alternative news voices such as Max Keiser and Paul Craig Roberts insist that Assange is legitimate and should be given the Nobel Peace Prize rather than warmongers and corporate financiers.

Despite whistleblowers' explosive disclosures, the surveillance state has been normalized, as the House has voted to reauthorize the 2008 FISA Amendment Act. And, sadly, many whistleblowers who might have had even more to say have been assassinated by the system they were employed to serve. That alone should serve as a warning to those who have chosen to enter such employment, knowing the level of evil they contract with. The control structure is massive, and growing, so we must listen to the voices who courageously come forth to issue their concerns, especially when those of good conscience are being persecuted as never before.

So who did we miss? Add your own with links to the history of what has been revealed.

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Anonymous said...

True heroes of this nation, all of them.
If this country lives long enough, every one of them will be remembered like other past great Americans who had the courage to stand up for us all.

Anonymous said...

except Julian Assange, isn't American, he is Australian,,,and was no whistleblower,,,just a web page designer who had an idea

Anonymous said...

This is a great list. To anon above, whistleblowing isn't exclusively an American concept. There are scores of whistleblowers in different areas. But I think this list does cover the most "influential" - which was the title. Assange and what he created has been very influential.

Anonymous said...

I am a retired employee of the US Department of Defense, and worked as a “Federally Protected Whistle-blower” for over twenty years. I have lived and worked around the world, including remarkable stints in Japan, Bosnia and Hungary…as well as having been aboard Air Force One…so I have had a great experience and career.

However…that 20+ year part of my career was similar to being hazed at a college fraternity …only you knew the hazing was never going to stop…! I had made the mistake of telling the truth with regards to an internal criminal investigation, and then I recorded my boss telling me how pissed the government “Powers-that-be” were at me…and how they would “get me”! The man went on for a half-hour telling me how I’d never be promoted, my performance reviews would be altered, I would be transferred regularly… etc. This man had worked for the same agency for over 30 years…and when the phone on his desk rang the familiar double-ring…which meant it was from HQ down in Tokyo…the man would blanch, shake and quiver before he could pick up the phone…!

Anyway…I eventually forced the government to retire me under the ADA and their two-decade record of abuse directed towards myself and family…and now the same US Government Agency is trying to get out of their legal agreement with me…after I’m disabled and retired….so how’s that for honor and dignity within government operations?

The point is…the entire vast structure of the US Government is so corrupt, it will not hold much longer…I tried to tell my family that the degree of corruption I witnessed was just not some “bad-actors”…but was the systemic fashion in which government was planned, managed and run…by the corrupt souls in charge…! No one has wanted to hear that POV for the last forty years, and we are all known as “conspiracy theorists”…laughed at and ridiculed for decades…but check out your war-criminal country right now…the Patriot Act…The NDAA…indefinite detention…no Bill-of-Rights….? We could see all this coming years ago…and we have been trying to tell folks…!

Now…the greatest part of being an officially protected whistle-blower (which was a joke in real-life) …was the absolute worthlessness of that designation…because they abused me for over two-decades and there really isn’t much you can do…except fight, fight, fight and fight…..! So, from all of this detail you’d think I had access to the Atomic Launch Codes or something…but you want to know what my “protected whistle-blowing” activities were about…? I am the only WB in US Government history to be protected against abuse…for refusing to sell out-dated Burger King Whopper meat patties on the black market in Japan….Ha!....

Considering the idiocy of such a plan, you’d think the government would have been happy about my honesty…yet I was beat upon for years by upper-management…so what do you think they do to whistle-blowers who have really damaging information to disclose..?


RJ O’Guillory
Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

Anonymous said...

The American Elites including the Media did not say that it was terrible that over 50,000 American Soldiers died and over 150,000 American soldiers were injured, as a result of the Vietnam war that started with American Government lies, and so in future we will have to be extra truthful, because all American lives are precious to us American Politicians of both Political Parties.

The Serbian Football Association appears to have posted a Video accusing Danny Rose of lying, and I assume the Video shows every time that Danny Rose was in play, and it can be viewed at , unless someone changes the contents or location of the Video to try to discredit what I wrote.

Danny Rose was praised for not retaliating to abuse, but there does not appear to be any abuse.

A Video used by the English Titled: RACIST Monkey Chants against Danny Rose during England Vs Serbia FIFA Soccer football game, can be viewed at , and it is an uploaded Video onto the Internet from a Soccer Fan or a paid English Agent , and sound could have been added after the filming, or the Secret English Agent only had to make soft chants so close to the Camera, and no one could hear that because of the noise of the crowd.

The Matter is written at the Mail Online News Website at , and People on comments from reader further down that Webpage claim that that Rose made inappropriate unprovoked hand gestures to the crowd, in order to get a response so that he could claim that he was abused for racial reasons.

I believe that this was all stage managed to Slander Serbia because it coincidence conveniently coincides with the EU ‘Mediated’ Belgrade Pristina Talks.

The American led West has been Maliciously Slandering and Unjustly Demonization the Innocent Serbian People for decades.

Anonymous said...

Hats off and endless gratitude for whistleblowers everywhere.

As for Assange, I don't buy the notion that he is an unwitting patsy. Never forget his hostile attitude to the 9/11 Truth movement. There is far too much evidence of Assange's close ties to Establishment figures (including the fact that his lawyer works for the Rothschilds) for us to take him at face value. Also disappointing is the fact that during the period Assange was seeking asylum from Ecuador, Andrea Davidson, the former colleague of suicided Dr. David Kelly, was also seeking asylum from Ecuador, yet there was not one mention about her from Assange in his press interviews.

Anonymous said...

Assange? Do not think so. To me he is more like a MK-Ultra. Raised in a cult that used strange techniques, like all kids having to wear the same hairdo and other strange events. Could be more of a mind control victim.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Alright. I'm confused. What about Assange screams "corporate lackey!" ?? He built an organization which aims to air the truth, not more lies.

fishandroaches said...

Who has ever watched Susan Lindauer tell her fables and believed her? Talk about an obvious liar. What of her story has anyone ever been able to verify? Nothing, it's secret. How convenient. Her whole purpose is to run around pushing LIHOP theories purporting that terrorism is real. That's it. I am really surprised that so many people fall for her bull. Like anyone would use her ditsy ass as a "back channel" it's ridiculous. Assange and Schaefer are in the same boat as well but at least Schaefer gave us something.

Anonymous said...

So how are we supposed to tell who is a shill and who is legitimate?

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