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Top 10 Rules for Proper Food Combining

Dylan Charles, Contributor
Activist Post

Food and drink are relied upon to nurture life.  But if one does not know that the natures of substances may be opposed to each other, and one consumes them altogether indiscriminately, the vital organs will be thrown out of harmony and disastrous consequences will soon arise.  – Chia Ming, Essential Knowledge for Eating and Drinking, 1368

Trophology is the science of food combining to allow for optimal digestion, optimal absorption of nutrients and optimal expulsion of waste.  Primarily chemistry, food combining explains how certain foods induce the necessary enzymatic secretions for proper digestion.  When this chemistry is thrown out of balance by demanding that the body process incompatible food combinations, undigested food remains stagnant within the intestinal tract, leading to putrefaction, fermentation, overgrowth of bacteria and toxicity.  This, in turn, leads to myriad illnesses, chronic conditions, food allergies, bloating, metabolic problems and the bulging and distorted body shapes we see everywhere these days.

Every food is different; some are alkaline, others acidic, some are high in fat, others high in fiber.  Because foods are different, paying attention to the basic rules of food combining can give your body the chance it needs to properly use food.

Have you ever left a steak and a tomato on the counter for a week and watched what happens?  They clearly have unique processes of decomposition, and it won’t take long to realize that a rancid steak is not something you want sitting on your counter top, let alone inside your body, for very long.

In order to improve digestion and address certain chronic illnesses, it is advisable to heed these ten powerful food-combining tips as often as possible.

1.  Protein and Starch – The combination of proteins and starch in a single meal is the worst possible food combination there is.  The body begins by producing the alkaline enzyme ptyalin when a starch is chewed.  This begins to break down the starch, but when the food reaches the stomach, this presence of this alkaline enzyme prevents the digestion of proteins in the stomach by pepsin and other acidic stomach secretions.  The meat begins to putrefy within the gut and bacteria attacks the undigested meat.  The result is a heavy bloated feeling, gas, and toxic wastes bleeding into the blood stream.

The Rule - Separate concentrated proteins like meat, fish and eggs, from starches like bread, potatoes and rice.

2.  Protein and Protein – Different proteins require different processes to digest.  For example, when meat is consumed, the strongest enzymatic reaction occurs during the first hour, whereas milk or eggs take longer to be digested.  Combining similar meats, like lamb and beef, is typically fine, but complex combinations should be avoided.

The Rule - Avoid meals that combine multiple concentrated proteins, such as fish and cheese, meat and milk, or meat and eggs.

3.  Starch and Acid – When an acidic food is taken with a starch, the secretion of ptyalin in the mouth is disturbed, and the alkaline enzyme needed to break down the starch is absent when the food reaches the stomach.  Oranges, lemons, acidic fruits, and vinegars interrupt the body’s ability to digest starches and they begin to ferment within the gut.

The Rule – Separate starches and acids at mealtime, avoiding combinations like cereal and orange juice, or rice with a vinegar dish. 

4.  Protein and Acid – Proteins require acids present in the stomach to digest properly, but adding additional acidic foods disrupts the stomach’s ability to produce the acids that breaks down protein.  Consuming acidic fruits with meats, for example, slows the body’s ability to break down meat, leading to putrefaction. 

The Rule – Avoid meals that combine concentrated proteins and acidic dishes.

5.  Protein and Fat – Fats inhibit the stomach’s ability to produce gastric juices, greatly slowing the digestion of any foods take with the fatty food, especially so for proteins.

The Rule – Separate concentrated proteins and fatty foods when possible.

6.  Protein and Sugar – Sugar also prohibits the stomach’s ability to produce gastric juices and so it passes through the stomach to be processed in the small intestine.  When combined with a concentrated protein, sugar inhibits the digestion of the protein, then is itself prevented from reaching the small intestine as it is combined in the stomach with undigested proteins.  This causes fermentation in the gut and an explosion of bacteria, which are both highly toxic to the body.

The Rule – Combining proteins and sugars together in the same meal should be avoided.

7.  Starch and Sugar – When sugar and starches are combined in the mouth, the secretion of ptyalin, the alkaline enzyme required for digestion of starches, is halted and starches remain undigested.  Sugar fermentation in the gut creates acidic compounds that further inhibit the digestion of starches.

The Rule – Eat sugars and starches separately.

8.  Melons – Melons are a unique food in that they are not digested within the stomach, but pass instead to the small intestine for digestion.  This process is only possible when melons are consumed alone or combined only with fresh, raw foods.  If melon is prevented from passing quickly to the small intestine then rapid fermentation of this soft fruit occurs, creating many problems.

The Rule – Consume melons alone or not at all.

9.  Milk – Many people feel that milk should be avoided entirely, but that if consumed it is best in raw form, as pasteurization destroys the natural enzymes in the milk that make its digestion possible.  Milk immediately curdles when it reaches the stomach, which coagulates with other foods if the belly is busy trying to digest anything else.  This prevents other foods from being exposed to gastric juices and encourages the onset of putrefaction.

The Rule – Raw milk is to be taken by itself, or not at all.

10.  Desserts – Sweets after a big meal can interrupt the digestion of almost anything else in the stomach, especially so with carbohydrates and proteins.  Once a sweet is introduced, digestion all but stops and putrefaction begins.

The Rule – Sweet, starchy desserts, as well a sweet fruits should not be consumed within a few of hours after large meals containing carbohydrates or concentrated proteins.

To be sure, this is an impossible list of rules to follow at all times, but by being mindful of these food combinations and attempting to eat in accordance with these guidelines, the body’s digestion will naturally improve.  At each mealtime, attempting to follow at least one or two of these rules, while choosing healthier foods overall, will leave you instantly feeling lighter, more nourished and healthier, while improving your metabolism and addressing chronic illness.

Sources: Reid, Daniel P. (1989). The Tao of Health, Sex and Longevity. New York: Simon & SchusterLtd.

This article first appeared on Waking Times. Dylan Charles is a former Ron Paul delegate, a black belt in many Eastern arts, and the founder and editor of

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Anonymous said...

What a bunch of voodoo nutrition nonsense!

Publishing this kind of pseudoscientific superstition is on a par with reporting UFO abductions.

Anonymous said...

one of the more stupid articles i've read here

Anonymous said...

Why is it voodoo or stupid? Thinking back on my own food combos and digestion it makes a lot of sense.

I don't think red potatoes have as much ptyalin as white. I noticed that I can eat a steak dinner with red potatoes and broccoli and feel fine whereas white potatoes or french fries put me over the edge.

Intuitively, I don't like eating melon with anything else. Like at a picnic, I get stomach aches. Naturally gravitate toward eating it alone.

Good read!

Seething Tuber said...

Strange.. I don't understand why anyone would bother to leave such comments. It would make perfect sense if a respectable refutation was offered, but instead it is simply negative, useless blather. When I encounter an article that I disagree with, I either move along, compliment, or refute it. It just does not make sense to insult someone who took the time to write something or share their views, experience, etc. What a bunch of dicks.

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with food combining. However, it needs an understanding of what is acid and what is alkaline. Lemon juice, contrary to popular opinion is actually alkaline. It may be acidic outside of the body, but has an alkalising effect inside. The ph of a food matters not when outside the body. Inside is what counts.

Anonymous said...

Ummm...but people have been eating this way for thousands of years...the problem is with the food itself, the preservatives, chemicals etc., and how it is prepared..microwaves, heat lamps, etc.

Anonymous said...

This is not voodoo. Go to He has been writing about this for years.It does indeed work.

Anonymous said...

there are precedents in ancient traditional sources, for example in the old testament where the beef and milk should not be consumed together... other toxic conditions can arise with protein combinations, and how about with your standard chemical medicines added after each meal? medical students now get a crash course (3wks) of nutrition studies, then on to don't expect your average doctor to know about diet.... have some more margarine?

Anonymous said...

Yes, certainly the worst/most useless article I have ever read here. Did anyone even bother to review these "rules"?
Basically, you can't combine any different "types" of foods-AT ALL. What for breakfast? Plain eggs, alone. Lunch? How about a burger with no bun and nothing on it. Dinner? Some chicken - plain, alone, or a bowl of vegetables. And of course, no dessert- ever. GIVE ME A BREAK! What makes it so insipid though is that there are no SUGGESTIONS as to any possible meals or combos- why- because these rules preclude them all. Don't worry though folks, within a year's time we'll all be scrounging and foraging for ANYTHING to eat.
Now THAT'S food for thought.

Anonymous said...

It may be the case that people who leave comments that suggest that this article is nonsense have still an active, fully functional body. My observation of people suffering from any of various ailments is that they may benefit from not combining certain foods. "Mono" dieting is a term that is applied to eating only one type of food and some people can digest that one food well before eating the next. One pattern I have observed in many cases is that if you or the body are healthy then you can eat almost anything that your body will digest effectively. If you or the body are out of balance, and it depends on the type of imbalance, then combining foods could be problematic and not help in resolving the imbalance.

A possible example according to some studies is how an excessive longer term vegan diet can increase certain minerals in the body and thereby prevent digestion of meats and proteins because the minerals that may aid in the production of specific enzymes for protein digestion are not available.

If food is to be treated as a chemical composition , similar as a drug may be, then, as much as some people may not be able to combine drugs so some people may not be able to combine foods.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this great article.Reading the comments
(well most of them so defensive?) it's sad,guess is lack of understanding of chemistry & biology.

Anonymous said...

Excellent article on proper food combining. When I first started my quest to become a vegetarian, I found this book called "Proper Food Combing" or something to that fact. I also have a credit card size information card that I carried with me all the time.

There are two things that most people are not taught in health class, neither are nutritionist. That is proper food nutrition, along with proper food combing.

Based on the comments I've read so far, I rest my nutritional case. I've been a vegan for over 20 years now, I would not trade for all the gold, silver & currency in the world.

A message to those whom feel that your article is voodoo or not sound in its valuable content. Please continue to ignore this prize article and eat what ever you like and mix it up however you decide. The body does not lie at all, younger body can be brutalize with all kinds of uhealthy foods. However, an older body will require some major adjustment as suggested by your doctor and that's if you live long enough.

Remember this mantra "Do you eat to live or Do you live to eat.

Tara Alder said...

Check out the Divine Way to Combine chart available by There are free downloads of how to combine now that you know how not to combine. Enjoy with many blessings and listen to your body! <3 Thanks for the article! Tara

Anonymous said...

I have been doing food combine for over 30 years. Once you get it, it's the most natural and easy way to eat. I am now 61 I never gain weight since I started doing the food combine even I lost some. I feel great, I have no problem what so ever with my health. No pain no where... I feel like an healthy 38 year young. This should be in all the schools since the kidder garden, so they could inform there parents about it. Best for sure would be the parents teaching it to the child from the start, but they need to have the information. My children were raise like this and they are now beautiful healthy adults. Our health is our business not the medical doctors to try to repair the damages after us not caring and loving ourselves enough to do what we need to be healthy and stay that way.

Anonymous said...

This article is well written and provides some great recommendations. In the end the course of action is dependent upon choices. This writer can attest to the impact and bodily improvement of proper food combining. One also has to remember that a sensible diet and exercise in addition to the suggestions above improves results as well.

the balanced slate said...

This is the only way to live and feel healthy and alive for a very long time. I had allergies my entire life. My mother had breast cancer. My uncle died of it. All my friends and family members have some sort of ailment whether it's headaches, IBS, spastic colitis, etc. and as I read more and more on ancient ways of nourishing the body properly such as Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine I learned that the answer is so simple. Food combining. When I told my father about what I learned, he recalled his childhood in Greece. He began to recall that the teachers taught him that meat gets digested in the stomach while carbohydrates get digested in the small intestine. All the ancient knowledge and wisdom cannot be discarded as voodoo. Feeling you don't have any choices within these universal digestive laws is incorrect. You actually have more choices. Knowing what to eat, with what and when to eat it is an art. Americans just shove random food into their bodies without a thought. Without any knowledge as to how it affects the body and the brain. That is why we are sick as a people in this country and obese. You cannot ignore that fact. Proper food combining is as important as knowing which type of fuel will keep your car running for as long as possible. Those who feel this is voodoo are slaves to their tastebuds and unconscious to themselves, unaware of their bodies' needs and uneducated about their very own basic digestive system. Don't knock it till you've tried it. Try it and watch your sleep get better, your skin glow and blemishes disappear. Notice how you are never gassy or bloated. Heart burn will never be uttered out of your lips. Diarrhea or constipation would be a foreign concept to you. Burping would never rise up your esophagus neither would acid. It is unfortunate that schools in our country don't teach our kids as my father was taught about the digestive system and it's relationship to food. That's something I'll be working to change!

Anonymous said...

"1. Protein and Starch
The Rule - Separate concentrated proteins like meat, fish and eggs, from starches like bread, potatoes and rice."

People from different cultures have been having this combo in their meals for centuries. I guess no one should have sushi anymore?

This is pretty ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Myth debunked:

I love this part:

"if you think for just a moment, you’ll realize how illogical it is to think that the body might have been designed to digest proteins separately from carbohydrates."

Anonymous said...

I too was skeptical years ago. I suffered from ulcers and IBS as a child. I tried all kinds of prescriptions, and was told that my pain was a way of life and to learn to manage it. It was not until I saw a naturopath only because my appendix was to be removed. Within a month of food combining, I was healed after 2 decades of daily pain.

It was tough to follow back then as restaurants were not very accommodating, and no one else I knew was doing it or stuck with it, but I persevered. My body adjusted itself to a good weight and I had long lost energy.

I did eventually stop food combining, to eat a "healthy" albeit a non-properly combined diet...gained some weight and have dealt with health issues.

Now I am back...I have been food combining for the last month, to help support a sick family member.

My body is adjusting itself once again to a healthy weight, and I have zero gas and digestive issues.

Is this bunk??? Perhaps, but all I know is that I wish I had NEVER stopped doing it. People who discredit this have properly not tried it, or done it properly. It is so much easier nowadays.

It is not a weird diet, I eat from all the food groups and have the occasional dessert, just like before. The funny thing is, I was gravitating naturally towards it at times without realizing it.

I would rather do this than take all kinds of drugs to "manage" pain and digestive disorders any day...Been there done that...

By the way, I still have my appendix.

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