Wednesday, March 14, 2012

KONY 2012 Psy-Op Collapsing

Invisible Children disables comments on viral propaganda video + meet the real Joseph Kony.

Tony Cartalucci, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

As the US State Department, USAID-centric Invisible Children psy-op KONY 2012 collapses, Invisible Children has disabled comments on their viral YouTube video.

When last checked, negative comments were voted to the top and a cascading effect of skepticism as well as damning facts began drowning out the initial confusion, sympathy, and emotional knee-jerk support the propaganda video purposefully created and preyed upon.

Image: A screenshot of Invisible Children's Kony 2012 video on YouTube. Comments have been disabled. (click image to enlarge)

As comments are now being censored, it is suggested that people simply go to the video and click the "dislike" button to voice their opposition to this stunt. Most likely, even that feature will be disabled, and the video KONY 2012 will become the one-way Wall Street infomercial it really is, rather than the faux-participatory "social media" "activism 2.0" experience it masquerades as being.

The Establishment-Funded "Anti-Establishment" Charity

It has been revealed that indeed Invisible Children has been working with USAID, a US government agency that helps lay the groundwork for what could best be described as a modern-day imperial administrative network. It is now also revealed that Invisible Children attended the 2010 US State Department and Fortune 500 sponsored Alliance for Youth Movements (AYM) summit in London.

AYM (also called it was reported, played a central role in preparing armies of US State Department funded, trained, and equipped activists to carry out the so-called "Arab Spring" years in advance. Much like KONY 2012, the Arab Spring took many by surprise and in the wave of confusion, entire nations were upturned and US proxy regimes installed. Tunisia and Libya are now full-fledged client states of Wall Street and London, while the fates of nations like Egypt and Syria still hang in the balance.

Unlike the "Arab Spring" however, the KONY 2012 scam has collapsed almost as fast as it first swept the globe. And as it falls, it is taking with it the credibility of all who participated in it and promoted it, including the deceitful International Criminal Court (ICC) and its chief prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo, as well as Hollywood and the corporate-media who did all in their power to lie, manipulate and make fools out of millions once more in the pursuit of perpetuating the imperial ambitions of Wall Street and London.

KONY 2012 is Casus Belli for Emptying Out Africa

It was reported in "Libyan Rebels Inspired by Globalization" that US-proxy rebel leader, Gibril (Jabril) Elwarfally before the Fortune 500-funded Brookings Institution, would claim Libya's role in the future was to transition to a service economy, focus on education, and turn Libya into “a lake” to develop the skills of Africans to serve the needs of the European Union. If Africa is a treasure trove of resources, Libya will be the doorway through which the West loots it.

And as the West breaks down the door in North Africa, US Africa Command (AFRICOM) has been concurrently deploying military assets throughout Africa, from Nigeria, across Central and East Africa and southward toward Kenya and even as far as to menace the former British holding of Rhodesia, now known as Zimbabwe.

It has been reported already that in Uganda British firms have participated in land grabs violently displacing up to 30,000 people in single transactions in direct cooperation with Ugandan dictator-for-life Yoweri Museveni. In fact, it is troops under Museveni's command, who helped displace these people, and who stand to receive additional weapons and funds from Invisible Children's KONY 2012 campaign.

Video: Meeting Joseph Kony -- A rare interview with Joseph Kony, leader of the Lord's Resistance Army. Kony would state that he and his men were "freedom fighters," and that, "we are fighting for democracy. We should be free to elect our leader. We want our leader to be elected," as opposed to the current reigning dictator of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni, who has been in power for nearly 3 decades.

While researching this article, a rare interview with Joseph Kony himself was found. Kony states that his fight is against Ugandan President Museveni, who by any definition is indeed a tyrannical, mass murdering dictator. Kony states that he is actually a "freedom fighter" fighting for "democracy." With talk like that, it is a surprise that the US State Department isn't funding and arming him. Ironically, recent reports indicate that the US may just have been, and that the West was funding and backing both Kony and Museveni to ensure that the entire region remained in constant turmoil. The purpose of this from a geopolitical point-of-view is quite simple, as encapsulated in the following ancient Chinese stratagem:
When a country is beset by internal conflicts, when disease and famine ravage the population, when corruption and crime are rampant, then it will be unable to deal with an outside threat. This is the time to attack. -The 36 Strategies, #5 Loot a Burning House
With US troops already on the ground in Uganda, as well as creeping across Africa under AFRICOM, the attack is already on. Quite clearly further US troop deployments based on invoking renewed interest in Africa and the hunting of various "bogeymen" amidst an atmosphere of general chaos and lawlessness serves only to give the US free reign over the continent and eliminate any and all African leaders who insist on maintaining ties with China and/or their national sovereignty.

The corporate-financier elite have calculated that public ignorance, even for nations as well-known as Iran, Syria, and Libya, is so profound that the media can peddle any narrative and still have the public believe it. Building a manipulative mechanism, what Vigilant Citizen describes as, "State Propaganda for a New Generation," goes beyond just Uganda and Joseph Kony. It represents a model that can be turned against virtually any country in Africa, or even around the world.

It represents a new stage in manipulating the minds and hearts of the global population by leveraging so-called social media, more accurately described as "Propaganda 2.0." Exposing and burying this new method of manipulation is the key to bringing forth a real revolution.

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Anonymous said...

For the first time in many years a operation like this, is been exposed all over the world.
Even Scandinavians have ripped this video apart, and exposed the Lies and the realty they tryed to create/forge. And that "story" was to be sold to the western hemisphere countrys, and otherwise the atricle is head on.
And whats the most valuable aspect and downfall of this Episode is the way The MSM managed to corner them selfs in, by bying/beliving this shitt.
This is the begining of the greater world war. And remeber Alger and Marroco, they will soner or later begin to feal the heat. In Alger, they have "hugh" number of suporters(al queda), ready to destroy Alger, from within.
I sincerly hope that Aricans wakes up, the Arabs are still asleep. Not realizing they are been Raped and Robbed in broad day light.

Africans, the Balck people, their fate is the one that wil be next. A people whoms history is completly destroyed and cept in the dark. Its was their mission, and still is, aldoe they to ar lost. Like the Arabs, because they dont know their opwn history anymore, its completly forgotten.
The Blacks mission was Democracy and the rule of Law, its was and is the Black people that acived the ultimate civilisation and the living standards was high.

I hope that they see this present danger, and starts to realise the Unification of Africa is the fastes way to counter west, if not, you will Never be free. Before they deported you, now they enslave you at home.
I place my fate and my biggest hope is also Africas best weapond, their Women.


Cory Samoila said...

The indigo children now have been activated.

Prepare for The permiculture campains.

We will Restore the balance on Earth.

No More Lies, No More Wars.

Trust Truth, Much Love!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to you and others who work to out and counter the State Department of Looting.

I never saw the 'viral' video, but heard its alleged importance proclaimed on the 6 o'clock warmongering half hour of hate, which I watch to see what several million people were just subjected to under the belief they were staying informed.

Most of them still believe what was reported as the numbers greatly favor television truth. Funny how immorality parades as morality and killing people is prefaced with caring for them. Whenever your ire is raised by television, cool yourself and ask who will benefit if you capitulate to the emotions raised. Whenever television tells you of its care for women, children and infants, remember how the machine will care not a whit for them after the war and destruction starts.

canobs said...

___Libya was the richest country of the African continent (no debt and accumulated surpluses with gold backed currency, public central bank), and the latest African countries union was created by Muammar Khaddafi, who started to install public banks all across the continent with his gold dinar as common currency_____Now you know why he was assassinated and his country destroyed.____As soon as the destruction was completed, the bank was privatized, the gold reserve and surpluses stolen as well as the oil production now run by foreign multinationals.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone familiar with PEERS: WantToKnow - Fred Burks... well, he totally supports this entire movement, much to my surprise. Below are some quotes from emails we've shared.

March-09-12 11:53 PM
Hi Diane,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. I very much respect your thoughts on this, even though I may not agree. I'm aware that the video and the organization behind it have their weaknesses. There are a number of things about the video I would change if I could.

That said, I've always been amazed at how little my friends and Americans in general know or care about Africa. I've had great hope for many years that we might find ways to stop the warring there and to bring people out of the intense poverty and disease-plagued lives that so many there to live with. I spent a month, mostly in Tanzania in 1990, and was also deeply impressed with how friendly people were, in spite of all their hardships.

I've also been aware for many years of the intense cruelty of some of the warlords like Kony in Africa and elsewhere. And I've know that most high level Western politicians don't care and turn a blind eye when terrible things happen in Africa. Rwanda was a clear example of genocide that was greatly manipulated by top Western politicians. Did you know that many in the power elite/shadow government support this kind of genocide and would like to kill off the African people? Did you know that hundreds of thousands of children have been enslaved and/or raped over the years and that it could have been stopped if white leaders cared?

For me, in spite of its weaknesses, Kony 2012 is exciting because it is bringing these important matters to the consciousness of millions of people who never knew about it. Now these people care and are taking action to stop this and to show that they care about the African people. Is that really such a bad thing? Do you really think the powers that be want people to care about ordinary Africans? Do you really think the powers that be was people to stand up feel empowered by taking action to stop something they believe is wrong? I welcome your thoughts.

With best wishes for a better world,

Thu 15/03/2012 5:32 PM
Dear Fred,

My eyes were wide open, long before I stumbled upon your website.... which BTW is well done and I do thank you for helping others awaken from their slumber.
You have vast amounts of information, with credible links, from mainstream (which most people require as validation) --- however, to me, personally, this KONY2012 is a huge concern/problem or perhaps just a distraction.

I could ramble on here about numerous matters, but what I hope is that when you fully understand that we have been lied to and this is propaganda 101, you will post a notice, and CC me, at some point on your page, stating that this entire KONY2012 is nothing more than a fraudulent hoax for the purpose of a possible invasion for so called *humanitarian efforts*, with resources being the core factor / end goal.

Please, take a stand on this - KONY2012 is a complete and utter fraud.

I am hoping for a better world as well - hope you can make things right.

Thu 15/03/2012 7:30 PM
Hi Diane,

I am sad to hear that you put so much weight into this one film. I can only say that I am doing what I believe is best for all, and I trust that you are doing what you believe is best, too. Consider that if you look for conspiracies everywhere, that is what you will likely find. I wish you all the best.

With warm wishes and lots of hope for a brighter future,


I would love to hear what others think about this exchange.

Anonymous said...

So what happens when a mega superstar gets caught up in a psy op like this one? His image gets polished up real fast.

You got out and get arrested at a protest and the media of the entire world reports on what a hero you are.
George Clooney, scumbag, warmonger, loved by all.

Reminds me of Amy Goodman getting 'arrested' at a Republican convention after DemocracyNow was getting too much flack for its pro war propaganda.

Anonymous said...

Thank you both very much Tony and Activist Post to bringing new information about the "Kony 2012" to our attention. I found your post through a link put up by so I must thank Jeff Rense too for doing this.

I had also seen on World Socialist Website ( that the Kony 2012 film's director Jason Russell had given a speech at Liberty University (founded by Jerry Falwell) and that some of the funding Invisible Children gets comes from fundamentalist Christian organisations directly or indirectly involved in inciting hatred against homosexuals in Uganda (hatred that also includes lynching and legislation making homosexuality a crime punishable by death) and in promoting "intelligent design" at schools.

There has been some news that 200 young children in northern Uganda have died from a neurological disease called Nodding disease which came across from southern Sudan but this has not received anywhere near as much fanfare and attention as "Kony 2012".

Anonymous said...

"For the first time in many years a operation like this, is been exposed all over the world.
Even Scandinavians have ripped this video apart, and exposed the Lies and the realty they tryed to create/forge."
What do you mean by "Even Scandinavians"? I am a scandinavian, an almost everyone of us posted a criticism of InvisibleChildren and Kony2012. So, I don't see the reason behind "Even Scandinavians".

Anonymous said...

Facebook, twitter ,Linkedin and so on all that so called internet social network is only and anything else than the materialisation of the dream of any propaganda masterpiece:
repeat and repeat , multiply and multiply to the saturation the same and again LIE and Deciet, until this will be the only truth affordable and known as the official truth.
Goebbels will be happy to know that his pragmatic vision to brain-washes the people telling ad infinitum the same lies has met the dream possibilities to implement such a perfect mind control in 99% of the people !
With this Facebook, Twitter and other "social BS" the spread of the same lies is logarithmic , exponentially and geometricaly instantanous to become the common truth !

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