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Empire State Building shooting victim: police were ‘shooting randomly’

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David Shankbone
Madison Ruppert, Contributor
Activist Post

The tragic recent shooting in New York City has taken another strange turn with one of the nine innocent bystanders shot by officers of the New York Police Department alleging that the police were actually “shooting randomly” into the busy street.

The incident appeared at first to be another in a line of recent shootings until it emerged that the police were actually directly responsible for the vast majority of the violence, injuring nine people.

Thankfully, the police did not mortally wound any of the innocent bystanders, but they still unloaded a whopping 14 rounds between them before killing Jeffrey Johnson, the fired accessories designer who murdered his former boss Steve Ercolino.

According to New York City Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, “it appears that all nine of the victims were struck either by fragments or by bullets fired by police.”

After the shooting first occurred on Friday, August 24, 2012, it was unclear if it was Johnson or the officers who were responsible for the nine bystanders left bleeding on the sidewalk but based on the ballistic and other evidence, it appears that Kelly is now quite certain who fired the rounds.

Now one of the wounded pedestrians, named Robert Asika, has accused the police of “shooting randomly” into the street, which is a quite serious allegation indeed.

Asika was unlucky enough to be shot in the elbow by one of the police officers from a mere eight feet away while he was selling tickets for tour buses and the Empire State Building’s observation deck.

He started only a week ago after being unemployed for more than a year and did not hesitate to criticize how the police handled the incident, saying, “If you’re gonna aim try and aim perfectly. If you wanna aim at the target, you got to know what you’re doing because it’s the street. I could have been dead right now. I could have been dead.”

“I was just standing there and I saw people running. I didn’t want to run because I wanted to know why people were running so I turned around and I saw this guy,” Asika continued, referring to Johnson.

“He was suited up, he had like a tie and a briefcase. If you see him, you’d probably think he was like a doctor, or maybe a lawyer, a business guy,” said Asika. “He just looked like a normal guy.”

Asika witnessed this soon after Johnson murdered 41-year-old Ercolino with whom he “had a history of workplace squabbles” before being fired, at one point they even “grappled physically in an elevator.”

According to police, three people were hit by whole bullets while the rest of the nine victims were grazed by what Kelly called “fragments of some sort.”

Officer Craig Matthews fired seven of the bullets while Officer Robert Sinishtaj fired nine and interestingly enough, both officers had never discharged their weapon on patrol before.

There does not seem to be any reports of the two officers, both 15-year veterans of the NYPD, being suspended or having any action taken against them as of yet.

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William said...

About 30 minutes before two people were shot dead and nine were injured near New York’s Empire State Building, the mayor of America’s largest city was on the radio talking again about guns.

Anonymous said...

trigger happy mofo-s nypd

Anonymous said...

Nice shooting Tex!

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when you carry but you don't train.

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg keeps the psychotic fear machine rolling about "Terrorists in the streets" when it is flagrantly proven fact that his own NYPD is the main Terrorist Cell of NYC. Taxpayer dollars makes EVERY Taxpayer a criminal for supporting a Terrorist Organization.

Anonymous said...

The Terrorists are THE COPS. The ENEMY is The Government. The SOLUTION is to FIRE Them ALL. Face It, Once THEY have The Guns we are ALL FARGED.

Anonymous said...

Dale opines:

So much for the fraudulent argument that if only more people carried guns, these mass murders would be stopped early on. Apparently, more guns, even in the hands of trained professionals, means more violence, not less.

Apparently the evidence of 35 peer nations with strict guns laws, far fewer guns, and no loopholes,
which shows that gun homicides can be reduced up to 99% (as in Japan, the UK, Spain, and Austria) compared to the US, where 40% of weapons are bought privately or at gun shows without background checks, unregulated, to terrorists, gangsters, and pscyhos.

30,000 gun deaths a year in the US, which has 1/3 of all private guns on the planet. By comparison, Japan has 2-11 gun murders per year, last year the UK had 39, Spain and Austria had fewer than 100, and Germany, with 25 million guns, had 250. The US had 9,000, down by 50% since the Brady Act of 1994 but still 80-99% more than all other developed nations (with one exception, Russia, where, as in the US, assault weapons (the favorite of mass murderers), are legal.

More guns means more shooting, more violence. Perhaps we should try the proven method of strict gun laws, no assault weapons, strict enforcement, no bullying by the gun lobby. It works. It saves lives. The fear that 30,000 gun deaths a year (650 are accidental) produces makes the US the least safe, least free (will you let your daughter walk down the street at night in an American city?), of all advanced nations. One in 284 Americans will die by gun. We have the most gun deaths and the most prisoners of any nation on earth. This is not freedom. And more guns, which the fear promotes, only make things worse, as the police shootings in NY demonstrate.

Anonymous said...

Australia warns us the loss of their liberty has resulted in the loss of lives when their guns were confiscated. Home invasions up 21%, armed robbery up 69%.

The Swiss are required to have a firearm in the event of war and guns are a healthy part of their lives with one of the world's lowest crime rates.

When England enacted a gun ban, the black market moved in quickly and violence moved up sharply.
"The failure of this general disarmament to stem, or even slow, armed and violent crime could not be more blatant. According to a recent UN study, England and Wales have the highest crime rate and worst record for "very serious" offences of the 18 industrial countries surveyed.

Anonymous said...

Why do cities with the strictest gun laws have the highest crime rates? Why did our own government run guns, including assault weapons to Mexico without the knowledge of the Mexican government? Why is our own government stocking up and hoarding millions of rounds of ammo?

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