Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Is a Paul Compromise Due to Threats of a Bloody Convention?

A sober look at what just occurred with the sudden Rand Paul endorsement this week of Bilderberg Darling Romney

Funny, you don't look excited?
James Charles, Contributor
Activist Post

Ask, is it a possibility that the RNC has threatened the Pauls with militarized police action and possible provocateured violence against the Ron Paul revolutionaries who attend the RNC convention in August? The signs are everywhere that they are preparing for a big, big security presence this year and with the history of proven provocateured action like the SPP Protest in Montreal or in Denver at the DNC in 08' by police we can't leave that angle out of our analysis. We are living in scary times because scary people are in power.

The fact is Mitt Romney is the Bilderberg pick and is already acting like an executive, while the Obama machine starts falling apart.

With all the politics at play between the Romney/RNC and Ron Paul camp in the lead up to the convention, it may be important to step back and look at the serious possibility of BIG time threats not just to Ron Paul's life, but potentially to the entire liberty movement as a whole.

The absolute weirdness of this situation demands and begs for these kind of questions to be asked as we watch the drama unfold over the next few days in hopes we get true clarification and direction out of the Ron Paul people on this unnerving move.

Let's start with the "endorsement", Mike Adams provides a linguistic analysis of Rand Paul's endorsement as being coerced.
If you watch Rand Paul deliver his announcement, pay particular attention to the part where he says: 
'But you know, now that the nominating process is over, tonight I'm uh happy to announce that I'm gonna be supporting Governor Romney.'
During this entire sentence, his voice and intonation stay relatively high, in the 'optimistic' range, including as he's talking about his father. But the minute he utters the words 'Governor Romney,' two things happen: 
• The pitch of his voice drops sharply.
• The strength of his voice tapers off, almost as if the last part of 'Romney' has no power behind it. 
The overall feeling associated with this delivery is one of disgust. It's almost as if Rand Paul is describing someone he is disappointed with or despises."
With speculation of total betrayal, promises of cabinet positions, threats on Ron Paul's life nobody has realized the obvious. It is not Ron Paul or Rand Paul the RNC is afraid of, it is the legion of Ron Paul activists that show up everywhere he speaks.

The Threat

I would imagine the threat assessment has gone out by the RNC security organizers on the real possibility of riots in the event of a Romney nomination. Riots on the inside by delegates and by his supporters in the streets that are planning mass protests already.

His activist follow the principles in the Constitution and are radical in it's defense. They are also liberty loving Americans, who will jealously guard their leader Ron Paul. He has become a powerful icon indeed, but let's face it, he honestly doesn't have that much control over the grassroots as a whole. The potential for flare ups is very high and both sides of the fence know it.

Ron Paul ask's his people to "be respectful" should he be worried about the safety of protestors this year? Should we be worried, those who plan on attending to protest this elective travesty?
'Our delegates’ presence must be felt both in Tampa and in years to come,' Paul declared. 'Stand up for what we believe in. Be respectful. And let the establishment know that we are the future of the Party and of the country.'
The problem is the GOP are despicable bullies, and his supporters are going to voice their outrage you can count on that, with Ron Paul's permission or not, or an escalated police presence or not.

Anomalous Security Preparations for the RNC

As always you can expect a big time security presence in Tampa the weekend of the Convention. The normal reports of 50 million dollar federal grants for both RNC and DNC security are there. Along with the usual partnerships between both military and police but did you know that also present in Tampa will be NATO special operations groups from all over the world there?

Fact 1) NATO Special Forces Training in Tampa

Video of international special forces actually storming a Tampa dock and rescuing no less than the Mayor of Tampa just this last week. Unbelievable, these NATO special force groups are the same ones commanding the al-Qaeda freedom fighters in Libya and Syria.

Fact 2) Tampa RNC Police Invited to train at NATO Chicago summit AND Attacked by "Anarchists"

In fact, the NATO summit in Chicago was actually a training ground for the people in charge of the RNC convention security this year, as stated in an article by Officer.com. It details how Black Bloc anarchist confronted and attacked the very police unit that was observing Chicago tactics during the NATO summit where police were injured.
'They were prepared to engage in conflict,' McKinnon said. 'They were wearing gas masks and they had their own medics. They had their own videographers.'
McKinnon said officers asked the crowd to disperse at the end of the march. Those who stayed started provoking police, who were dressed in riot gear. When the stragglers wouldn't leave, officers tried to remove them by force. 
Some protesters hurled sticks and bottles at officers, who responded with batons. Four officers were injured, including one who was stabbed in the leg, and 45 people were arrested. 
Protesters in Chicago were prepared for a confrontation, but Tampa officers said that when the GOP convention comes to town, they'll be ready, too.
Nothing like a security training exercise to go live for them to personalize the threat on the ground level by Tampa riot police.

Fact 3) FEMA and Emergency Disaster Preparedness Training for Mass Evacuations

It seems the event is scheduled during the busiest time of the year for hurricanes in the Florida and Gulf coast area. They are actually preparing for a Category 3 storm during the convention:

'State emergency workers have spent recent days tracking a fictitious Category 3 Hurricane Gispert that would hit Tarpon Springs, just north of Tampa, two days after the convention is scheduled to begin.
"We'd be dealing a lot with storm surge issues down there,' said Bryan Koon, the state's emergency management director. 'We're also working on a high number of potential evacuations.'
Fact 4) Black Bloc Violence Aimed at Tampa and the RNC

These groups are small in number but can still be utilized to initiate mass arrests and police action in a heart beat given the order by higher up, security officials commanding riot police.

Fact 5) RNC is Blocking the Liberty Festival from a Venue

There will be hundreds of thousands of very disillusioned and vocal Ron Paul supporters who are planning on protesting the Romney outrage in Tampa. This will not be a repeat of the 2008 RNC where Ron Paul had to throw his own convention, attended by well over 10,000 people.

Rally for the Republic During the RNC at Minneapolis Minnesota 2008
This time there are people on the inside with a true fire for Liberty, national delegates who made it to the convention literally kicking in screaming as Ron Paul supporters. A organizer of the Ron Paul Festival details the delays they have come up against when trying to secure a venue from the RNC.
'We can't proceed without a secured venue,' Robinet said Monday. A kickoff announcement, ticket sales, fundraising and contracts with bands and other talent — all have to wait until the location is in hand. The longer it takes, the harder it will be 
'And I think that is their goal,' she said.
Being denied a venue location will mean that the Ron Paul supporters will have to maintain a presence in the actual militarized protest zone placing enraged political masses right up next to police forces.


We have to give the Pauls the benefit of the doubt here in hopes there is something else going on that none of us are privy to as outsiders. The fact is Rand does look like he has a gun to his head in this endorsement, and if the threat of violence at the convention is what is keeping Ron Paul from speaking and staging a brokered convention with his delegates inside I would imagine it is not above Romney's people to play that card.

I honestly don't think the Pauls would back down on threats to their own lives, but violence at the RNC would destroy the liberty movement. Anyone from that point on associated with the Liberty movement would be immediately placed high up on a radical terrorist watch list destroying everything the Pauls have worked for via the Campaign for Liberty and elections over the course of these last 4 years.

This article originally appeared at Truth Alliance.

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Paul Panza said...

There is no way to liberty through another rigged election held by criminals in a criminal nation.

Anonymous said...

Yes, this makes so much more sense. I had all the pieces and couldn't put them together, because I, like many of us, figured from the beginning that Ron Paul and his close family certainly knew that his and their lives were on the line every second and would have had to agree to that way back when. There has got to be more stuff we don't know, and/or Ron Paul must be gagged in some way, because he would have explained what was happening. Thank you James Charles.

Anonymous said...

Think Paul, Think Perot, Think both Kennedy's Think King,

Think Shadow Government fun.

How would you feel if they shut off the vig on you?

Anonymous said...

Okay, then explain why Rand Paul voted for sanctions against Iran, an act of war. And was it necessary for him to enumerated the many ways that he and Romney were similar in beliefs and background?

If he were my son, I'd be very much ashamed of him. How does Ron Paul feel? A question worth asking him.

Paul said...

Why would Ron Paul supporters riot if Romney gets the Republican nomination. They should just leave the Republican party and let the American people know that the Republican is a dying beast.
After all, how many people are now in the Libertarian wing of the Republican party ?

Yahdah said...


The MESSAGE is more important than the MESSENGER !!!!

Treat the MESSENGER as you will

Anonymous said...

Ask, is it a possibility that the RNC has threatened the Reagans with militarized police action and possible provocateured violence against the Ron Reagan revolutionaries who attend the RNC convention in August?

Ask, is it a possibility that the DNC has threatened the Clintons with militarized police action and possible provocateured violence against the Bill Clinton revolutionaries who attend the DNC convention in....

Ask, is it a possibility that the DNC has threatened the Obamas with militarized police action and possible provocateured violence against the Obama revolutionaries who attend the DNC convention in....

Ask, is it a possibility that the RNC has threatened the Bush's with militarized police action and possible provocateured violence against the W Bush revolutionaries who attend the RNC convention in.....

Or you could ask other more intelligent questions. Think.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter what the reason, they have shown they will compromise on anything, not exactly the leadership this country needs.

Especially since the "election" was stolen

There are a lot of red flags with the Pauls now, it's time to find someone else. It's not quite too late for a 3rd party

Anonymous said...

Violence pfffft. Its about money, they just turn on the printer, its nothing off their back. Here's 20 million for u n ur dad, now get on ur knees, start suckin like a good lil politician whore, n shut the fk up. How do u think Nancy Peloci got to be worth 2-300 million? Cuz she's smart? lmfao

Anonymous said...

Or maybe the Paul campaign has been controlled opposition all along, just to suck more people back into the republican party after the mass exodus during the bush years.

Romney is Hitler said...

Now that the Bilderbergers have decided they want Romney, nobody should be voting for him - if he secures the nomination, either do the right thing and vote 3rd party, or bite the sour apple and vote the lesser of 2 huge evils, Obama. He has been an awful president, but at least he resisted the calls to nuke Iran so far - which probably is why they're planning to replace him with the even bigger mass murderer Adolf Romney.

Anonymous said...

Denial is rampant in this article. Some people can never admit they ve been fooled by a con man. Con Paul you and like thousands of people, you cannot act and think without a leader. Mr. Con Paul is counting his money as we speak and you still blatter like sheep and cannot believe the reality in front of you.

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul supporters are for the most part constitutionalists,they above all know that violence is not the way so any violence is not going to come from RP supporters.

Carl Herman said...

Dennis Kucinich had two siblings die around his 2008 presidential campaign (ages 48, 52). JFK, RFK, MLK were all wacked by these psychopaths, and God knows who else.

The endgame is to arrest obvious criminals for War Crimes and economic fraud. Until we do so, they will continue to kill, harm, and loot.

Anonymous said...

Jack Jones said:

*****Important***Watch and Please Repost*****

Ron Paul Civil Rights Lawsuit


This video explains a basic overview of the Civil Rights (Voting Rights/Election Fraud) Lawsuit being filed in Federal Court by Lawyers For Ron Paul on behalf of American voters.

Please repost

Anonymous said...

This article is purely excuses and exaggerations. Most Ron Paul supporters are advocates of the Non Aggression Principle of do no harm or violence to others. While we are vocal we are not violent. The Endorsement by that traitorous sell out- Rand Paul fueled the fire, did not curtail it or make anyone safer. The author is really grasping at conspiracy straws and denying Occam's Razor theory for a much more complicated and convoluted one.
Rand could have waited until AFTER the Convention when RP delegates that worked SO hard to get there on allegedly good advice-would have Accepted defeat, bitched about it and went home to fight another day. Now instead they have been stabbed in the back ahead of time.
Perhaps it was effective in somewhat dismantling the Relovelution to an extent, divide and conquer and making people walk away in disgust. Making excuses for this traitorous act for political expediency, as if 'threats' to the Paul family were somehow 'real' is totally lame. How about Rand just went back to a dentist office, since he has little experience anyway, instead of voting for the PATRIOT ACT and Sanctions on Iran. He's a warmongering political climber who has no chance of a VP slot, or the Presidency in 2016, by any stretch of the imagination. He must be an ego maniac , since he has no credentials, lest the one he just got as Traitor.

Anonymous said...

Dam the torpedos...full speed ahead....!!!

Anonymous said...

I really want to attend the Paul Festival and march with other Liberty Lovers but all this talk of violence is making people afraid to attend. I have family in the area and could stay with them but like many before me have said these THUGS play for keeps....they are NOT nice people like we Paul supporters!

Sonja said...

Thats the point of the article, Ron Paul supporters are going to cause a ruckus! We cant be trusted. We are messy and Ron Paul knew it and sent out that email for us to 'mind our manners' like a good daddy. Puleese! As if Ron Paul would ever say such a thing. More like that shill Jesse Benton and his cabal of traitors.

usfrog said...

Something is fishy here. I don't believe Rand Paul would ever willingly endorse Mitt Romney. I hope the Tampa Convention takes place and if Ron Paul does not get nominated, he runs as an Independent. He has the support of millions of Americans, Republicans AND Democrats.

David McElroy said...

GOP operatives have established a long record of fraudulent elections in local precincts and state conventions. They have physically assaulted Paul supporters and had duly elected officers arrested during meetings when they stood for Paul. The GOP has closed conventions and precinct meetings when they saw Ron Paul was going to win the vote, as they did in Nevada in 2008. It is not the Ron Paul supporters that are malicious or violent, it is the RINO Romneybots!

Anonymous said...

Obummer and Romoney -- both are federal reserve prostitutes who love welfare and warfare. May they both be relegated to the dungheap of history. Given the way many Americans have been totally brainsoiled with a love of the necessity of coercion, it is likely that this country will have to increasingly experience the misery of coercionism before such Americans (or their descendants) will once again long for true freedom, individual liberty and free enterprise. So be it.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the Rapid Deployment Joint Task Force (RDJTF), or its successor, is headquartered at MacDill AFB, in Tampa, FL. The Ron Paulfest looks like it's on. And while I don't put it past the RINOs to pull dirty tricks, I don't see how riots would help them. If anything, it would underscore the lack of unity in the Republican Party.

More likely, Rand Paul is holding his nose, endorsing Romney to position himself as a "reconciler" who can run in 2016.

Given that Ron Paul isn't going to win, and that Romney and Obama are so much alike, it doesn't matter which wins, it's not as if Rand has given anything up but his dignity,

Anonymous said...

Do not forget that Ralph Nader was threatened with arrest by the Massachusetts State Police for merely attempting to sit in a separate building to watch a Presidential "Debate" in Boston on a TV screen some years ago WHEN HE WAS HIMSELF A PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE!

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