Sunday, April 29, 2012

Occupy Bilderberg 2012

J.G. Vibes
Activist Post

Well, it looks like the most cunning and deceptive people on the planet may not be so bright after all.  The infamous and elusive Bilderberg club has decided to bring their annual meeting back to the United States after setting last year’s event at a hotel buried deep in the mountains of Switzerland.  This year, May 31st through June 3rd they are returning to Chantilly, Virginia where they had their conference back in 2008.   Even then a record number of people traveled from all over the world to protest this secretive meeting of aristocrats.  Even members of the EU parliament were there to protest the meeting, one of which was actually assaulted by security.  Now with the conference back in the states and occupy wall street charging up for springtime action the elite have given those of us that are paying attention a grand opportunity to show the world who is really calling the shots.

The oil cartels, banking interests, heads of state and even a majority of the major corporations who are on board with CISPA will be represented at this meeting.  If there was ever a chance to point out every head on the hydra in one protest, this is it.  It doesn’t matter if you think that wall street is to blame for our current crisis, or if you think that the government is to blame, either way this organization is in control of both of those institutions so this should be a mission that we can all agree on.

Better yet, this mission is a guaranteed win for the people, because no demands are necessary and no political goals are relevant to this situation.  Our only mission is to expose this group to the world and show people the reality of what is taking place around them, so then we can move forward with workable solutions where no middle man is needed.  If we show up peacefully in very large numbers we can turn the political dialogue in this country away from the meaningless politicians and towards the true puppet masters.

I may have not been on board with all of the political goals to rise from the diverse Occupy Wall Street group, because I see politics as a tool which is used against the people regardless of what the legislation is called or what the politicians tell us about it.  As I discussed in the past, even the horrible “corporate personhood” clause that we are still fighting against today, was once intended to give rights to freed slaves, but was instead used as a loophole for the further consolidation of corporate control in America.

With that being the case I am very weary of any tax plans or political measures that can eventually be turned against the common people, as I have also discussed in the past.  However, occupy has made many accomplishments since this past September, and has radically changed the political dialogue in the country, to the point where no one can deny that something is wrong.  They have exposed the American police state, the corrupt media and they have pushed social activism back into the mainstream.

There is no doubt that this movement was a threat, because over the winter while OWS was regrouping, the establishment silently put even more tyrannical measures into place in an attempt to scare people away from social activism.  This season it may be more difficult to camp out in city squares for weeks on end, but that only means that efforts can be strategically set up, such as the May 1stgeneral strike, or the Bilderberg occupation that I am suggesting today.

This is it, the political and corporate elite of the planet are meeting in of the most heavily populated areas in the country, where multiple protests have been taking place for months just hours away from the planned Bilderberg meeting site.  I’m sure that I’m not the first person to consider this, since the resistance to this meeting has grown exponentially every year, but I feel that it is absolutely essential that OWS get behind this, beings that this is the very essence of what most of the people involved are fighting against.

Coincidentally, I am sharing a small snippet from my book relating to the Bilderberg group and their influence on politics, which you can check out here.  If you are unfamiliar with the Bilderberg group, a simple Google search will bring up plenty of information that will show you just how necessary this protest is.

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Anonymous said...

Of course Builderberg is going to be in Virginia this year. They need to interview and brief who the next president will be and how the THEATRE will play for the masses --oops I mean elections.

By Theatre it's - we need some more ism's (racism, atheism, theism, sexism, femism, capitalism, socialism, anarchism, etc, etc) and the rest oto divide and conquer the masses and divert their attention from the sham.

They are going to make sure the election is going to be close like in 2004 to really get people polarized and mad enough to fire at each other instead of taking aim at the shammy.

Anonymous said...

It's called wagging the treat in front of the dogs. are you going to fall for it?

Anonymous said...

I don't see a problem with the meetings other than any US Govt. official who attends not being arrested for violating the Logan Act.
U.S. Marshalls, where are you???
I fully expect to see some arrests this year or the high risk of a total breakdown of law and order.

Anonymous said...

Would be a nice exposition of fossils that still believe in the illusion of their control. The Sun shines bright, people are waking up. :)

SherryAnn said...

Don't you find it insulting how these people act like their meetings are none of our business?

Anonymous said...

Oh they know what they are doing alright. Their problem is, they havent been able to get the Americans to RIOT on any great level.
The meeting will be a phoney, perhaps full of clones.
Why dont you boycott the meeting pretend it isnt happening. That will speak volumes & I just bet they would hate being ignored.

Anonymous said...

Bilderberg is just a front, a visible version to detract people. Do you really think the real power boys would risk being exposed. They meet on luxury boats moored well away from prying eyes and long lens cameras. Submarines are also favoured by them.

Ayelyah said...

Attention all Bilderbergers… long will you delay before you pack your bags and run for your life? weeks? days? or hours? you are not being given an advanced warning on that day or hour, know that it is coming sooner than you think. Or do you really believe you are gonna get away with all this? your masters have fooled you well, you cannot trust the man beside you or the woman behind you or the bodyguard in front of you. You sit with your colleague of criminals, surrounded by oppulence and believing you are untouchable …… that IS laughable. Keep looking over your shoulder, all of you, every second of every minute of every hour of every day, this is your living hell and your public humiliation and shame will be the rejoicing of our global family who have lived under your evil oppression for too long.

Anonymous said...

Oh let them go to Virginia... A most appropriate place to have them rounded up for arrest.

Anonymous said...

It's no mystery to me why Bilderberg is returing to Northern VA. Chantilly, VA is home of the NRO - National Reconnaissance Organization. You can bet that every single person that gets anywhere near the Bilderberg meeting site will be on camera and cataloged for easy reference. That makes the reptiles feel more secure.

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