Sunday, August 26, 2012

Legalize Weed Campaigns Crushing Opposition in Fundraising

Eric Blair
Activist Post

A sensible approach to dealing with marijuana is finally upon us. Three states: Colorado, Washington and Oregon, will be voting this November to regulate marijuana sales in the same way as alcohol.

Campaigns for ballot measures in two of these states, Amendment 64 in Colorado and Initiative 502 in Washington state, have raised a combined $3 million -- far outpacing the opposition according to Reuters.

Supporters in Colorado have a war chest of around $1 million, while Washington has about $2 million to educate the public with TV and radio ads like the ones below:

Ad in support of I-502 in Washington:

New jingle in Colorado:

Oregon's Measure 80 - The Oregon Cannabis Tax Act, which only recently officially qualified for the ballot, is still lagging behind in fundraising with around $1000 in funds.

Meanwhile, opponents of these measures are struggling to keep 'reefer madness' alive. Opponents in Colorado have only raised $40,000.  It seems it is no longer viable to claim that throwing people in cages for consuming a beneficial plant is the best approach.

Besides having favorable fundraising advantages, recent polls show comfortable majorities support these measures with 61% in Colorado and 55% in Washington in favor of legalizing and regulating pot.

They have also drawn support from a wide variety of influential people and groups from pastor Pat Robertson to the NAACP.

These figures indicate that for the first time states have a realistic chance of fully legalizing marijuana. Clearly, if these ballot measures are successful, the flat-earthers in the federal government will have a tough decision to make.

Since the federal government still comically classifies marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug, supposedly as dangerous as crack and heroin and with no medical benefits, it continues to unsuccessfully wage war against this flower.

When these measures pass, either the Feds can respect democracy, states rights and the Tenth Amendment of the Constitution, or they can continue to tyrannically stomp their jackboot on the face of commonsense progress.

What do you think will happen?

To support these measures financially, please give what you can by clicking on the links below:
Measure 80 in Oregon
Amendment 64 in Colorado
Initiative 502 in Washington

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Anonymous said...

The thugs, er politicians that run this country don't care what voters think.

Anonymous said...

I think this is good, but it is bad because they will make it so we can't grow our own. somehow. they definitly won't like that. this will become another commodity that will be controlled and taxed to the detriment of the people. who knows but it could eventually be a controlled substance AKA Monsanto. Legal But Deadly. I think we should legalize it and aslo allow individuals to grow their own. Once there is legalization. i think they won't allow that. hope i am wrong on that.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately "the same as alcohol" means it will be heavily taxed and the looted money wasted.

Anonymous said...

I think Eisenhower and Einstin were both great men, like Marconi or Tesla. What. Niel Armstrong dead, at 82?

Anonymous said...

Can the Republic afford to have it's citizens smoking marijuana? Is it good for a so-called democracy to have it's citizens taking a drug that helps them think outside the "box"? Will it lead to the downfall of the Republic? Since there are already a whole lot of people smoking this stuff; I would say no. Legalization will not bring down the Republic. It might free up some jail space, and let some urban youth go free along with some Hippie marijuana farmers. It's bad for the prison business though. Maybe the prison guards can becom revenue agents. I think you could still grow your own like you can make your own wine or beer.

Anonymous said...

Don't fool your selves in believing the families who control this nation & many others will let the 1000's plus uses of Hemp, Pot or Hash become legal. The war on drugs is a trillion dollar business the US banking cartel will not give up. You will get a little lea way, but that's it!

Anonymous said...

First commenter said,

"I think this is good, but it is bad because they will make it so we can't grow our own. "

There's nothing stopping you from growing your own. But I have to call it like I see it, I am in bad enough health that I can't grow my own, other people I know do not have space to grow their own. Bottom line is when I go in to buy an edible or some flowers, I don't care that I didn't grow it or manufacture the edibles. Already it's high end lab testing and food packaging service technology entering into play.

Most of these states are ten years behind the type of discussions we are having in California. Who in Illinois for example is going to bring up the subject of trying CBD drops on an epileptic child? hmmm? like I said these states have left the issue so backwardian, because it's still not even come out from the underground. At this point if my collective/dispensary/co-op (or whatever you call it) was to close...I would be in bad shape, never in my life have I ever grown flowers that rival what I NEED, and as far as the edibles, it would be REAL BAD.. I have no clue how to make such items, there are also salves, creams, oils, etc. Good luck figuring out how to do that in your garage, while your sick, while you have no lab-tested product, until you grow it and get it tested. Does it cost a little bit to do this, yeah it costs. So what, it's MEDICINE.

A hint for the curious, it isn't just about smoking pot anymore. It isn't just about high THC. You have your Indica, your Sativa and your Hybrids. You have THC, CBD, and many other acronyms more than I know. THC and CBD being important in deciding which medicine to chose roughly. The other thing to remember is it is Medicine, should be treated with the same respect as people leaving a pharmacy. When was the last time you saw an DEA Swat Team raid on Kaiser Permanente's pharmacy, doctors, and patients?!!

This is what it feels like to get my medicine.

You can't fucking tell me that doesn't cause stress.

What if your Dad had to have heart medication from CVS and risk DEA raids every time for a re-fill?

The lies going around on crap tv are outrageous as well.

Ya don't have gang fights outside of the pharmacy, and also you don't have gang fights outside of the dispensary. The extra security actually helps in "rougher" neighborhoods, and in some places brings MORE BUSINESS.

Another Anonymous (4th down) said,
"Don't fool your selves in believing the families who control this nation"

They've about lost control eh? something's about to snap. The ponzi rigged monetary system, war, pollution, nuke accidents? I don't really give a fuck what those families say. They sure didn't do a very good job up to date, why the fuck should I give a shit what they say? Fuck them.

Anonymous said...

I listened to the video...where, on earth, did she get the idea that marijuana is distributed by gangs? I fear, the people who are making the decisions about legalizing marijuana, don't know much about it. I am all for legalization, but at who's benefit? Government, that's who. You KNOW this will not open the door to medicinal cannabis. Big Pharma will just not allow it since it's a natural cure for cancer, and they won't be able to make profits from it.

Anonymous said...

Once the supercomputers record the synapse code of your paranoid state while you are high, then the NSA can recreate this state as needed with increased heart palpitation and sweating for effect at any needed time. Beware the matrix is watching and they will use drugs against you. So repent and miss the wrath coming on the whole world. More shielding tips - refuse the mark!

John Wernz said...


John Wernz said...

I do not use marijuana. 30 + years ago I did and then took up natural organic foods, wholistic therapies, many types of fitness regimes, acquired a career that only created benefit and good, and felt the marijuana then became an obstacle in my continuing physical, mental, emotion, spiritual, etc. development. I am in full support of intelligent legalization of hemp due to it's immense vast and incredible potentials for human economic, cultural, and personal good. From it's use in the production of food, livestock feed, vehicular fuel, ... all as a replacement of centralized agricultural anti-environmentism.. to replacing low value and terribly expensive chemical medication with something so much better. I will never use it again, but the detriment from it's present legalization compared to it's benefits is just too great to tolerate by those conscious and aware.

Anonymous said...

Obama hasn't done anything either way. He stated before that he is in favor of decriminalization and I believe that should he win, we just might get that. Too many people are in jail or now are felons and that must be fixed. Legalization will only move it to schedule II which does NOTHING for those who want to grow it - it is still in a dangerous drug category. BUT, that will ALLOW big Pharma to grow, encapsulate, sell it - just NOT us. It would have to go to Schedule V to be of any use for us. The STATES that are controlled by the New Right Extremists are the ones calling the Feds in and totally destroying the bills that we the people voted for and Obama did say that he would come in IF IF IF the state asked them to - it's federal law to comply. We need to get rid of these Extremists in States and we would have been fine with our Medical Marijuana laws; but, NO....the New Right IS 600+corporations that are people now and are ruining our lives!!

Anonymous said...

The jackbooted FEDS backed by the money laundering banksters will turn their guns on all you peaceniks very soon. You won't be ready. You will not be permitted to threaten their livelihood

Anonymous said...

I say let the people smoke.

Anonymous said...

... can only agree with you. There is some hidden agenda. Almost like getting all to identify themselves and then making a big stomp out. Cannot trust them and cannabis is everything they dont want and is cannabis is contrary to the system.

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