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Divide and Conquer by Domestic Terrorism: Progressives Take the Bait

Recent shootings turn progressives into proponents of fighting "domestic extremism". Be careful what you wish for.
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Eric Blair
Activist Post

Progressives are generally empathetic to the suffering of others, which is their most admirable quality. Like all Americans, progressives should be saddened by the recent Batman shooting in Aurora and the Sikh temple shooting in Wisconsin.

Yet, establishment media outlets are quick to blame these incidents on right-wing ideology in a clear attempt to divide and conquer the domestic population.

Comments like "Enough is enough, it's time to ban guns!" echoed beneath countless articles and Facebook posts. Headlines like Right-wing extremist terrorism more dangerous than al Qaeda were featured on CNN. These are dead giveaways to how the agenda is playing out.

These tragic events, whether genuine or staged, are clearly being used to drum up support for more gun control and domestic surveillance of Americans. Progressives seem blinded by their sympathy for the innocent victims to see that they are being played against their fellow Americans, and they are literally begging for their rights to be removed.

Well, not their rights, just the rights of potentially dangerous extremists which all of their think tank literature tells them are liberty lovers, defenders of the Constitution, returning veterans, gun owners, and so on.

Since average progressives don't fall into these categories, they seem happy to call for the destruction of their rights in the land of the free. Much like most Americans went along with the USA PATRIOT Act after 9/11 because they were told only foreign Muslims would be spied on and indefinitely detained without charges. Only after the passage of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) did Americans realize that these tactics were actually intended for domestic civilians.

Now that their beloved Peace-Prize president is openly providing support to Al Qaeda, first in Libya and now in Syria, it was imperative to redirect the vast anti-terrorism apparatus to a credible new enemy.  Right-wing extremists fit the bill perfectly, as they have been predictably programmed to take on that role for some time.

After numerous thwarted "lone wolf" terrorist plots were proven to be FBI patsies and the Fast and Furious government gun-running scandal was proven to be staged to attack gun rights, whoever is coordinating these sinister plots needed real blood to move their agenda forward.

To non-partisans who have been paying close attention to these events, this has become all too obvious. It has led to an immediate belief that these recent "lone wolf" shootings were in fact staged, of which there is plenty of evidence to suggest this is true.  But none more so than what these events are being used for politically.

It has led to dangerous 'group think' that allows otherwise decent people to not only accept but to demand previously unthinkable punishments like torture and outright murder.

Is it fair to broad brush conservatives as "dangerous extremists" because of these events? Shall we consider all progressives to be dangerous because a progressive president drone bombs innocent civilians in sovereign nations and assassinates American citizens without due process?

Empathy is one of the most commendable traits a person can have. But a truly empathetic person understands that what you do to others is what you're doing to yourself.  In other words, when you demand that people with a different ideology be treated differently then yourself, you aren't empathetic, you're vengeful. And, ultimately, what you wish to happen to them is exactly what you'll get in return.

Because you were okay with indefinitely detaining insurgents without Habeas Corpus, you got it too.  Because you're okay with wiretapping international communications to fight "terror", you got it too. Because you're okay with drones killing by remote control, you got it too. Because you're okay with preemptive undeclared war, you got it too. Because you're okay with stopping illegal immigration with warrantless checkpoints, show us your papers please. Since you think entire groups are to blame for isolated events, you now have the TSA groping or radiating your children. And on and on....

This will continue until both sides of the false political spectrum realize they are being played against each other by a ruthless force that does not care about any ideology except more power and control. They know exactly which emotional buttons to push to get you to relinquish more control to them.

In fact, if you're scared or angry enough, you'll beg for it like you're doing now for more "gun control" and more "surveillance" of your fellow Americans.  Be careful what you wish for, you'll likely get it.

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Blair,

I just read your article and I am incredibly disappointed by your fear-fueled rhetoric.

I guess we shouldn't be concerned about white supremacists targeting Sikhs. I knew a Sikh couple and they were targeted after 9/11 because ignorant people thought they were Muslim terrorists. They even thought about 'Westernizing' their appearance so they wouldn't be targeted. I'm glad they didn't let the fear win and they are doing well despite the uneducated who know nothing about their beliefs.

I know the end is nigh and your preparing for martial law, but these killings are done by people who are mentally unbalanced or are fueled by hate against certain groups. A main problem is that the shooters get their 15 minutes of fame and that creates a chain reaction of copy cats. If you think I'm off-base then look at school shooters and airplane hijackers, etc.

But you see the problem with 'Progressives'. Let's stop with the stamping and labeling of people and understand that this country is very conservative and the radical but ignorant majority is a myth. People understand that individuals have a right to own guns, but ownership brings responsibility. Selling guns brings responsibility as well.

The problem from my perspective is the EXTREME right wing that deflects attention to their fear mongering and anti-Jewish rhetoric. The extreme right wing is a problem because they use terms like Mossad and Zionism and Israel to promote their anti-Jewish stance. They see no problem with owning a stockpile of weapons for the upcoming race war or religious war or martial law event of the week. I hate to be the spoiler, but that's not going to happen. The Chinese, Israelis, and UN will not be sending a tank down your street anytime soon.

Keep pumping out your articles of fear and misinformation and the rest of us will live a peaceful and productive life while treating each other with kindness and respect. It's safe to go outside, Mr. Blair.

- Somebody Somewhere

singularity said...

Fear fueled rhetoric? Wow, that's missing the boat by a mile. At no point in this article was there any fear mongering, unless one defines insightful observations as inciting fear. How disingenuous to insinuate that people who are concerned about a KNOWN HISTORY of false flags used to manipulate public policy have no sympathy for victims of violence.

What about the empire's victims in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and now Syria? Are they not also deserving of our concern? Their suffering demands of us that we consider the bigger picture of tyranny and how tools of deception and propaganda used to subjugate nations around the world are now being brought home to erect a police state.

Finally, let us please dispense with the Establishment's warped definitions of liberal and conservative. A true liberal or progressive would fight tooth and nail against the destruction of our civil liberties. Instead, we have neoliberals commanding the stage for the Democratic party who have no problem with "free speech zones", warrantless wiretapping, assassinations, and the suspension of habeas corpus.

Neither is our country "conservative" but instead devolving into neoconservative warmongering fascism. The neocons who dominate the Republican party have no love for the Constitution, national sovereignty, a truly free market, and transparent government. This is antithetical to traditional conservatism.

Ironic that America's founding fathers, brilliant men of the enlightenment, believed gun rights were essential to preserve freedom from government tyranny and these men who treasured the civil liberties they bestowed on us were truly 18th century radicals and would today be considered 21st century reactionaries.

Being wise requires great perspective and that's exactly what Eric Blair demonstrated in this article. Thank you, Mr. Blair.

EIA said...

@Anonymous (Somebody Somewhere):
Save that comment for citations as the days go by; it may prove a useful journal of error. Does it alarm you that our military places individuals into Army Psychological Operations who are not intelligent enough to distinguish Indian from Arab? Not that it's worth debating, but since you mentioned it, it does seem it may be dubious procedure. But maybe the Oak Creek shooter new very well the difference and did not care. I am also confused in regard to what "groups" in the Aurora instance show specific characteristics other than, e.g. 'movie watchers', etc., that fit into any theory of racism. I make no argument that such individuals are not "mentally unbalanced"; I could say much worse my self. But I wish you had expounded more on your reference to "airplane hijackers" and "etc.". Do you have examples of rashes of copy-cat hijackers? Seems to me that it's not been a popular hobby over the last decade - and we arguably have yet-undetermined factors awaiting analysis for the last event.
As for your alleged antisemitic rhetoric - the ADL seems to be doing a fine job keeping that under control. Even senators must resign for so much as hinting in that direction, even when their intentions are not racist. I dare say, the Jewish community enjoys an enormous amount of well-deserved support today. If anything, we might try an even more-open debate on that subject, with of course, some reasonable guidelines. Might I suggest the topic of Israeli racism? Palestine? African-Israeli citizens? I'm open. Though racism is a pervasive issue in many places, you might not have highlighted the US without good reason; the US at the national/government level could easily be indicted for a severe case of broad-spectrum racism, i.e. see: Foreign Affairs, domestic prison industry, etc.
Oddly, I wish you were right. I'd rather the author be a little paranoid and suffering over-speculation than any of it be true. However, there is something like a torrent of data suggesting otherwise. He isn't the only person alarmed - and if you think The Alarmed are limited only to the frightened and fear-mongering, I urge you to see just slightly beyond your own imagination and peer into reality for a moment. On the most objectively arranged scale of problems I can conceive, everyone has not just reason, but COMPULSION to be deeply concerned with our near future and current events. On that scale, you'll definitely find "extremists", but you will have to look so far through the deep pit of cancer-tattered, war-torn, poverty-ridden, shark-bitten and divided assortment of afflicted individuals, that you'll probably cry to death before getting to those who've been grazed by "extremism". But the television does bring us very close very quickly to its desired destination.
Surely we have an issue with extremists in the country, as do other countries. It is something to be prepared for and it is a problem which must be addressed. But it also must dealt with in proportion, lest we surrender our minds to hysteria and misdirection. However, you may want for your own good to continue avoiding the autonomous reality beyond your imagination -- for it may be shattering to discover who the truly formidable extremists really are and what they are prepared to do. There has been no scientific evidence to date which has illustrated a particular geographical or ethnic criteria for tyranny. There are, however, some historical trends that strongly suggest its possible return. What would prevent a Stalin, Pot, Hitler, or any other tyrannical force from erupting right here is something you simply can neither articulate or describe, especially without applying racism. What should be acknowledgeable by any rational mind is that the structure currently being implemented by the US government - a government which is hostile to transparency, favorable to war, hypocritical, bankrupt, and facing collapse of its society - is very conducive to the article.

EIA said...

I couldn't help but to beg pardon for the maimed and hideous post above. The character limitation of approximately 4000 forced me to contort and squash the original into a substantially smaller response which I did largely with the backspace and by removing words throughout the reply. It's probably a good limitation though, helping to keep articles above rather than below ;)

and obviously "new" = knew. Ditto for other typos.

Next time I guess I'll just keep it simple, especially since it seems to hold a higher rate of success. I'll say: "You're either with us or the (insert popular adversary here)."

KDelphi said...

Well, I get too much mail anyway....see y'all...

arthurdecco said...

The US government is an occupied territory as much as the West Bank is.

Anonymous said: "The problem from my perspective is the EXTREME right wing that deflects attention to their fear mongering and anti-Jewish rhetoric. The extreme right wing is a problem because they use terms like Mossad and Zionism and Israel to promote their anti-Jewish stance. They see no problem with owning a stockpile of weapons for the upcoming race war or religious war or martial law event of the week. I hate to be the spoiler, but that's not going to happen. The Chinese, Israelis, and UN will not be sending a tank down your street anytime soon."

My response:

“They” don't have to send their tanks down our streets "anytime soon".

They're already firmly planted in place, Mr. Anonymous, you interchangeable, unimaginative, suspected Hasbarabot, you.

The US government is as much an occupied territory as the West Bank in Palestine is.

Why don't you dumb dumb thinkers recognize we've already got your number - that the rigged game you play has ended - that the world is now a different place than the one you think you have all figured out? …and have been instructed to disseminate by hurling accusations of anti-Semitism against all and sundry who challenge your delusions?

What remains for the majority of us to do is to remove the vermin firmly ensconced in their influential positions from which they now malign and destroy the innocent citizens of our States by infecting us with their hate, their hubris, their paranoia, their greed, their corrupt lust, their conceit and their abject stupidity through their control of our MSM’s and every one of our political organizations.

You had the nerve to type, (and so therefore, to think,) "they use terms like Mossad and Zionism and Israel to promote their anti-Jewish stance."

Don't you know in your heart of hearts that “The Truth in the 21st Century is anti-Semitic”? Just read the news we’re allowed to read, but with some semblance of intelligence if you doubt me.

I know I learned that fact years ago, once I started paying attention.

When are you planning on starting to pay attention to the facts, rather than to hyperbole and unending propaganda, Anonymous?

Never, right?

That's not your job. To THINK, I mean...

Anonymous said...

Gun regulation must be universal, not piecemeal, to work. All gun purchases should be strictly regulated, with stiff penalties for not following the law.

We have some good laws, but 40% of gun sales are done privately or at flea markets or gun shows in the absence of any regulation or oversight. And we have some terrible laws, like allowing assault weapons and other equipment designed not for defense or "sport" but for mass killing.

Of 30 peer nations, all have stricter gun laws and far fewer gun homicides. Japan has 10, the UK had 39, Germany (with 30% gun ownership) had 258. Austria,Spain and other nations have fewer than 100 gun murders.

So strict laws in 30 other developed nations produces gun homicide rates 80-99% reduced.

Likewise, within the states, those with the loosest laws have the most gun murders.

The US has 9000 gun murders a yr, half of what we had in the 80's and 90's before the Brady Act was created. But 9000 (when other nations have in the single digits) a year (30,000 total gun deaths) a year is unacceptable. Why can't we do what other nations do, which is proved successful?

A nation awash in guns and violence is not free.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, progressives take the bait on gun control every time.........cause they don't like the idea that thousands of murders every year happen with guns.

So sure piss all over the progressives.
What bait do you right wingers like again??
Oh yeah, war, domestic spying, torture, more cops everywhere, war on drugs, for profit prisons, low taxes and low social safety nets, more power to corporate piggies.l What a bunch of uptight assholes who want everyone who doesn't think like them to go to jail.

So on balance who helps the NWO along more?
OK, progressives fall for global warming too......still right wingers are responsible for far more of America's decline. Take a bow Eric.

arthurdecco said...

Anonymous said..."So sure piss all over the progressives."

Up until a few years ago I was deprecatingly described as a "progressive" because I supported welfare for those long term citizens of our Western countries who were down on their luck due to factors beyond their control and because I supported universal health care because it was easier in the long term on the average taxpaying citizen's pocketbook than the alternatives and because I resisted the efforts of the Vermin in Power to lead our Western countries into wars in support of vile, psychotic Israel while all the while they were pretending to be defending the security of our countries here in the West.

Those who are now attempting to remove the 2nd Amendment from the Constitution of the United States of America are doing so in order to finally and utterly subjugate the citizens of America to the tyranny bought and paid for by Zionism and their allies in the institutions that once stood tall in the defense of the American ideal, but who now toil in subservience to a foreign country whose citizens collectively hate the citizens of the European-based countries we identify as the "West".

You sheeple who want guns taken away from the citizenry are traitors to your own Constitution and your country's original ideals.

Taking guns away from law-abiding citizens will simply leave criminal elements and our now-thuggish, fascist police states the only ones with guns.

That's not what your country's creators wanted to see happen. And if you had an ounce of sense or a whiff of perspective you'd realize that.

When are you people going to wake up and smell the coffee? When are you going to realize you've been manipulated by a media firestorm designed to destroy you and everything you hold dear?

Smarten up, will ya?!?!

Anonymous said...


a)Aurora shootup: facts from police radio messages indicate AT LEAST 4 PERPETRATORS.
More indications that the fact the "lone gunman" was captured was a botch up or a professional psyops falseflag.
b)Sikh Temple Shootup: one of the men killed was a filmmaker with "whistleblower info" in a new film yet to be released.
The info in the film would cause a lot of STHTF.

As more info is posted on various sites, once again the trail leads back to the control freaks who don't know they are already past tense.

Why waste energy on the sideshow when the main event is being run?

Also, keep your powder dry in whatever form physical or spiritual you keep it. The times are getting "curioser and curioser".

Anonymous said...

Eric Blair uses a writing style like the frauds in my local newspaper. Tells some of the truth, never gets to the big stuff and the ending is always a letdown. No conclusions. No solutions. Instead NWO created and maintained political labels and the false left-right paradigm BS. And the asking of obvious questions that don’t need to be asked. And the standard self-fulfilling prophecy bull crap that we get the criminals that we deserve.

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