Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Life Under Occupation by U.S. 'Drones, Death, and Terror'

Activist Post

Drone warfare and surveillance has expanded exponentially since their arrival in 2004 over Pakistan for use in targeted killings. Drones are just one of many vital issues for those who seek peace and freedom, but should be near the top of the "red alert" warnings for Americans, as not only have human rights groups and studies stated that they are instruments of state terror, but they have been embraced by Congress to create unfriendly skies over America as well.

Even the warmongering Brookings Institution has concluded that there are 10 civilians killed to every 1 "militant" in Pakistan alone.  Obama denies this, and a range of other documented evidence, when he states that only "precision strikes against al Qaeda and their affiliates" are undertaken. Obama has been an unrepentant murderer by employing drone strikes at his whim, and has even gone so far as to make jokes about their use. The truth is that at least 884 civilians, including 176 children have died in the North Waziristan region of Pakistan alone. These were innocent people where no war has even been declared.

As with all imperial endeavors and the accompanying treatment toward the targets "over there," drones are already having a boomerang effect upon the American people ... and we are literally paying for them to conduct surveillance on us, and perhaps one day kill us if they (autonomously) decide anyone is a threat to the State. The video below is a moving example of what this type of world looks like.

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Anonymous said...

Americans never think there are any consequences. It's the same system people, wake up! They don't value you any more than an Iraqi or Pakistani, they just have their priorities, but this shit is coming to America no question about it.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the previous comment. America WILL be on her knees (for a different reason this time)and we will suffer like never before. It's just basic Karma and common sense. What comes around indeed goes around. It's our turn America and I for one am ready.

Anonymous said...

That's right, Obama is an "unrepentant murderer" its time we start calling these "people" what they really are instead of president.

Anonymous said...

truly horrific

Anonymous said...

This proposal just shows how the USA and their corporations and big profiteers and Military machine, are getting, or have got sicker and sicker, in their continued and palpable pursuit of destroying peoples freedoms and privacy. Their mad pursuit of big profit, either commercial or private, knows no bounds and they will do everything in their sick, satanic and tyrannical ways, to control the people through devious methods and means to protect their sick establishment power and the 1 per cent. They will use all the excuses in the book such as protecting the Homeland to get these sinister Drones put into use and take away more of our liberty and privacy. Their mad military machine and it's political and private masters is out of control and needs to be stopped and reined in. The hegemony of the USA and the UK must be stopped.
When we view these charade,sham and hypocritical Presidential Republican or Democratic get togethers where the fairly rich, rich or super rich are cheering and waving their flags, we wonder if these morons really know what these candidates and the Mysterons underneath, who really rule the roost, are really doing, or are planning to do to their freedoms,liberties and Freedoms. Or are they really only interested in their continued solvent well off lifestyles and have not thought or desire to stop this attack on liberties and true freedoms on other people?
When we hear the plaintiff cries and speeches about so called American Freedoms and Liberties by these political types and their underlings, and it shows the Statue of Liberty on TV and in movies, it sickens and nauseates us, because it is pure propaganda and hypocrisy to pretend that they have got a true free and liberty state, when they are doing all this to the people , such as the police brutality on the OWS protesters and the continued, propose extended spy surveillance by these demon drones.

Anonymous said...

The story of Adnan Latif was a big wake up call for me. I knew there were human rights abuses going on at Guantanamo Bay, but Mr. Latif's story was the most personal account I've read. He was simply a victim of circumstance; in the wrong place at the wrong time. Never charged with a crime, he never did anything to justify being imprisoned. He'd been tortured & abused the entire time. He was supposed to be released (according to his lawyer), but instead, he died in prison on a hunger strike for his rights as an innocent man.

How many more innocent people will die in this futile and farcical war on terror? This is another issue that's influenced me NOT to vote for anyone. The only two people that have a chance of winning will support the murder of innocents.

I as an American, pray for the sins of this country, and that through the actions of those of us trying to right its wrongs will help assuage some of the karma that must invariably come.

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