Legalize Weed Campaigns Crushing Opposition in Fundraising

Eric Blair
Activist Post

A sensible approach to dealing with marijuana is finally upon us. Three states: Colorado, Washington and Oregon, will be voting this November to regulate marijuana sales in the same way as alcohol.

Campaigns for ballot measures in two of these states, Amendment 64 in Colorado and Initiative 502 in Washington state, have raised a combined $3 million — far outpacing the opposition according to Reuters.

Supporters in Colorado have a war chest of around $1 million, while Washington has about $2 million to educate the public with TV and radio ads like the ones below:

Ad in support of I-502 in Washington:

New jingle in Colorado:

Oregon’s Measure 80 – The Oregon Cannabis Tax Act, which only recently officially qualified for the ballot, is still lagging behind in fundraising with around $1000 in funds.

Meanwhile, opponents of these measures are struggling to keep ‘reefer madness’ alive. Opponents in Colorado have only raised $40,000.  It seems it is no longer viable to claim that throwing people in cages for consuming a beneficial plant is the best approach.

Besides having favorable fundraising advantages, recent polls show comfortable majorities support these measures with 61% in Colorado and 55% in Washington in favor of legalizing and regulating pot.

They have also drawn support from a wide variety of influential people and groups from pastor Pat Robertson to the NAACP.

These figures indicate that for the first time states have a realistic chance of fully legalizing marijuana. Clearly, if these ballot measures are successful, the flat-earthers in the federal government will have a tough decision to make.

Since the federal government still comically classifies marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug, supposedly as dangerous as crack and heroin and with no medical benefits, it continues to unsuccessfully wage war against this flower.

When these measures pass, either the Feds can respect democracy, states rights and the Tenth Amendment of the Constitution, or they can continue to tyrannically stomp their jackboot on the face of commonsense progress.

What do you think will happen?

To support these measures financially, please give what you can by clicking on the links below:
Measure 80 in Oregon
Amendment 64 in Colorado
Initiative 502 in Washington

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