Monday, April 16, 2012

Street Riots Form in Response to Monsanto Intrusion into Nepal

Anthony Gucciardi
Activist Post

After the Nepalese government decided to allow Monsanto into their borders and subsequently force farmers to use genetically modified seeds, the citizens took to the streets.

The starving nation let Monsanto in despite recent and massive bans in a number of EU countries.

Monsanto’s GMO crops have been shown by a team of 900 scientists to be virtually ineffective at combating starvation — in fact, they perform way worse than traditional and sustainable agriculture.

Now, according to some Nepal-based activists, Monsanto has been run out of the country by fierce protesting.

Threatening the nation’s main crop, corn, Monsanto’s GM corn would certainly not help the 40% of Nepalese citizens who are currently malnourished.

It seems that the Nepalese people are quite aware of this fact as well, as hordes of activists demonstrated their opposition to Monsanto and genetically modified creations on the city streets.

Hundreds of the anti-Monsanto activists gathered in Kathmandu in front of the U.S. embassy, pouring out from their homes just shortly after the announcement was made.

According to the activist group ‘Stop Monsanto in Nepal’, the protests may have succeeded. In a post on Facebook on April 6th, the group stated:
Celebrating Victory! We knew from internal sources that the Nepal-Monsanto-USAID deal was postponed indefinitely but we didn’t have a public document to claim the victory officially. But Hari Dahal, Joint secretary and Spokesperson for the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives (MoAC) mentioned on a recent ‘BBC Sajha Sawal’ that Monsanto will NOT be allowed in Nepal.
The news comes just after Monsanto was taken to court over ‘knowingly poisoning workers‘ and causing devastating birth defects. Argentinean tobacco farmers stated that the biotech giant knowingly poisoned them with herbicides and pesticides and subsequently caused ”devastating birth defects” in their children.

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stevor said...

o'bummer wants those same riots here, so he can declare Martial Law

Anonymous said...

The facts concerning Nepal here are blatantly wrong: the Nepali government never allowed GMOs in this case (it was about hybrid seeds for a pilot project), nor were there "hundreds of people" protesting and there was never any "riot" but a small peaceful protest march.

skepticalvegan said...

Im gonna second what Anonymous said, once again Activist Post has simply credulously recycled a severally flawed and hyperbolic "news" story.

Anonymous said...

The dissenters are likely Monsanto shills, wily buggers they are, spreading their disinformation and pro-GMO propaganda.

skepticalvegan said...

"The dissenters are likely Monsanto shills, wily buggers they are, spreading their disinformation and pro-GMO propaganda."

You completely missed the point of the comments didnt you?

The facts of the story as reported are FALSE.
The corn in question was NOT GM it was a hybrid crop, a breeding technique used throughout conventional and organic agriculture as well.

And the "riot" in question was a relatively small street protest. If you wanna see what a riot actually looks like come to Oakland CA.

So to repeat the two main facts of this story were falsely reported, no GMOs and no riot, this isnt an argument for or against GM crops. It is however about the lack of journalistic and intellectual integrity of Anthoney Gucciardi of Natural Society and of the people who run Activists post who have on numerous occasion post stories containing easily verified falsehoods and misreporting of facts

Anonymous said...

Bring it here. You'll not just be producing kernels of corn, you'll be enjoying it twice.

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