Thursday, August 9, 2012

Government media sugar coats recent high explosive solicitation and then DHS hides the request

James Smith, Contributor
Activist Post

Just hours after the PPRN News published the story of the request by the Department of Homeland Security / Transportation Safety Administration, Jacob Goodwin, Editor-in-Chief of Government Security News released an article explaining how innocuous and safe this request is.
The invitation to bid is a 100% small business set-aside opportunity, and prospective vendors have until August 13 to submit their bids. Delivery of the explosives, which must be packed in bags, is required within 15 days, says the TSA notice. 
The RDX and ammonium nitrate will be sent to the William J. Hughes Technical Center in Atlantic City, NJ. 
'TSA’s National Explosives Detection Canine Team Program prepares dogs and handlers to serve on the front lines of America’s War on Terror,' says the agency’s Website. 'These very effective, mobile teams can quickly locate and identify dangerous materials that may present a threat to transportation systems. Just as important, they can quickly rule out the presence of dangerous materials in unattended packages, structures or vehicles, allowing the free and efficient flow of commerce.'
It was as if Mr Goodwin was sent out to provide a cover for the purchase. It just seems such a safe, valid reason. Sugar coated for public consumption. Arsenic covered in chocolate will still kill, regardless how sweet the taste.

Several new issues have come to light.

First and foremost, the solicitation has been removed from the list of DHS requests. Simply putting the solicitation in the FBO search engine, or RDX or Ammonium Nitrate will fail to yield any results, as evidenced by this screen grab.

This behavior by the TSA to conceal the solicitation was first highlighted in a story we ran earlier this week.

And, again, in order to find the request, Google was able to retrieve it from the dark shadows of the Government Memory Hole. Thank you, Mr. Obama, for giving us the most transparent administration in history. However, I believe the word you should have used was OPAQUE. Thankfully, the FedBid Marketplace had a copy of the request, image below.

Secondly, one of the most troubling aspects of the request is the amount of time that the company must deliver the material. The bid opened on 8 August, and closes 5 days later. Typically, bids run much longer and materials are usually due within sixty days after the close of the bid. But this bid closes next Monday, the 13th, and must be delivered within eighteen days after that. The speed to complete this request could be justified if the solicitation was being made at the end of the fiscal year, in September. But that is still seven weeks away. Haste makes waste. What does the DHS/TSA plan on laying waste to?

And finally, history again serves as our teacher. Further reading has found that many times in recent memory the amounts of explosives used in terror attacks around the world have been approximately one half ton, the amount suited to fill a small minivan. India, Afghanistan, and other terror-cell laden nations have had their peace breached by the use of high explosives.

I’m reminded of the TV series, Jericho that ran for two seasons on CBS. The perpetrator of the nuclear attacks was none other than the head of Homeland Security. I certainly hope that the reality does not follow fantasy.

Again, what does DHS/TSA plan on laying waste to? A building? A dam? A monument? The Constitution? Freedom and Liberty?

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James is a father of four and grandfather to four. He and his wife of almost 30 years have been prepping since 2003. They live in a small town, with neighbors as close as 10 feet away and have raised chickens for 2 years covertly on less than 1/5 of an acre. He is a former corrections officer, insurance fraud investigator, and he served in the Navy for 6 years. He currently works for a corporation dealing with the disabled population and their benefits. He is the host of The Covert Prepper show and the Prepper Podcast Radio Network News, both heard on Blogtalk Radio.


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Anonymous said...

Nice save there, TSA. Getting caught with your pants down and all, and then trying to cover it up as though no one saw your fat bloated rotting ass just hanging there you bloody knobs. What a disgrace to the human race these people are. I hope all their plans fail and fail miserably.

Nice work as usual, James. Keep up the good work, mate.

Anonymous said...

Is “Uncle” planning another 9/11 surprise for us? I’d be suspicious of anything these “agencies” do since DHS along with FEMA are major players in implement the NWO.

What is the William J. Hughes Technical Center Laboratory Facility?

[quote]The William J. Hughes Technical Center Laboratory Facility is a unit inside DOT's Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).[/quote]

Interestingly, there was a recent fire at this facility which means that they are probably undergoing renovations rather. This reminds me of the WTC and Pentagon renovations which were completed before 9/11. There is technology available that allows one to incorporate the explosives right into the building material.

It would be interesting to know who the insurance carrier involved in this incident.

[quote]EGG HARBOR TOWNSHIP, N.J. (AP) - Federal officials say a fire earlier this year at a vital airport technical center in southern New Jersey caused at least $2.2 million in damage.[/quote]

Follow the money…

[quote]Catastrophe Bonds (also known as cat bonds) are risk-linked securities that transfer a specified set of risks from a sponsor to investors.[/quote]

[quote]Aluminum powder: Powdered aluminum is used in paint and in pyrotechnics such as solid rocket fuels and thermite.

Ammonium percholate: This is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula of NH4C1O4. It is the salt of ammonium and percholate.

SMACSONIC is a visco-elastic layer recently developed by SMAC to reduce vibrations and induced noise created by a structure. This material, which is claimed to be a modified rocket fuel, is an effective, light and compact high tech insulation against thermal, sound and vibration used in airplanes, helicopters, vehicles, electronic containers, machines, trains and possibly buildings.

It is alleged to have been used in the Twin Towers as insulation surrounding the elevator shafts after the elevators were upgraded prior to 911. SMACSONIC is also used in Boeing, Bombadier and Airbus aircraft as an insulating material.

A combination of nano-powder (Al) and rust (Fe2O3) will result in thermite. Thermite and sulfur/copper as an igniter will result in thermate which can reach a temperature of 4300 Fahrenheit in 4 seconds and liquefies steel. The Iraq Survey Group (ISG) 2003-2004 report indicated 66 tons of missing aluminum powder and 356 tons of ammonium perchlorate from Iraq stores.[/quote]

[quote]The scientific paper Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe conclusively shows the presence of unignited aluminothermic explosives in dust samples from the Twin Towers, whose chemical signature matches previously documented aluminothermic residues found in the same dust samples.[/quote]

[quote]Not only is it the most powerful entity in the United States, but it was not even created under Constitutional law by the Congress. It was a product of a Presidential Executive Order. The organization is called FEMA, which stands for the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

It Oliver was also provided with the task of being a federal co-ordinating body during times of domestic disasters, such as earthquakes, floods and hurricanes. Its awesome powers grew under the tutelage of people like Lt. Col. Oliver North and General Richard Secord, the architects on the Iran-Contra scandal and the looting of America's savings and loan institutions.[/quote]

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