Thursday, March 1, 2012

Expendable: Overcoming Censorship and Suppression in the Schapelle Corby Case

Schapelle Corby
Simon Langford
Activist Post

The Expendable documentary movie, released just a few weeks ago, revealed appalling corruption at the heart of the Australian government, and its terrible  consequences for an individual citizen, Schapelle Corby. Every abuse it documents is proven, by the government's own correspondence.

Since it was released, however, the reaction of Australian politicians, and the Australian media, has been to suppress and censor it. Those suspected of association within Australia have been subjected to a range of intimidating actions, and the Expendable website itself has been scanned and ripped, almost on a daily basis, by the Australian Department of Defence, and the Australian Federal Police.

The Expendable Movie

The movie itself can be openly viewed below:

Both the film, and the information dossiers, have been downloaded in large numbers across the world. This is strongly encouraged by the producers, who fear further assaults on the website. The Expendable PayPal account, which was intended to collect funds to support distribution, has already been frozen.

The Open Initiative: Overcoming Suppression

The latest initiative to overcome this is to submit and distribute the film, and the dossier, directly in the name of citizens from around the world.

With Care2, the producers have used a petition page to enable humanitarians, supporters, and anyone at all opposed to the activities of the Australian establishment, to add their names to the project.

Expendable will therefore be submitted not by the small team who created it, but by the thousands who sign the online database.

It will not only be submitted to institutions, such as the United Nations and the ICC, but will be sent the media, celebrities, special interest groups, lobbyists, humanitarians, churches, individuals, and many others.

In line with the open nature of the project development, members of the public will also be able to copy the signature list, and forward the film/dossier, themselves. Again, this is encouraged by project insiders:
This is about decent people across the world drawing a line, and fighting for an innocent life against corrupt politicians. The Expendable Project team have merely supplied the tools, in the form of proof of their crimes, and the film. What really matters is that good people use it: use truth and integrity as a weapon of choice.
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So how's about a boycott Australia movement until she gets let go? That would probably do the job real fast, but do enough want to inconvenience themselves by playing?

These are the sort of tactics that WORK, so of course they only happen once in a while.

Nathan said...

After the recent riots in Kerobokan prison in Bali, the Australian government has the opportunity to finally do the right thing without having to admit having made "mistakes" in the past. It is time for them to demand Schapelle Corby's release!

Anonymous said...

What the Australian govt wants is for her to die in prison.
The one Aussie media could have a field day covering the funeral for the same woman they themselves helped kill.

Anonymous said...

Don't boycott Australia because that's only going to hurt the middle class which is what the government is already trying to do, you will be helping the corrupt government accomplish it's goals if you hurt the Australian economy.
Attack the media and spread the information everywhere.

Colleen Bischoff said...

Name a date,time and location for this boycott and Ill be there with as many universities students as possible. I'ts disgusting, keelty and many others should be where Shapelle is, or shot, you decide.
Remember the policy passed protecting police officers from being accused of un becoming conduct without undeniable proof? what I remember is that this policy was enforced not long after the Royal commision discovered 3/4 of police force was indeed corrupt,, how conveniant this policy to this day is for all "law enforcement officers"
The corruptions of the the Australian government and police is no surprise to many Australians who have suffered for political gain. And they are not corrupt because they are trying to destroy the economy, they are corrupt because they are forfeiting the human rights of Shapelle to protect it and the relations between Aus and Indonesia which are also corrupt, regardless what motivates these pigs of parliament is irrelevant, Its time to demand her return home through massive boycotts, every Australian should refuse to vacate in bali untill her release, this doesnt require anyone to boycott Aus, go out of their way or place themselves in danger, it just requires unison in human decency, big ask i know.

Anonymous said...

Just want to highlight something that is being misrepresented in some of the alternate media. Bali is an island in the country of Indonesia. Indonesia is a country. The courts in Bali come from Jakarta not the Balinese people who are indigenous to the island known as Bali. The judge in Schapelles case was from Jakarta and the jail is run from Jakarta as well. To all you truthers out there that go off with all this boycott Bali and the Balinese are evil nonsense, well you basically look like retards who have a very limited understanding of what Indonesia is. Unless you know all facts dont just go run your mouths off spewing hate for a race of people you know absolutely nothing about. I know this as fact because I live here in Bali with Balinese people.. Vinny Eastwood you have been sent notice. Ego before substance is a shitty position to be in when your claiming to be professing truth.

I agree that Schapelle is innocent but some of the anger in this instance is being misdirected. Australians, you are to blame for your government. Either fix it or just shut up and deal with the hypocrisy that you deserve.


Anonymous said...

JC "Australians , you are to blame for your Government"

How do you work that out JC?, the Prime Minister we now have Julia Gillard was not elected and is not of the people's choice, trust me, the people of Australia are doing everything possible to get her and her cronies OUT of office!
"Unless you know all the facts, don't just run your mouth off"
It my pay you to take notice of your own advice.

Anonymous said...

Apathy plays a big part. Unless you start holding the government to account well, they are just going to do whatever they want. I would suggest that being a tax paying citizen you might want to speak out about what's being done in your name. We are talking about the management of the "commonwealth". These people are your servants. It really is time for Australians to wake up, get off your arse and start dictating terms. Otherwise just go back to sleep and pretend everything is ok. I wasn't even born there so why should I even give a.... ? Well I do because this is serious. What have you done to help correct this situation? If its less than signing a petition go take a good hard look at yourself.


RICK said...

You are making fools of yourselves.
We don't want her back here..
She was caught fair and square..
do the crime do the time.
The family have been into drugs for years, this is why the government wants nothing to do with it....

colleen said...

Guilty or not its time to bring the girl home, she has spent nine yrs in a hell hole for pot, pot!! who cares.
Ive heard many comments bagging others for stating things as if they themselves know the facts, its needs to be said shapelle herself tested NEGATIVE to any drugs in her system, that is a fact.
For those bagging the Aussie citizens for not holding GOV accountable, IT IS US fighting the Gov to take responsibility, hence the vidio you just watched.
Regardless of who comes from where this is a human rights issue if you dont believe in human rights and want to turn the plight to free a girl from hell into a racial debate then shut your mouth no one cares what you have to say. And i do believe it is BALI not Jakarta where Denpasar airport is, ive only been there twice so i could be wrong (note the sarcasim) that a lot of her HUMAN rights were ignored. Even judges get it wrong sometimes, well a lot of the times this is why dozens of people are freed each yr after serving yrs for crimes they didnt commit because dna testing prooves their innocence thus prooving judges get it wrong, but you regular citizens know if she's guilty or not dont you? lol, WHO CARES IF SHE DID IT OR NOT bring her home...

FREE SHAPELLE who gives a shit if she did it.

Caroline Richards said...

RICK: thank you so much for presenting yourself as an example of what propaganda can create from the dregs of humanity.

You remind us all how poweful the media is, and how gullible those susceptable to this can be (usually the ignorant, or those pre-desposed to callousness and hatred).

On a personal level, I pity you. What a miserable creature you must be.

Colleeen: read the reports and watch the film. She is innocent.

Colleen said...

Hi Caroline,
i enjoyed reading your comment well said.
i have watched the majority of the film ran out of usage with only 30 minutes to go, however in saying that prior to the release of this vidio i believed in her innocence, I am even more convinced of it with what i have viewed, my comments were merely trying to convince those who dont believe her thats she's served enough time and she should be granted a pardon from the indonesian government.

Catherine Bryan Ibarra said...

HELLO- I AM THE MANAGER OF A FIVE YEAR OLD ACTIVIST SITE- FOUND ON LINE AT, we would like to share stories, films, social and political articles with your site. But...I was unsuccessful at creating a log-in ID, for your site- and gave up after several tries. Our email address is

Anonymous said...

Native Peoples of Australia, the Missing Azaria baby case, the Fitzgerald inquiry into corrupt police & drugs, the mess you aussies get sucked into. We are talking about a human life and looking at how we collectively address this case in particular, I feel ashamed to be human. Those quilty of anything to prolong this womans stay in jail will suffer three times her pain when they pass over. Don't believe me !? Then wait and see. Rick above will be amongst those who wish they had found forgiveness and remorse in their hearts. Namaste.

david said...

Unfortunately the whole world is run by physcopaths and they have infected the mass populous of the countries they control.
They have created a system based on fear to control you and its working. Most people are too busy with " stuff" to implement a change and all change starts with yourself. How many of you know who you truly are ?
The sad reality here is that we all once got along perfectly well during the golden age but this was lost through the dark ages and believe me we are still in the dark age !!!
This girl obviously did not do what she was charged with to take something worth 40,000 to a country where it is worth 2000 and carries the death penalty , well where do i sign for a job like that !!! really please !!
@ Rick you are a product of the architects of control and it seems to me you need to unlearn what you have been taught thus far as its all lies.
Remember everything is under their control from what you learn at school to what you see on tv ect always question everything.
I am from the UK but you aussies have a couple of guys who can lead the way forward one of them is Max Igan and he can be found at the the other is santos bonacci who can be found on youtube under mrastrotheology.

Remember fear nothing and project love to everything peace !!


Anonymous said...

Well well well just looked at the comments for those people? earthlings ? trust you inner knowing because you are right .... and be nice to each other...?

Anonymous said...

I would sign this and I would be getting in the criminal government's faces, but honestly I'm scared of them. I know what they are - a pack of crooks - and I know that they can harass any one of us at any time.

If the random people I spoke to about 911, Port Arthur, Schapelle, mass immigration, illegal wars, and on the list goes had any opinions other than that which the government and media tells them to have I might show more courage.

I see little point setting myself up as a target for these hideous creatures at the moment.

I am angry that I have to pay tax to these bastards even though they just use it to destroy Australia in every possible way.

Wake up my fellow Australians, this has to stop some time. We can't let ourselves go down the road of numerous other nations and end up with the government imprisoning and killing its own citizens.

Another person you might want to help release is Brendon Oconnell. He has been in jail for 3+ years for criticizing Israel.

Ever heard of him? Didn't think so.

Anonymous said...

"Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely" The ruling class and the dogs that carry out their bidding are getting closer to their goal, your absolute enslavement.

Schapelle is just one of their many victims and if you just sit and watch it happen, YOU WILL BE NEXT.

Anonymous said...

It is absolutely chilling what has happened to that poor woman Schappelle... my heart goes out to her, I hope she gets released... this case is one of many that demonstrates clearly how bad things are - how blatantly wrong it is and yet she is still imprisoned, her human rights have just been ignored... how have we even got to this stage? How can these people get away with it??? It also shows how powerful the media is. I'm so glad I don't own a TV and I dont read newspapers either so I'm not getting infected with that media BULLSH*T!

Anonymous said...

I owe Schappelle Corby and her family an apology, because until yesterday I believed she was guilty. However I have found out due to my attempt at raising a Royal Commission for the Port Arthur Massacre, of the criminal element within the A.F.P., the Aust. Crimes Commission, politicians and the Governor General's Office, as well as other Gov. depts that exist on tax payers money but refuse to act out their duty.
That's right, REFUSE, to carry out their reason for existing. Thank you CrowHouse for your work.

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