Divide and Conquer by Domestic Terrorism: Progressives Take the Bait

Recent shootings turn progressives into proponents of fighting “domestic extremism”. Be careful what you wish for.

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Eric Blair
Activist Post

Progressives are generally empathetic to the suffering of others, which is their most admirable quality. Like all Americans, progressives should be saddened by the recent Batman shooting in Aurora and the Sikh temple shooting in Wisconsin.

Yet, establishment media outlets are quick to blame these incidents on right-wing ideology in a clear attempt to divide and conquer the domestic population.

Comments like “Enough is enough, it’s time to ban guns!” echoed beneath countless articles and Facebook posts. Headlines like Right-wing extremist terrorism more dangerous than al Qaeda were featured on CNN. These are dead giveaways to how the agenda is playing out.

These tragic events, whether genuine or staged, are clearly being used to drum up support for more gun control and domestic surveillance of Americans. Progressives seem blinded by their sympathy for the innocent victims to see that they are being played against their fellow Americans, and they are literally begging for their rights to be removed.

Well, not their rights, just the rights of potentially dangerous extremists which all of their think tank literature tells them are liberty lovers, defenders of the Constitution, returning veterans, gun owners, and so on.

Since average progressives don’t fall into these categories, they seem happy to call for the destruction of their rights in the land of the free. Much like most Americans went along with the USA PATRIOT Act after 9/11 because they were told only foreign Muslims would be spied on and indefinitely detained without charges. Only after the passage of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) did Americans realize that these tactics were actually intended for domestic civilians.

Now that their beloved Peace-Prize president is openly providing support to Al Qaeda, first in Libya and now in Syria, it was imperative to redirect the vast anti-terrorism apparatus to a credible new enemy.  Right-wing extremists fit the bill perfectly, as they have been predictably programmed to take on that role for some time.

After numerous thwarted “lone wolf” terrorist plots were proven to be FBI patsies and the Fast and Furious government gun-running scandal was proven to be staged to attack gun rights, whoever is coordinating these sinister plots needed real blood to move their agenda forward.

To non-partisans who have been paying close attention to these events, this has become all too obvious. It has led to an immediate belief that these recent “lone wolf” shootings were in fact staged, of which there is plenty of evidence to suggest this is true.  But none more so than what these events are being used for politically.

It has led to dangerous ‘group think’ that allows otherwise decent people to not only accept but to demand previously unthinkable punishments like torture and outright murder.

Is it fair to broad brush conservatives as “dangerous extremists” because of these events? Shall we consider all progressives to be dangerous because a progressive president drone bombs innocent civilians in sovereign nations and assassinates American citizens without due process?

Empathy is one of the most commendable traits a person can have. But a truly empathetic person understands that what you do to others is what you’re doing to yourself.  In other words, when you demand that people with a different ideology be treated differently then yourself, you aren’t empathetic, you’re vengeful. And, ultimately, what you wish to happen to them is exactly what you’ll get in return.

Because you were okay with indefinitely detaining insurgents without Habeas Corpus, you got it too.  Because you’re okay with wiretapping international communications to fight “terror”, you got it too. Because you’re okay with drones killing by remote control, you got it too. Because you’re okay with preemptive undeclared war, you got it too. Because you’re okay with stopping illegal immigration with warrantless checkpoints, show us your papers please. Since you think entire groups are to blame for isolated events, you now have the TSA groping or radiating your children. And on and on….

This will continue until both sides of the false political spectrum realize they are being played against each other by a ruthless force that does not care about any ideology except more power and control. They know exactly which emotional buttons to push to get you to relinquish more control to them.

In fact, if you’re scared or angry enough, you’ll beg for it like you’re doing now for more “gun control” and more “surveillance” of your fellow Americans.  Be careful what you wish for, you’ll likely get it.

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