Sunday, September 23, 2012

Activists and "Anarchists" are New Video Game Villains

JG Vibes
Activist Post

For years I have been writing about the increased propagandizing of video games, specifically first person shooters. Back in July the popular game Call of Duty announced their most recent villain as “the leader of the 99%”. Now it seems that this more overt approach to propaganda in video games is becoming a trend, as another new game has set up a storyline where the villains are violent terrorists who are labeled as “anarchists”.

On August 21, 2012 Valve Corporation and Hidden Path Entertainment released Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the most recent game in their “Counter Strike” series. One new addition to the “terrorist team” in this game is a group of machine gun wielding masked men called “the anarchists”. In the past the Counter Strike series has also vilified militias as terrorist groups, using the Midwest militia as their strawman.

According to Counter Strike enthusiasts the “new anarchist” team is most likely based on “punk teenager”, judging by the dialogue that takes place during the game. If that is the case, then this game is basically sending the message that so called “punk teenagers” who consider themselves “anarchists” are the bad guys, and not only are they the bad guys but they are actually terrorists who need to be hunted down and killed by the good guys.

Even if you don’t believe the subliminal and chemical implications of surrounding yourself with this media as I discussed in my article last year, you must at least admit that this storyline is crafted from the perspective of the ruling class, where anyone who rejects the status quo is a terrorist. It is possible that this is the result of the ruling class controlling the media, or maybe it can just be chalked up to the mainstream political narrative being so deeply entrenched in the minds of the programmers, although I highly doubt it’s that simple.

Whether or not the programmers explicitly know what they are doing, they are still effectively participating in the continuation of a propaganda campaign that has been waged for centuries. This is the propaganda campaign that makes people believe that there would be insanity and chaos without a group of all-knowing masters to keep the herds in line.

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iamlightagain said...

What do you call people in authority that send in the big guns to destroy peoples homes and then kill their innocent children, and then their mothers and fathers in sovereign foreign countries?
People in authority that get encouraged by the smell of blood then send out the drones on their own people and then call them the terrorist because you dare point the finger at them?
I have hesitated writing this for I will most certainly be called a terrorist, but it is time for good honest people to cast out all fear, and get some backbone, just remember that we hired them to make life better for us (what a big joke)!

Anonymous said...

I'm on the watch list in Australia cos I've been to 99% rallies.... for the following weeks, I was not so covertly photographed in my daily doings

Anonymous said...

Please look at Youtube videos regarding the history of Israel and the Arabs since 1948.

From King Farok to Gamel Nasser to Anwar Sadat and his assassination to Murbarak.

They know this generation has no clue.

We never looked at this. I hope you research this on Youtube

Anonymous said...

Any government fagots reading this??? FUCK YOU you fucking pussies!!!

Anonymous said...

This has been around since at least the first Command and Conquer.

Julia Riber Pitt said...


startrekmike said...

You are kinda foolish if you think Valve software is trying to send some sort of message, you are aware that this game is based on a modification for the older Valve title "Half-life" right?

That modification was user made and started the whole "terrorist Vs Special forces" theme that persists to this day with Counterstrike Global offensive.

The guys that made that mod, they were just normal folks, they did not represent a big company or anything like that, they did it on their own time.

No need to put a tin foil hat on for this one, there is no story here.

Anonymous said...

lol conspiritards are hilarious

Anonymous said...

they are fucking terrorists, look what they do at G-20 protests

u mad bro?

Anonymous said...

These are not just videos. since the fascist US government are ALL Terrorists, where these so called gangs called cis, fbi, hs, etc. are the terrorist criminals the victims worldwide have to take control and physically get rid of this trash. Start with the whore house brown house in washington, and eliminate this problem, that will eleminate 90% of the worlds problems as well as those living in the USA??

Ted Sheckler said...

Just want to say that Counter Strike has existed longer than your shitty website and nobody cares about this article except for retarded shitlords

Anonymous said...

You idiots don't know CS is completely corporate driven? Jackasses. And some people destroying rich peoples property are terrorists? This generation is fucking hopeless...

Anonymous said...

Dude you might have a point about the CoD thing, but not Counter Strike. Anarchists in CS are just another group you can play as. However, remember a few things: 1. It's a video game, specifically a first person shooter. There are a variety of groups known as "terrorists" in the game, now including anarchists. It makes sense because some anarchists could be legitimately considered terrorists, but not all. 2. They aren't saying anarchists are the villains, you are. The only reason the anarchists are in the "terrorists" category, is so they can fight government agents. It makes sense. Its a fun game. Also, before you go on about propaganda in video games, know that you probably could do that successfully if you went after games like CoD, considering its made by corporate giants. Valve on the other hand, probably has a bunch of employees who are anarchists, because they are just that awesome. Also they made HL2, a game where you become the leader of a struggling revolution against oppression to fight for Earth/freedom. Yeah, they are just shoveling the statist propaganda down our throats.

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