The Innocents Killed by Obama: They Never Saw it Coming

Nobel-Secretary-Regrets-Giving-Peace-Prize-to-War-Criminal-Barrack-ObamaBy Joe Wright

It’s probably too much to ask an unrepentant murderer to speak the truth or show compassion, but even among murderers, the following video is a staggering example of having zero empathy.  Even the warmongering Brookings Institution has concluded that there are 10 civilians killed to every 1 “militant” in Pakistan alone.  Obama denies this, and a range of other documented evidence, when he states that only “precision strikes against al Qaeda and their affiliates” are undertaken. Then, listen as Obama makes a joke to the Jonas Brothers about being potential suitors for his own daughters.  He says, “Boys, don’t get any ideas. I have two words for ya’ — Predator Drones.”  I wonder if the family who lost their daughter, or the community bombed in this video, would smirk quite the same as he.

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  • Phrnch Mdl

    To have bases for killing all the Russkies. That why you are there. As far as the killing of all the innocents, well the locals must be provoked into fighting. In order that the Russkies think that you are not there for them. Murder to set up more murder, ain’t Americans grand?

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