Why Hasn’t the Revolution Already Happened?

Julian Rose

Remember the Old Testament story of Moses trying to free the Children of Israel from the slavery imposed by the Pharoah? Well, as much as Moses tried to help the Children of Israel break the chains of oppression, they simply didn’t want to take the steps necessary to free themselves from bondage.

They claimed that they were relatively well housed and fed by the Pharoah – and even if the daily work was hard, it was preferable to facing the unknown consequences of a long walk in the wilderness as the price to pay for freedom.

Fast forward some 2,000 years. Calls to embrace civil resistance and to depose the tyrants who hold mankind in a state of slavery are largely ignored.


“Yea, well, when you think about it our present way of life isn’t that bad really. Look, I’ve still got a car right? We’ve got two TV sets and a good stash of beer in the fridge. Its only a twenty minute drive to our nearest supermarket and the stuff there’s pretty cheap really. The freezer’s almost full and the cat doesn’t go hungry either. Yea, I agree that the government’s pretty crap and fuelling the car is definitely hitting my wallet. But look, I’m able to hold down a couple of part time jobs . . . and it’s enough to keep us going and get a holiday once in a while, so why rock the boat any more?

Yeah, I know the jails are full and the cops are behaving something rotten these days. We’re being watched a lot too . . . and that’s not good . . . and why the hell do we still have troops in Afghanistan?

Heh! Did you see the game last night? Hell of match eh?”

As the tremors of change fill the air and shake the ground with increasing regularity, human reactions seem increasingly polarised. One set of responses is to hunker down, avert the eyes, close the ears and try to pretend that everything’s pretty much okay. Another is to express increasing alarm and increasing fear about where it is all leading: the “Did you see? Did you read? Did you hear?” syndrome. It is to all our misfortunes that that these two reactions to the current state of play on our planet remain the predominant response.

The third way: to look the situation in the eye, to calmly assess the reality and then to take action to prevent a disaster and/or to set out a solution, remains a minority response.

That which is holding back the revolution required to radically redress the top-down enslavement of humanity and the destruction of our planetary resource base seems to hinge on three conditions:

  1. Too many people are too comfortable and prefer to believe what the propaganda machine tells them. 
  2. Too many people are too uncomfortable and remain preoccupied with a basic level of survival. 
  3. Too many people remain indifferent or afraid and shut themselves off from the potential to change.

The ‘too comfortable’ are those able to hermetically seal themselves away from the plight of our planet, using money as their main insulation material. Within our Western society these people belong not just to the elite 1% but more probably to the 20 or 30% who still hold down jobs capable of providing them with above-average incomes. They are mostly on the infamous ‘keeping up with the neighbours’ social ladder which demands constant engagement with image and the appearance of wealth. ‘Must haves’ for these people include: the new car, the bourgeois residence, the right clothes, the Roundup weed free garden, the latest TV, iPod and the right circle of friends who also reflect broadly the same aspirations.

Not so long ago these people were called ‘the bourgeoisie’ and most looked to their way of life as a salvation from the daily grind of life on the factory or shop floor, or even among the spreading fields of modern farming practices. Some semblance of this bourgeoisie seems still to be manifesting itself.

However, it lacks its old self confidence and is now visibly fraying around the edges. Financial insecurity has eaten into the once predictable pathway to ‘bettering oneself’ and a bourgeois future for the children is costing more and more to set up. ‘The proper’ wedding alone calls for a minimum outlay of at least $20,000.

The social climbers have their focus set on the maintenance of a cosmetic and vacuous life style which, as far as possible, means remaining untouched by the ragged reality of a world on the edge of breakdown.

They are complicit in deliberately avoiding dealing with the excesses of their lifestyle or confronting the repercussions which these excesses throw up. They coolly disregard the fact that we live on a sentient planet being daily raped of its finite resources specifically to make possible their senseless way of life.

As if living on another planet, those who are ‘too uncomfortable’ struggle to get by with little or no security as to how they will make ends meet for more than a few days at a time. These people, and they are increasing in number all the time, have already been ejected from a life of reasonable comfort due to the criminal activities of a combination of corporate and government greed, largely orchestrated by the 1% and the Illuminati henchmen out to get their thieving hands on the collective wealth of all straightforward working people.

All across the Western world, those who have worked hard to get a roof over their heads and some reasonable heat and power into their living rooms, are being squeezed out of existence by the relentless rising costs associated with maintaining a home in some reasonable state of comfort.

Costs over which the majority have little or no control and which have their origins in Western fomented geopolitical military intervention in some distant land and in the unfettered bonus packages awarded to the CEOs of household corporate providers. Only a small percentage of such costs are based on a genuine scarcity of resources or elevated costs of production. And of course they are rendered even more problematical when there is also a mortgage to pay off on the home.

As the rate of homelessness continues to rise, so is the machinery of State less and less able to cope. The State has had the means to look after the homeless stolen by the corporate and banking gangsters who stringently avoid paying state taxes by stashing their vast wealth away in off-shore tax havens or by other devious means. So it remains for the working man and woman to subsidize the safety net which they themselves are desperately close to needing.

All this, coupled as it is to a sinister covert plan to deliberately bring down the global financial system, is combining to produce a fin de siecle type crisis which spells the end of civilisation as we know it. Those who are unable to know where tomorrow’s bread and butter are coming from, quite literally lack the energy and means to foment the revolution which surely should have happened by now. A revolution to take back the dignity and self affirmation that would eventually give all those suffering in this way genuine security, hope and solid aspiration to a better life. But with the ‘too comfortable’ aspiring bourgeoisie turning their backs on on all those less well-off, and the super rich virtually 100% insulated against the dilemmas of all sentient mortals, the incitement for radical change remains effectively anaesthetized.

So this leaves the main change-making work to those of us who are fortunate enough to have somehow escaped, avoided or seen beyond the standard propaganda fed status quo recipe for life.

How many might fit such a description?

It’s very hard to say, but let us say around 10% – and of course the situation remains fluid, with awareness growing almost in counterpoint with the intensification of disinformation, phony propaganda and police state-style, top-down impositions.

Virtually every day we learn more about the techniques being used to try and keep us from coming together to take collective control of our destinies. We now know that most of the food on offer on supermarket shelves is unfit to eat. We know our water supplies are being tampered with. We know about HAARP’s violent manipulation of the earth’s energy field. We see the chemtrails being laid across our skies. We find out that the masts which stream the messages to our cell phones (I no longer use one) act as a distribution network for the electromagnetic smog which addles our brains.

We recognize more and more how ‘the system’ tries to impose a state of fear and upheaval in people’s lives so that they ultimately succumb to shock created acquiescence and, as a consequence, seek ‘protection’ from whoever might seem to be offering it. And we note that it is the Illuminati who most generously offer such protection – in the form of a one world army, a one world government, a central global banking cartel and a few all-powerful corporations providing our food, power and education.

Yes, we are now close, perhaps very close, to recognising the true scale of the tyranny being imposed upon upon our planet. And at this point we wonder how far there still is to go before the tipping point is reached and the psychotic empire builders are no longer able to maintain their hypnotic control over the majority of mankind; and the slaves no longer able to pretend that “its all going to be okay.”

Trying to put a date on such a key turning point is a pointless pursuit. It has an illusive way of never conforming to cosmological interpretation or to man-made prediction. Our only way forward is to treat each barrier presented to us as a fresh challenge to our own inner strength and sense of purpose. To see each closed door as a door that needs opening. To see each crazed imposition as just another sterile attempt to lock us into the cage of fear. Then we also need to be prepared for the worst: a near total collapse of the money supply, the grid and the food distribution system.

We cannot be amongst ‘the pretenders’ who imagine that such an event could never happen. It’s more than possible that it will, and we will need to be able to demonstrate leadership if and when it does.

For city dwellers, this means selling the apartment/house and getting out of the city now. Finding some fertile ground and learning to grow food, harvest rainwater and utilize renewable energy resources. Or teaming up with friends who already have access to such resources and are willing to share them. This is all part of the bigger change which must happen anyway; however, when it takes the form described above, it becomes a revolution by absolute necessity, not by choice.

If it isn’t a New World Order/Illuminati-induced collapse, then it may well be a weather induced one, or indeed a combination of the two. Whatever it is, our response demands courage. With this courage comes a rising confidence in our ability to overcome that which impedes us and then to join forces with others who are on the same journey. Its a journey to free our World from those who cannot, or will not, recognise planet earth for the jewel it is; but instead only see it, and us, as a mine to be exploited until nothing of value remains.

Onward my friends, onward. We are on a march which must end in victory, and it is a great road to travel. By the time our hour comes, we will be lighter, brighter and more alive than we ever were before the forces of darkness imposed their sterile agenda upon our winding evolutionary path.

As the poet William Blake wrote some two hundred years ago: “Improvements make straight roads, but the crooked roads without improvement, are the roads of genius.” We only need to remind ourselves that we were born to travel this road of genius and we don’t intend to get off it.

Julian is a British pioneer organic farmer, writer and activist. He is currently president of the ‘International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside’ which is leading the fight against GMO in Poland. He is author of “Changing Course for Life – Local Solutions to Global Problems” www.changingcourseforlife.info  

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