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Monsanto-FDA’s Michael Taylor to Keynote Food Safety Town Hall

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Rady Ananda
Activist Post

For a mere grand, you can attend the entire 3-day Food Safety Summit set for April 17-19 in Washington, D.C. There you’ll get to hear Monsanto-lobbyist-now-Obama’s-Food-Safety-Czar, Michael R. Taylor, wax tyrannical about how federal and state regulators will manage the inspectional requirements of the boondoggle Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).

As Deputy Commissioner for Foods of the US Food and Drug Admin, Taylor also promises to whine about the lack of funding for his FSMA vision of stopping natural food production in the US during his April 18 workshop.

He’s seeking a $3 billion budget to “modernize” our food system.  By modernize, he means to hyper-regulate the small producer out of existence, while criminalizing natural food production and trade.

After his workshop, chemical company and GMO giant DuPont will announce this year’s winner of the Food Quality Award.  Can’t wait to see who they select. You can be sure a completely organic, unprocessed, unadulterated, natural food won’t take the prize.

The next morning, Taylor will co-host a Town Hall with the USDA’s Under Secretary for Food Safety, Elisabeth Hagen.

You can deliver a question to Taylor now, which he may address during the Town Hall. Here’s the question I submitted:  “Why are you opposed to raw milk and GMO food labeling?”

Taylor’s currently under fire to be fired.  Several consumer groups have joined to push for his dismissal from the FDA.  You can sign a petition to hand him his pink slip here.

As the poster boy for government-industry collusion, Taylor is behind several raids on natural milk producers throughout the nation.  He champions the biotech myth that genetically modified foods are “substantially equivalent” to real food.

Though “equivalent,” he refuses to require labeling of GM foods, despite that nearly all consumers want the ingredient labeled.  Just Label It is trying to get a million signatures on its legal petition filed with the FDA.  You have until March 27 to sign it.

Non GMO Heirloom Seed Bank
Taylor even wrote the FDA white paper on recombinant bovine growth hormone, a GMO ingredient added to factory milk, suggesting that companies that label their milk rBGH-free should also be required to state that FDA asserts there is no difference between milk from drugged vs. undrugged cows.

“Taylor’s disclaimer was a lie,” says Jeffrey Smith. “Monsanto’s own studies and FDA scientists officially acknowledged differences in the drugged milk. No matter. Monsanto used Taylor’s white paper as the basis to successfully sue dairies that labeled their products as rBGH-free.”

In a victory for informed consent, last year an Ohio district court overturned the ban on labeling milk as free from artificial hormones.

Good folks fighting for clean, safe and natural foods might want to consider invading the Food Safety Summit and performing some action to raise awareness of the public’s demand that genetically modified foods be labeled and that the natural milk trade be left unmolested by government hyper-regulation.

Taylor’s “Town Hall” isn’t free.  The minimum you’ll pay to attend any portion of the 3-day summit is $650, if you register after March 30.  Registering now can get you in for one day for $350.

This could be similar to what Adam Eidinger did when he infiltrated Monsanto’s annual shareholder meeting earlier this year and gave a well-prepared three-minute speech.

Have someone videotape your action at the Food Safety Summit Town Hall; we’ll all want to see it.

Rady Ananda is an investigative reporter and researcher in the areas of health, environment, politics, and civil liberties.  Her two websites, Food Freedom and COTO Report are essential reading.

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Anonymous said...

Investigative reporter? Try investigating some more... You have quite a bit wrong.

Rady said...

hi Michael Monsanto; must suck to have the public so aware of your shenanigans.

Good thing every assertion is linked; must suck to be so easily refuted.

Got your unemployment papers ready?

See you in April, or on the Global Day of Action to Stop Monsanto from 7am on March 16 to 7am March 17.

Michael said...

Do we get to vote on the Food Quality Award? Could we ask Mr. Taylor if he actually tasted some, or if he feeds the products to his family?

Like the Royal Family on that island across the sea, he probably has an organic garden in the backyard for his use.

Food Freedom!

Rady said...

lol, you KNOW Taylor doesn't eat that crap!

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