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British Government Encouraging Kids To Report Tax Evaders?

Judge HMRC (credit:
Brit Dee, Contributor
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HM Revenue and Customs, the UK government's tax and customs department, has been accused of encouraging schoolkids to report tax evaders in their local area.

The allegation relates to a document available on the HMRC website, used as a 'Citizenship' module in schools to teach kids why they should become responsible taxpayers.

Page 2 of the Key Stage 4 lesson plan, designed for use by 14 to 16 year olds, involves a classroom discussion in which students debate “whether it is good to pay the tax we do, considering the benefits we receive. If it is good, then why do people try not to pay?”

The teacher must then ask what students “think of those who refuse to pay tax or try and defraud the benefits system? Can they think of any example they may have heard of in their local area?”

The independent thinktank Civitas, an institute for the study of civil society, has described the lesson as reminiscent of George Orwell's novel 1984, in which kids snoop on their parents and report them to Big Brother. Civitas' David Green said, "People 'in their local area' are most likely to be parents or close relatives. Turning children into state spies is un-British."

In a blog for The London Telegraph, Rev Dr Peter Mullen describes how the story reminds him of an experience he had in Prague, Czechoslovakia, a year after the fall of Communism in 1989.

Rev Mullen recounts a local hotel proprietress describing how, during the Communist dictatorship, teachers would try and get schoolchildren to inform on their parents by asking questions such as, "Did your parents have anyone to dinner last night? Do you know who they were? What did they talk about?"

He concludes by warning:
Spying, snooping and informing on your neighbours are the institutionalised paranoia which is the natural accompaniment of totalitarianism. That’s the way we’re going in the EU in general and in Britain in particular: Eastern Europe pre-1989.
HMRC has dismissed the accusations, saying that "We certainly don't use this to collect information on tax evaders from children. These materials are solely designed to help children to learn about how tax works in Britain.”

The controversy comes in the same week that Treasury minister David Gauke described paying for services 'cash in hand' as "morally wrong" - despite leading politicians, including prime minister David Cameron, admitting to having made cash payments to tradesmen.

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Anonymous said...

I think Hiler had a similar program with his "youth"

Anonymous said...

Stalin as well!

Anonymous said...

Cameron as well
In fact any Prime Minister and all the "parties" out their are all toeing a party line,(not the one you picked) just hidden from view from the UK masses.

Anonymous said...

Do these leaders pay their fair share, the monarch, heads of state, or even these corporations? There is a stockpile of offshore bank accounts consisting of trillions that are enjoying tax free benefits from the account holder(s)'s home country. Instead of paying up, they funnel their money into overseas accounts hiding them under corporations, trusts, and dummy name companies. It is ironic that these are the same ones that pass laws and mandates to their citizens to pay up. Let's promote spying and snitching on the ones who promote spying and snitching on the general population, their neighbors, and peers and see how well that fares!! Taxes, taxes, taxes! How the super rich elite love to mooch and freeload off of the middle class and the poor. Now run that by me again. Who is the tax evader? Jacob Rothschild is one of them and his piggish dynasty in his bunker office over at St James Pl in London's Financial District would love to hear that word. The Crown Corporation which he is under, is not under British jurisdiction and is tax deferred even though it is physically on British soil. Your money not only supports city services. It is also going to support Jacob's wrinkley ass and his parasitic family and cohorts and their agendas such as war, strife, and chaos around the world. We have been duped under legal extortion and he and Parliament are laughing at all of us while we struggle and they are in financial bliss in their personal lives. On top of all that, it is happening all over the world because these parasites have a strangle on all countries. Wake up people! Where do you think these sources and ideas of austerity are coming from??? Duh! Every country, every state, every province, every city are all broke at the same time?? Give me a break. The ones that are being labeled as tax evaders are the ones that don't want to stay in the sheep corral to sustain the bloody wolves that just take and take!

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