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It looks like DHS isn’t the only ammunition hog in the United States

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James Smith, Contributor
Activist Post

There are two stories that have come to light recently, the first is the awarding of a contract to a munitions manufacturer for 450,000,000 hollow point rounds for the .40 caliber.

The second story which I wrote is how the Department of Homeland Security had already ordered 200,000,000 rounds of .40 caliber, but also ordered 15,000 gun cleaning kits for the .40 caliber weapons, and has put a request out for a virtual shooting gallery for the .40 caliber handguns.

650,000,000 round of ammunition is quite a bit of lead and brass. It will sure to drive the price of copper and brass way up. But Homeland Security is not alone in their requests.

The other departments -- the ones that handle mundane things like meat quality -- believe they need to be armed to the teeth as well. It’s enough to make a non-paranoid person, well, paranoid.

The US Department of Agriculture put in a bid for a wide variety of ammunition. I guess raiding farms and raw milk dairies can be very dangerous work. The required rounds are listed below, and include shotgun slugs.

Frangible rounds – for those who don’t know, are rounds that are designed to break apart when they hit walls or other hard surfaces to prevent ricochets during close-quarters combat.

Added: Sep 28, 2011 5:15 pm
(1) 40 caliber, 180 grain, 120,000 rounds or equivalent,
(2) 9 mm, 124 grain, 50,000 rounds or equivalent,
(3) .38 caliber, 135 grain, 10,000 rounds or equivalent,
(4) .380 caliber, 90 grain, 6,000 rounds or equivalent,
(5) .223 caliber, 64 grain, 87,500 rounds or equivalent,
(6) 12 gauge 00 buck, 15,000 rounds or equivalent,
(7) 40 caliber frangible, 10,000 rounds or equivalent,
(8) 9 caliber frangible, 10,000 rounds or equivalent,
(9) .223 caliber frangible, 10,000 rounds or equivalent,
(10) 12 gauge 1 oz slug, 7,500 rounds or equivalent

The cartridges shall be delivered to Albuquerque, NM.

And the Department of the Interior needs ammunition as well, but much less, and put the order out on September 2011:

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services require the following items, Exact Match Only, to the following:

1. Remington Frangible .40 Caliber Pistol Ammunition – 2,500 rounds
2. Remington .40 Caliber Pistol Ammunition (180 grain) Full Metal Jacket – 6,000 rounds
3. Remington .223 Caliber Rifle Ammunition (62 grain) Full Metal Jacket – 3,000 rounds
4. Remington FX Marking Cartridges (9 mm) – 2,000 rounds

These requirements seem normal considering the possibility of running into grizzly bears and wolverines. These, to me, are acceptable quantities to order.

And of course the FBI needs about 100,000,000 rounds of .40 caliber ammunition for law enforcement needs. It posted the request November 15, 2011 and the order will be awarded this week.  Oddly, it states a fixed-price, indefinite-delivery, indefinite-quantity type contract; however the pricing requirements go up to 100,000,000 rounds.

So with that large order, we now can move the total “excess” number of .40 caliber rounds that is needed by this administration to 750,000,000 rounds.

Because we live in a free society they feel they must be armed against Amish folk who want to sell people raw milk, like most humans on this planet drink. Maybe the USDA needs the ammunition to fight the evil cadre of “Lemonade Stands” that will soon be terrorizing people walking down sidewalks in Suburbia America.

How can a government justify 2.2 rounds per American citizen? Granted, ammunition does have a great shelf life, but this is utterly ridiculous!

The best way to avoid a civil war is not to start one. If “they” are planning to start one, then it would make sense to arm yourself and take away the guns of the citizenry. If this is just for “work”, ie, to stop bad guys, then the numbers just don’t make sense.

As Sherlock Holmes would say, “When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth”. We are running out of the impossibles and the improbables.

The leftovers are unconscionable and frightening. The game is afoot my friends. Evil in the guise of a benevolent government is still evil.

Will the characters be unmasked in time for our free country to remain free, or will we be another stiff on the slab of history.

This article first appeared at Prepper Podcast Radio Network.

James is a father of four and grandfather to four.  He and his wife of almost 30 years have been prepping since 2003. They live in a small town, with neighbors as close as 10 feet away and have raised chickens for 2 years covertly on less than 1/5 of an acre. He is a former corrections officer, insurance fraud investigator, and he served in the Navy for 6 years. He currently works for a corporation dealing with the disabled population and their benefits. He is the host of The Covert Prepper show and the Prepper Podcast Radio Network News, both heard on Blogtalk Radio 

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Anonymous said...

.40 fmj wouldn't be very effective against Grizzly bears, btw.

Anonymous said...

"Frangible rounds – for those who don’t know, are rounds that are designed to break apart when they hit walls or other hard surfaces to prevent ricochets during close-quarters combat."---The federales don't give a rat's ass about ricochets. It's designed for maximum damage to flesh. Period

Sean said...

Actually, frangible of the sort ordered, really aren't that great on soft targets. Much less destructive than a modern hollow point. But better for use in aircraft, or around nuclear reactors.

Anonymous said...

who's paying for this? And who is getting paid?

Anonymous said...

I have to wonder why stories like this are allowed to get out. Seems like They could do these ammo buys secretly if they wanted. Is the Gov't hoping that publishing these stories, it will cause some paranoid person to create an "incident" which will be used to justify gun control?

Anonymous said...

Freemen don't start fights they win them.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

fragile rounds will tear you up inside if they hit.

Anonymous said...

A popular movie from the 80's.....after looking up at a gray and windy sky a young boy said something in Spanish, when asked to translate an older man said.... "He said 'There is a storm coming'" To which the reply was......"Yes I know"

Anonymous said...

The best government is a benevolent tyranny tempered by an occasional assassination.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
I have to wonder why stories like this are allowed to get out. Seems like They could do these ammo buys secretly if they wanted. Is the Gov't hoping that publishing these stories, it will cause some paranoid person to create an "incident" which will be used to justify gun control?

I was thinking the same thing. Why is the government making this public? It has garnered a lot of attention from alternative news media sites and blogs. The fact that the ammo order is such an eye popping amount of ammo leads me to believe that they intentionally want the public’s attention and want to freak out a segment of the American population, probably hoping to cause those people to become armed, anti-gov't dissenters, i.e., “homegrown terrorists”. The gov't will then be able to use these “homegrown terrorists” a pretext to repressively crack down on public dissent and enact even more draconian, unconstitutional police state laws. PRS : Problem, Reaction, Solution.

Anonymous said...

It would be so much better if these agencies didn't practice hitting what they shoot at. Right? I mean come on people, why complain about how much ammo someone uses for practice. These same arguments can be turned on you.

Anonymous said...

Population control is breaking down. People are moving away from feeding the wasteful warmaking profiteering so called "govt". there's ten million times more us than them and they know it, and they are pulling out all the stops with stories left and right about how they are "ready" to "handle" it if "things get out of control". To hell with them. Empty war heads profit on the suffering of the many. We will win, and we won't have to fire a shot. Just pull your money out of "their" banks, barter and trade locally, and use community currencies. Bitcoin, for instance, seems to provide a much more stable medium of exchange than what is offered by the ripoff banksters. Their day is done. Grow your own, trust your neighbors, and cut the feedline to the controllers at every opportunity. Free energy such as LENR can cut Big Centralized Power distribution by providing everyone with a reactor, for instance. Let them die. Let us and the world live.

Anonymous said...

We've all seen people tough enough to start a fight but not tough enough to win it. What on earth makes a few thousand elite think they can win a civil war?
As soon as the conflict approaches them and endangers them personally they'll be desperate for peace, but it should be made clear to them from the first shot fired, "You will die."
Mick McNulty. England.

Anonymous said...

The ammo purchasers probably fear a mass movement and organised citizenry.

Irish in Austerity Rebellion

Anonymous said...

Some rounds are used for training. Some rounds are carried by agents or police. Some rounds are in the vault under the supervision of the training officer. Not that difficult.

Anonymous said...

I would suspect a complete shutdown or Exec. Order capture of ALL ammunition manufacture in the near future. Remember..1k rnd. per battle rifle requirement...keep the powder dry.

Anonymous said...

The Forest Service falls under the USDA and the rounds are for the LEOs. The Interior has the Parks Service. Both the Forest Service and Parks Service have to deal with crazy crack heads, meth labs, cartel drug operations and drunk chainsaw wielding citizens. The Public lands are also a great place for criminals to hide. While DHS purchases are high and scary I would be interested to know how the USDA and Interior purchases compare to past purchases. The USDA uses local cops to raid raw milk facilities.

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