Friday, March 16, 2012

Globalists Pull Plug on Kony 2012 with Spectacular Crash and Burn

Tony Cartalucci, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

Over the past week, as Invisible Children and their corporate sponsors performed desperate damage control, ties between the alleged "charity" and the US State Department, Wall Street speculator George Soros and his Open Society Institute, and a myriad of corporate-funded foundations began surfacing and spreading just as quickly as their documentary Kony 2012 rose to fame.

Image: (via Infowars) A visual representation of Invisible Children's true backers and master minds. They will gladly shed their front group in the name of self-preservation and making a clean escape.

Perhaps most importantly, the term AFRICOM began gaining wider notoriety as did the mission of AFRICOM - the neo-colonial plundering of all of Africa. And as this single backfiring propaganda stunt threatened to unhinge a continent-spanning corporate-military industrial campaign, the plug was abruptly pulled with news of Invisible Children's director Jason Russell being arrested for lewd behavior in public.

Image: The coat of arms of the British South Africa Company (BSAC) - a predecessor of modern neo-imperialism. The BSAC was a company chartered by the British Empire, lent the resources and capabilities of the Empire, to help loot the natural wealth of Africa. This mirrors exactly AFRICOM and the legion of corporations and NGOs carrying out the modern-day looting of Africa. Note the terms "justice" and "freedom" used upon the company's coat of arms. Clearly masking exploitation with good intentions is nothing new.

The growing legions of critics and skeptics arrayed against this latest Wall Street-London psychological operation will undoubtedly seize this irresistible bait laid out, either by chance or by design, to focus on finishing off the already mortally wounded "Invisible Children" organization. It is already turning out to be a spectacular crash and burn.

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However, the focus must be maintained on the mechanics behind Invisible Children, the fact that they are backed by USAID and that they participated in the US State Department's Alliance for Youth Movements ( summits which laid the groundwork years in advance for the US-engineered "Arab Spring." It must also be remembered that while they pretend to be a movement of the people, Invisible Children is in fact backed by (page 22) Soros-funded foundations, JP Morgan, Chase, and others.

And as satisfying as many will find it to stomp Invisible Children out of existence for intentionally misleading them, preying on their emotions, insulting their intelligence, and literally lying to them, they must remember that all they've managed to do is hack away but a tentacle of a much larger monster. While we have a firm grip on Invisible Children, let's pull up the whole monster from its murky lair.

Let us expose the International Criminal Court and its fraudulent head, Luis Moreno-Ocampo who enthusiastically supported the fraud that is Kony 2012. And the Hollywood propagandists who abused their fame and the misplaced trust of millions to promote Invisible Children, as well as other, more established but equally fraudulent NGOs like Soros-funded (annual report page 8) Amnesty International and the Neo-Con run Freedom House who skillfully rode the wave of publicity Invisible Children created, but ran concurrent anti-Kony/pro-AFRICOM invasion campaigns of their own, safely isolated from what they knew was experimental, unpredictable, and potentially disastrous propaganda.

As the plug is pulled on Invisible Children, the system will gladly sacrifice an easily replaceable tentacle in exchange for its overall self-preservation. Do not allow the writhing tentacle pulled into the boat distract us from the grander prize at hand.

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Anonymous said...

What they fear most is coming...

The sleeper(s) have awakened.

Anonymous said...

There is another thing we should do, STOP selling and buying on EBAY, ebay is an jp morgan project and now they even want to be paid by the buyer and then decide if to pay the seller. cut the crap, stop buying and selling on ebay or simply contact the seller and send your contact data and buy without ebay, every cent spent via ebay is feeding the jp morgan monster, and they make hundres of millons every year from us. i sell myself on ebay but will stop that asap, i already buy most of my stuff without ebay, it costs a little more sometimes but the feeling to help to stop or at least delay the bankers wars, and if just a second, feels great, i wonder why nobody wrote about that by now, cheers, mike

Anonymous said...

burn baby burn

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This is more serious than we might expect. Once They know people aren't as stupid as They thought they were, They will use other techniques to soap our eyes. Keep your eyes clear & open!

Anonymous said...

The new Executive Order the NDRP is a complete military coup of the government. Word in DC is that this whole Kony expose was what made them push it through ASAP on Friday night.

So we made a dent. Now we need to go further.

A big thing we can do is to get off Facebook as it is 100% CIA controlled. Two guys from Tahrir built a social network called JinnWE to coordinate all cities world wide. Pretty fun too. check it out

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