“Welcome to The Anthropocene”: Group of Scientists Advocate Global Government

Juriaan Maessen

“This is the story of how one species changed a planet..”- so begins this new promo put out by a team of UN-sponsored scientists. The website associated with the “short film” states it has been set up by “researchers and communicators from some of the leading scientific research institutions on global sustainability.”

The film itself follows the same old tiresome script we’ve heard so often from the mouths of neo-eugenic propagandists: too many people, shrinking icecaps, rising sea levels and the rest. The solution to all this doom and gloom? Global government of course.

The “leading scientific institutions” the website mentions are visible at the credits-page, namely: the Stockholm Environment Institute, the Geosphere-Biosphere Programme, Stockholm University and other organisations promoting global governance.

The chief scientists involved with the “Planet under Pressure” confab- one of whom stated earlier that questioning “climate change” equals serious mental illness- are featuring the short film prominently on their website now calling for global government to stem the tide of “human-induced climate change”.

As part of the State of the Planet Declaration issued by the UN-backed organization, a collection of high-level scientists pushes the idea of global governance, calling it “Earth System Governance”. The declaration reads:

“Governments must take action to support institutions and mechanisms that will improve coherence, as well as bring about integrated policy and action across the social, economic and environmental pillars. Current understanding supports the creation of a Sustainable Development Council within the UN system to integrate social, economic and environmental policy at the global level. There is also strong support for strengthening global governance by including civil society, business and industry in decision-making at all levels.”

At all levels. Listed among the measures required to “strengthen” global governance is: “continued exploration of new areas of knowledge, such as theoretical and applied research in behavioural science (…)”.

In a separate policy brief put out by the confab titled Transforming Governance and Institutions for a Planet under Pressure the initiators again openly promote the emergence of global government when they write under the header “Prepare Global Governance for a Warmer World”:

“At the global level, the institutional framework seems ill prepared to cope with the consequences of massive global change that will affect such major systems as food, water, energy, health and migration, and their interactions. While massive changes, for example in sea level, may not be imminent, future dangers can be minimized if institutional reform is planned and negotiated today. Global adaptation programmes thus need to become a core concern of the UN system and governments.”

The Planet under Pressure turned out to be a true feast of global government-proposals. One of sessions at the conference mentions no less than four sessions devoted to the idea of using ecological calamities, feigned or not, to accelerate the emergence of global government.

Risk governance of slow-developing, catastrophic risks
Mrs. M-V. Florin1; 1International Risk Governance Council, Switzerland

Organizing Science to Address Transboundary and Global Environmental Threats
Prof. P. Haas1; 1University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA 

Exploring the global context of science-policy integration for effective management of environmental risks
Dr. L. van Kerkhoff1; Prof. H. Berry2; 1The Australian National University, Australia 2University of Canberra, Australia

Geoengineering, Governance and Social-Ecological Systems – Some Critical Reflections
Dr. V. Galaz1; 1Stockholm Resilience Centre, Sweden

Catalysing improved global governance for sustainability and sustainable development:  some lessons from experience and principles for improved science policy engagement
Prof. S. Hatfield-Dodds1 , 2; Dr. P. Olsson3; Dr. M. Janssen4; 1CSIRO, Australia 2Australian National Unveristy (ANU), Australia 3Stockholm Resilience Centre, Sweden 4Arizona State Univeristy (ASU), USA

Don’t forget, this is just a sample. One sometimes grows weary of all these calls for world government. One grows even wearier of the reason submitted for it: global climate change. It has of course been exhaustively documented that if there’s one thing constant about the climate, is that it changes constantly. Furthermore, the idea of world government is much older than any global warming-craze the elite have come up with. As the Club of Rome, a pioneer-organization of the entire eco-fascist global takeover, stated in their “First Global Revolution”:

“In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill.”

U.N. Policy Paper Outlines 7 Building Blocks for ‘Heavy-Handed’ World Government

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