Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Fascism Comes to the Internet: Introducing CISPA

Joe Wright
Activist Post

After nearly unprecedented pushback against bills SOPA and PIPA, their apparent defeat cannot yet be claimed.  Most skeptics presumed that the defeat of the aforementioned would only serve to offer a compromised "SOPA light" at some point to circumvent criticism over government censorship.  Well, it didn't take long.  In addition to OPEN and ACTA to combat supposed piracy issues in the U.S. and Europe respectively, we now have been presented with a full-on fascist template for Internet control where government and private corporations will work hand in hand under the very broad definition of cybersecurity.

The CISPA acronym is probably the most honest of those proposed thus far, and certainly is self-explanatory: the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act. Cybersecurity initiatives themselves are framed in such a way as to declare the free and open Internet to be subsumed into national security infrastructure, thus giving it over to the Pentagon, NSA, and other agents for use in surveillance and even offensive war.  However, CISPA goes one step further to suggest that all information transmitted on this national security infrastructure is fair game for the prying eyes of the State. Most likely the private sector must bow to any and all demands made, or face being labeled as supporters of terrorism.

Both House and Senate are due to address CISPA (H.R. 3523) in the last weeks of April -- we had better make noise ten times louder than what was made against previous attempts to hijack the Internet.  Once the Internet is co-opted openly by the military-industrial-surveillance complex, there will be very little chance for regaining what will be lost.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful. Once everything becomes "national security" you can say goodbye to all liberty.

Anonymous said...

They'll just keep rolling out new acronyms until one gets through due to protest fatigue.

Anonymous said...

Our rulers are in panic-mode; Occupy Movement has them shitting their slacks. Look how the Supreme Court just OK'd de-lousing & strip searches for ANY arrest. Or NDAA. Or Homeland Security buying up 450 million rounds of hollow-point bullets?!

Our rulers see their power slipping, so they're panicking & revealing their true nature, which will make them lose power even quicker.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps we should have just let SOPA through. This is far worse and doesn't even seem to benefit musicians.

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