Friday, August 10, 2012

Tracking the NYPD's Full Spectrum "Ring of Steel"

photo credit: Staten Island Advance/Mark Stein
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Nicholas West
Activist Post

The site of the 9/11 inside job has now become the epicenter of a massive security state apparatus of citizen surveillance, harassment, and control. By utilizing biometrics, a massive city-wide camera system supplying real-time data to law enforcement, and a physical militarized presence that has turned the city into an armed encampment capable of shooting down planes; New York's surveillance city has no rival in the realm of Big Brother worship.

New York has become the testing ground for the implementation of military-level counterterrorism operations on American soil. According to a 60 Minutes interview with Commissioner Ray Kelly, he commands a force larger than the FBI, consisting of 35,000 uniformed officers and 15,000 civilian employees.

In the virtual world, the NYPD has created a social media unit to track pre-crime "criminal language" on Twitter and Facebook, as well as openly announcing a coordinated effort between Microsoft and NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg to bring actual pre-crime software and technologies into the everyday lives of New Yorkers through their Domain Awareness System. A newly released, eloquently delivered video below by Cryptome puts these developments in their full context.

Deborah Natsios and John Young of Cryptome offer a digital multimedia presentation of original cartography, animations, video, and architectural documentation that explores the urban implications of the NYPD One Police Plaza Security Plan - a.k.a. Ring of Steel.

With its militarized jurisdiction mobilizing through technologies of command, control, communications, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance, the Ring of Steel has declared itself an iconic public space for our time. (source for previous two paragraphs: YouTube video description).

As summarized by Deborah Natsios: The public domain has now become a Threatscape - a full spectrum response system to all potential security risks - "the new utopia of an anonymity free city where each sovereign subject is identified and every outlaw is tracked in perpetuity."

Please visit the essential public database at Cryptome to see the latest in government documents, cables and more.


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Anonymous said...

Wow, what an intelligent presentation - the folks at Cryptome are top notch - great post!

Anonymous said...

Funny how the main centers of global finance, London and New York City, also happen to be the early adopters of Big Brother's for-your-safety utopia.

Anonymous said...

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In That the WORD TERM Sovereign merely means: One Blessed by the Creator To Have the ability to Decide for His or Her Self on this Planet as True Voluntary Servants to the Omnipotent CREATOR of the Heavens the One TRUE SOVEREIGN
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