It’s Official, “Anonymous” Hackers are Now Controlled Opposition

A hacking group claiming to be part of “Anonymous” has announced the successful takeover of Iran’s servers, which seems like a huge amount of work put into an agenda that seems to stray dramatically far away from their declared war on the Global Banking Cartel.

Eric Blair
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Raw Story is reporting today that the shadowy hacktivist group “Anonymous” has proudly announced that it has full control over Iran’s servers while releasing thousands of internal government emails.  After their manifesto declaring war on the international banking cartel, this turn against one of the only holdouts to joining that cartel raises speculation of their true intent.  Raw Story reports the motives as follows:

In a chat with Raw Story, members of Anonymous on the #OpIran server said they were leading the charge because they want Iranians to know they’re not alone in their struggle against the regime of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. 

…Apart from the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the hackers said they were targeting servers containing information about the Kahrizak detention center in Iran, a notorious site human rights campaigners have raised alarms about for years.

Anonymous released a video extolling their fight for the human rights work they’re doing for the Iranian people:

The extreme level of work and expertise that would have had to go into such a massive cyber takeover would surely be driven by a motive much greater than protecting human rights.  Especially given that regimes in Saudi Arabia and Israel have been far more brutal to their local civilian populations than Iran.

This claim reeks of a Western-backed scheme, as it’s obvious they have been desperate to figure out a way to get public support for regime change in Iran for decades.  And their intentions have nothing to do with democracy or human rights violations and everything to do with banking and oil control, and domination — both of which “Anonymous” has supposedly declared war on.

Anonymous has tipped their hand with this play and it will cost them huge credibility within the growing movement of fully aware protesters who truly know the score.  Iran is not the enemy of the global freedom movement, nor are they remotely an enemy of WikiLeaks, nor are they a threat to cyber infrastructure anywhere.  It’s obvious that sophisticated hackers have infiltrated Anonymous to incite more conflict with another non-aggressive oil-rich country.  In a strange coincidence, the Guardian reported today that 1 in 4 hackers is an FBI informant.

Or, perhaps, the Anonymous group has always been “controlled opposition.”  Either way, it’s clear they’ll have a role to play in the unfolding cyberwar — but it’s beginning to appear that they will work for the establishment.

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