Monday, April 23, 2012

Farmers Fight Authorities Who Demand They Kill Their Pigs or Be Arrested

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Anonymous said...

An invasive and destructive species should be controlled if possible. For example, the zebra mussel which is destroying the great lakes totally..decimating the fish numbers, and the Asian carp which is a really big fish that actually targets people in boats, jumps and either kills you from the blow or you drown as a result of injuries. The emerald ash boring beetle which is killing just about every ash tree in the state. The DNR's job at trying to control these problems is not enviable. Its a never ending battle.

Pigs however are an altogether different thing. Ferrel hogs are viscous and mean. Protective of their territory, their teeth are slashing flesh tearing killers. That said, any domestic animal can and does go Ferrel...often. Animal control has said this of a beagle that dug a den as deep as a badger and had a huge litter of pups they had to go in after. There is a legendary enormous pig that was killed and its DNA proved it to be a cross between a domestic and ferel breed.


Monster Pig,2933,275524,00.html

As Mr Bakers stated, factory farm operations utilize many practices most small farmers would not find remotely reasonable, practical nor humane. Factory farms are cruel in the extreme. Factory farms are also the ones responsible for the most escapes. Small family owned farms just take far more care in their daily operations than any factory farm. Escaped hogs become Ferrel.

Hogs are extraordinarily protective of their young. They will kill. To eat, to protect, if they are wounded or sick. They are seriously dangerous. Imagine a 12 foot long 1000 or 1200 pound hog with 9 or 10 inch tusks charging at you! Hams the size of truck tires!

One sow my grandparents owned was fine till she had babies. She corned my grandma, bit and smashed her again and again against the pen. She was lucky, and got away but had a broken leg. She was a sturdy woman, 6' tall, used to hard hard work.

I truly hope Mr Baker and others win their case. Small farmers in this state and our whole country are being winnowed out through economics and legislation created by bureaucrats that think meat comes from the grocery store.

The problem in this scenario isn't Mr Baker and other responsible ethical farmers. Its a whole host of others with a myriad of agendas. How many more laws do we need to protect us from our freedom? From our bacon? Eventually there will be no bacon (high cholesterol, Ferrel hogs, oh my) and thats a world I just cant live in!

Don't protect me from the bacon!

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