10 Reasons America Will Be Judged as the Most Brutal Empire in History

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Good and evil doesn’t have a grey zone.  Killing and stealing is bad.  Violence is never “good” or necessary unless it is used to defend against killers and thieves. Indeed, that is the morality behind the “just war” principle as defined by international laws and treaties.

Yet, this simple concept of right and wrong gets muddled by differing ideas about religion, patriotism, economics and many other divisions.  The “just war” rule has crumbled under the ambitions of empires throughout history.  The American-led Anglo Saxon empire is no different.

This empire has been brutally conquering and colonizing territory since the fall of Rome.  However, it has only gained an American face in the last century.  The United States quickly emerged as the world’s “superpower” primarily through its economic might.  For some time, many believed the U.S. to be a shining example of economic freedom for other nations to emulate.  Indeed, America was eager to promote “economic freedom” globally to open new markets for U.S.-based corporations.

When foreign leaders refused to allow these corporate interests into their country, those leaders were replaced through a variety of covert actions.  The form of government that would be installed did not matter to the empire makers so long as the corporate interests were served.  In most cases these nations simply surrendered to the seemingly unlimited power of the almighty dollar, thus camouflaging the traditional method of forceful empire building.


However, some nations, especially in the last two decades, remained stubborn and have refused to alter their banking systems while also shunning Western companies.  Despite the empire’s best efforts to diplomatically bribe or sanction them into submission, they ultimately required an iron military fist to force their compliance.  Until recently, military action remained the last resort.  But now, preemptive military action seems to have become the preferred, and perhaps necessary, method to conquer the last resource-rich nations out of their grasp.

The empire’s populations cheered this strategy out of fear of being attacked by these rogue nations who never attacked or even threatened to attack them.  In the fog of fear, killing and stealing became acceptable. In fact, detention without charges and even torture became acceptable in the former capital of freedom. America has determined that the means justifies the end — which is more power.

As with all empires, these “means” have become increasingly violent and destructive in the face of resistance.  Yet, only a few more dominoes are left to knock over for America to complete a plan set in motion well before they were one of the colonies.  That is unless, of course, other world powers break ranks and attempt to stop the conquerors, which could lead to a large scale conflict.

Regardless, when the dust settles and moral history is written, America and her Western cohorts will likely be viewed as the most brutal empire in history.  Here are ten reasons why this is already the case:

Rumsfeld with Saddam Hussein 1983

1. Support of Dictators: For all the happy talk of spreading Democracy and protecting human rights, the empire has repeatedly not only supported dictators, but in many cases overthrew popularly elected leaders and replaced them with puppet tyrants.  Examples range from secretly funding the Nazis, to installing the Shah in Iran, Pinochet in Chile, supporting Musharraf in Pakistan, and their everlasting love affair with the brutal Saudi royal family, to name a few.  Actions speak louder than words to those who can navigate the storm of propaganda with a moral compass set to recognize good from evil.  Dictators and freedom cannot coexist.

2. Preemptive Wars of Aggression:  It could be said that all wars are preemptive in nature because so many entities benefit from war.  Yet, even before America’s latest crusades, they covertly and surgically attacked countries that never threatened them.  This allowed them to maintain the moral high road in the public’s eye while constructing the foundation of their empire.  That was until the Bush Doctrine; the use of preemptive military action to confront possible threats was unofficially adopted to be the new foreign policy for combating terror.  Since then, America has become the violent aggressors, having officially invaded two countries — Afghanistan and Iraq — without legitimate provocation.  Violent aggressors have always been judged by history as evil. But it gets worse….

Dees Illustration

3. Torture: Torture has never been acceptable by those promoting a high moral standing in the global community.  Nazis and Japanese soldiers were convicted and executed for engaging in the exact same torture techniques that America has redefined as ‘enhanced interrogation’.  “I was just following orders,” was not a justifiable excuse for such inhumane behavior, much like it wasn’t a good enough defense for the low-ranking patsies who took the heat for the sinister Abu Ghraib torture scandal even though their actions were approved at the highest levels.  Can state-sanctioned torture of prisoners held without charges ever be viewed as anything less than brutal?

Dees Illustration

4. Suppression of Dissent:  All tyrannical regimes throughout history have suppressed homeland dissent.  As government oppression grows bolder at home and abroad, more citizens will naturally express outrage, resulting in even more oppressive controls.  This is happening in the United States through the all-seeing eye of the Department of Homeland Security with warrantless spying, arbitrary watch lists, citizen spy campaigns, and TSA molestation to travel anywhere.  Additionally, in an attempt to squash free speech, they arbitrarily seize websites and violently confront peaceful protesters.  Unfortunately, as awareness of the topics in this very article expands, the U.S. will likely become even bolder in their pursuit of stifling dissent.  In other words, the worst is yet to come, and history will judge the U.S. as not quite the beacon of freedom they have pretended to be.

5. Elimination of Habeas Corpus:  Say goodbye to the notion of being innocent until proven guilty, the right to face charges and your accuser, and the right to a free and fair trial.  Habeas corpus, considered the only humane path to “which a prisoner can be released from unlawful detention,” has been eliminated for those vaguely labeled ‘enemy combatants’ of the empire.  As Guantanamo prisoners rot under such pretenses, prominent lawmakers in the empire propose the exact same lack of rights for American citizens if they’re labeled an ‘enemy belligerent‘.  Similar to the Spanish Inquisition, now you’re guilty until you’re tortured to admit your guilt.  Can it get more evil? Why yes, it can. Read on.

Anthony Freda Art

6. Assassinating Citizens:  That’s right.  No judge, no jury, no conviction; just straight to execution. America has set another precedent in their tyrannical march toward empire when they openly assassinated an American citizen and government patsy, Anwar al-Awlaki, and his teenage son on the suspicion of terrorism.  Paul Craig Roberts laments “Now the US government not only can seize a US citizen and confine him in prison for the rest of his life without ever presenting evidence and obtaining a conviction, but also can have him shot down in the street or blown up by a drone.”  Isn’t this the reason America claims to be knocking off dictators around the world — the deliberate killing of their own citizens?

But Awlaki was a bad apple because the intelligence community said so. What’s most telling that America will continue this wickedness is that almost every US lawmaker turned a blind eye to the grotesque violation of Constitutional rights. Only Ron Paul said that assassinating an American citizen without charges is nothing less than an “impeachable offense”.  Too bad most of the country cheered the Awlaki killing as a “victory” in the war on terror, indicating that it is now an acceptable tactic.  Americans beware: you may be moved from a secret watch list to a secret kill list in this brutal empire.

Dees Illustration

7. Unauthorized Drone Wars: Unprovoked wars without authorization, accountability, or independent oversight only seem to be escalating; and with little resistance. The US Congress no longer votes to “declare war”.  They simply give the Commander in Chief broad “authorization” to use force against specific nations. However, even that is not broad enough in the rapid pursuit of empire.  Now, joystick warriors directed by the CIA and Pentagon have targeted at least three countries with “unauthorized” military strikes; Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia.  Even worse, they waged a full-scale war for regime change and resource plundering in Libya without any authority inside the United States.  Under the NATO flag, which is 75% funded by the U.S., they flew over 9200 strike sorties in Libya to illegally topple Gaddafi.  Drunk with success, the bloodthirsty empire marches on to their next preemptive targets, Syria and Iran.  Quick morality check: unprovoked killing and stealing as a first resort is still wrong, right?

8. Use of Weapons of Mass Destruction: How ironic that the world’s policeman for weapons of mass destruction is the only one to use them on a mass scale.  The United States is on record using chemical, biological and even nuclear weapons.  From the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in WWII, to Monsanto’s Agent Orange in Vietnam, to the depleted uranium used in Afghanistan and Iraq, America only condemns itself when speaking about the evils of WMDs. However, killers don’t appear to care how the killing is accomplished, so long as it achieves their goals.  The real firecrackers will likely be brought out in a confrontation with Iran, or if China and Russia are lured into the conflict.  It won’t really matter much what history says if the use of WMD escalates by either side, but the aggressors should rightly be blamed for the ensuing scorched earth, while the defenders against killers and thieves should be viewed as righteous.

9. World’s Largest Drug Dealer:  The American empire is the largest drug dealer in the world?  Say it isn’t so. Well, in addition to forcing legal drugs and genetically modified organisms on nations, usually under the cover of foreign aid, America also leads in the illegal drug trade.  In fact, many researchers reveal that the war on drugs is only utilized to control and monopolize the illicit drug trade.  The US government has been caught multiple times shipping in cocaine, colluding with certain cartels to control the industry, and now openly protects and transports opium from Afghanistan.  In fact, Global Research points out that in 2001, “according to UN figures, opium production had fallen to 185 tons. Immediately following the October 2001 US led invasion, production increased dramatically, regaining its historical levels.”  This month, the U.N. announced that Afghanistan now provides 93% of the world’s opium production; up 61% compared to 2010 to a whopping 5800 tonnes.  Although the empire tries to keep it secret, they can’t hide the hypocrisy forever.

10. World Reserve Currency Prison: Although using Weapons of Mass Debt is a non-violent form of expanding the empire, it’s perhaps the most brutal and effective form of control.  Requiring foreign nations to purchase oil and other imported commodities with US dollars wields immense power.  Because all nations must acquire dollars to purchase critical resources, they quickly become indebted to the US Federal Reserve, their affiliate central banks, and the IMF.  Before long, the entire world is colonized by debt.  It seems that only the nations that don’t need or refuse credit from Western banking institutions are the ones in danger of facing the wrath of the imperial war machine. Incidentally, most oil-rich nations in the Middle East have outlawed usury (lending money with interest), making them impossible to conquer diplomatically through debt.  Controlling the world reserve currency means controlling the tap of life itself, which is a dangerous weapon in the hands of an aggressive empire.  Debt is the ultimate WMD the empire uses to enslave the world, which leaves dissidents with two clear choices: slavery or death.

Although this empire is infinitely more powerful than Rome was, it will likely suffer the same fate.  For every negative action the empire commits, there’s an equal and opposite good reaction. And the goodness of humanity will always defeat tyranny when it goes too far.  However, an empire with so much to lose will go down swinging and slinging every weapon in its arsenal, thus putting the final stamp on their status as most brutal empire in history.

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50 Comments on "10 Reasons America Will Be Judged as the Most Brutal Empire in History"

  1. Wow you really hate America! I sure wish you had your facts correct and didn’t rely on conjecture and hearsay from your so called “sources”. Yes, America has done horrible things around the world and against her own citizens. However, it is still the greatest country the world has ever known. It amazes me how many people believe in the conspiracy theories posted in the comments and in this “post”. Wake up and smell reality. It’s people that can be evil, not nations as a whole. One thing I will say about the American governing body, however, is that career politicians and the political machine does in fact, routinely, chew up and spit out men and women who go into politics with altruistic motives and come out corrupted and jaded. How unfortunate this is. It is the system that is corrupting and not America herself. Most Americans, I believe, and the polls support this, is that it’s the governmental machine that is the problem, not America as a whole.

  2. America (as a nation) not the citizens, are viewed as evil. The only way your government is even in power is because you (the citizens) have elected them to be. While no country is perfect, it seems America is the only country in the world that feels the need to bully and lie blatantly to its own people. There was a reason we said no to your offer in 2003 to go to war. Here in Canada , we are a peace keeping nation. We are respected every where we go. Its the work we put in…America has gotten a really big ego and the rest of the world isn’t jealous…we know you have one of the best armies in the world…but seriously is that even something to be proud of ? Your public schooling is sad, crime is increasing everyday..children are missing…health- wise ..sheesh don’t even get me started…you owe TRILLIONS of dollars yet keep borrowing…China pretty much is about to collect on your country any day now…the thing is if America just stopped putting its nose in every body’s business, and focused on its citizens…well…perhaps karma wouldn’t rear it’s ugly head…AMERICA NUMBER 1 …uhmm no, you guys are more like a giant NUMBER TWO..
    P.S. Your government has been known to contribute to child trafficking for years now…just ask any good ole ‘ CIA ..ahh..never mind …you’d have to think to do just that…good day!

  3. The Eastern Empire held hast until the fall of Constantinople in 1453.

  4. You never had it.

  5. Now I’m really thinking the Civil War really was the War of Northern Aggression, and the Confederacy was right.

  6. JhonyCanada-UsaGreen | June 27, 2015 at 10:49 pm |

    Really…………… Really, Oh my god you are a very problematic human being, wherever you are from do you get to chose what youre government does and for cryng out loud we aren’t all the same people in the Us!!! we have difrent belifes, religions, political parties, etc

    Of course you hate the US for some reason and I also think the us has lots of flaws but, the government is elected by a sum of people ho dont now what the government will do, and then doesnt have much of a sayng to what to do because that president (Bush) is a Dum, Ignorant, Arrogant person ho doesn’t listen to the people nore to the Congres!!, stop tryng to make a fuss out of history and try to make people feel guilty

    PS: Sorry for my bad grammar

  7. YAAAAAAWN!!! the usa IS bad! and IS evil! but guys…..give it a REST!! you will be destroyed LONG before you come close to being the most EVIL, the MOST brutal or the BADDEST empire ever! God you are so boringly competitive!!! NYC greatest city in the world!!! HAHAHAHAHHA that is a good one

  8. Do not forget that racism still exists. As an American, I can say that we still have politicians and leaders who literally support killing people. And Trump with the attacks on Muslims, and the KKK killing blacks and having the police on their side.

  9. Rome did fall, but resurrected some ages ago.

  10. But to the most extent I agree with your writing. America is an extension of Europe.


    • It was our sworn duty as allies of the French. Had we not gone then we’d just be known today as the backstabbing cowards who leave our friends out to dry.

      But… we were also subject to treaties that left the well-being of the people of Iraq in the hands of the US and Great Britain. No matter what you think of all the other, more modern justifications for the ’03 invasion, that treaty is still valid today.

  12. my goodness, you’re a goof. look up the neo-Akkadians. Americans destroyed a handful of villages in Vietnam. the neoakkadians destroyed entire populations. we are actually pretty even handed as far as empires go. and we lack the conquest of antiquty. and much of the brutality.

    • How can you draw comparisons between the US and the Akkadian empire that existed 5,000 years ago? Humanity is supposed to be progressing, not regressing.

      “Americans destroyed a handful of villiages in Vietnam”.

      There were human beings in those villages, for goodness’ sake! Using your warped sense of logic, the 911 terrorists *only* killed a handful of people so why was America making such a fuss about it?

      The actions of the US are indefensible and puts its own citizens, and the world, at risk.

    • u sir, are a fantastic moron, and delusional too. These are modern times. You guys destroyed much more than a handful of villages in vietnam. freakin idiot

  13. this is patently false. despite your thoughts or feelings.

  14. what about the wars of conquest in antiquty? read what the Romans did to the Carthage in the third Punic war and then tell me that Americans are the worst

  15. Until American’s revolt and cleanse their political system and reset their goals to be slightly more sane and much less bloodthirsty, until that happens then I reserve the right to think that they are all in it together. The people keep voting for villain after villain and my sympathy with the American people diminishes every day.

    If you are an American voter, you are not the victim, you are the cause of the problem and thats how the rest of the world see’s you. You cant just blame your government anymore. You have to take some responsibility, you keep willingly voting for a murderous empire who’s agenda has been clear for long enough now, no way I can see you as victims.

    If Americans cant see what the rest of the world see’s then dont expect sympathy at any point.

  16. And NEVER forget abortion.

  17. What piss me off is no recognition of what it has done to my people and yet still do to this day. We were and continue to be the most brutalized people in this country!!!! But that doesn’t matter because we should just pretend it doesn’t right?!

  18. All races may have enslaved but only America has treated it’s slaves this way. America is savagery at its best. Africans didn’t treat slaves the way they did…

    • I agree with the article mostly, but this slavery nonsense is utterly bollocks. Americans were quite lenient compared to the worst slavers the Arabs, in arabic a negro and a slave are described by the same word. The word slave comes from the slavs who were taken by ottomans in the Millions not the measly 800k US did. Arabs and especially the moslems are the uncontested masters of the slave trade AND! its still going on in the millions when most people think slavery has supposedly ended.

      • And to clarify, i know most of the articles points are true, but that hardly makes the US the worst of empires.

      • They participated in the slave trade, but it was the Europeans and their colonies who started it. Also, they were never a “first world” region or democratic, and the people of northern Africa are by all means African. Berbers are still black people, it’s not like it was a racist component. Where did the word negro come from? It’s a European word. If they called negros slaves and vice versa, obviously they learned that from EUROPEANS. Just a little “hurr durr” for you. Took me all of 15 seconds to glean all that from what you said. You should learn to be more introspective and critical of your thoughts.

      • You are using an illogical fallacy to prove and argument. “They did it too”. LOL Also, American slavery was so bad that Europe outlawed it. The Arab/Islam slave trade is irrelavant. That said, in sheer brutality and numbers… America and Brazil are the worst…Sorry

  19. Such a refreshing article!!!
    I felt alone, not realizing there were many others who could see past the flag waving and blind nationalism.
    A few experiences outside the country made me see America much better, looking from the outside in.

  20. USA is run by “chicken hawks”…spineless immoral politicians who like to send the ordinary persons family off to war to be killed, but you can be assured them or there families will never face it….these chicken sh.t bastards just sit behind a desk and without any hesitation do their masters bidding…the globalists who control the planet control the politicians, who are merely spineless puppets.

  21. Honestly, I am no fan of the USA , but I cannot blame their actions. A hegemon will do pretty much anything to maintain control and whilst the globe sees America as evil, alot of Americans do not. It is a matter of perspective and benefit, for morals are purely subjective. However, with regards to welfare of its own citizens, America doesn’t do that good of a job, which in some ways is a little surprising considering it is one the worlds biggest if not the biggest economy. Population does come into play here though. In either case, who is to say that any other country would be different in the same situation?

  22. The whole US government History is based on a lie.

    USA is responsible for most of the deadly conflicts around the world, it funds jihadists and orchestrate Terrorists attacks on US soil and around the world.

  23. “10 Reasons America Will Be Judged As The Most Brutal Empire In History”

    I don’t know about “most” but the rest is accurate.

    Unfortunately, many of the bad things affecting American society badly are direct results of its imperial status – eg, a cancerous military establishment, a cancerous security establishment, a government run by money, etc.

    I just do not see it going away in our lifetimes.

    I doubt Trump can do anything, and I doubt he is inclined to do anything about this status.

    I hope there is a little amelioration around the edges – as a reduction of mindless wars and the risk of war with Russia – but even that is not clear at this moment.

  24. And both sides are to blame. Plus your new lord and god, Tramp, will only make it worse

  25. All empires are evil, and have always been. What America does today is not worse than what Rome did to its colonies, the British Empire did it to India and Africa, the USSR did to eastern Europe, Spain and Portugal did to the native south americans etc… Is just the we are living now and we think we’re the worst now. Am I defending the US? Of course not! The world is a ugly, ugly place now, but it has always been an ugly, disgusting and unfair place, ever!. Anywhere you look in the world there are atrocities being committed at this exact instant. The thing with US power it’s only the scale of it.

    Can anything be done about it? Honestly, I don’t think so. The issue with humans is that we have had these genetic traits hardwired into our brains for hundreds of thousands of years of evolution, traits that were essential to bring us here, but that have stopped being beneficial to us only for the last ten thousand years or so. But how do we remove them?

  26. Logical Fallacy.. Also, American Slavey ended 152 years ago.. That is in modern times.. not some ancient crap..The USA tried to Kill Castro around 50 times.. The stole Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam.. The USA is evil..

  27. You use two logiclaly fallacies.. Also, the slave trade you speak of was was done for war and religous reasons. They were not black. They were Arabs and Moors, who were fighting Christian Europe..

    Does comparing Holocausts make America less wrong? No, it proves you are just like The nazis.

  28. The also experimented on Blacks. Many medical Experiments. They raped them so much that they have an admixture of 20-25%, which is CRAZY! America can be summed up with two men.. Thomas Jefferson and Strum Thrurmond. Evil, Brutal hypocrites.

  29. He left out world’s largest arms dealer.. World’s biggest bully..

  30. No other country claims to be “GOOD” and EXCEPTIONAL like America.. So, they should get called out on it..
    Hoover raged a war against Blacks. CointelPRO. Jesus, I can go on and on.. How they bullied Mexico and every South American country. Most of South Amerca hates the USA.. When America falls and his down, the line to get a kick them while they are down is going to be endless.

  31. America is worse than Germany.. Many American people and conpanies supported the Nazis back then and many Americans still worship them now.. America is excellent at PR.. propaganda.. The war in Iraq was illegal, but America is strong enough to not be punished. America loves calling out Russia, China and others for huma rights and war crimes but should they be casting the “first stone”. Hell, no.. True Evil does not realize that it is evil.
    911 was all Saudi nationals, but America invades Iraq. The same Iraq they supported against Iran. Even when they used chemicla wepons against Iran. No country trusts America.. The CIA has been trying to usurp governments everywhere.. America has been a lie since the beginning.

  32. First class article but I consider that ‘America’ is where Israel currently keeps its other armed services and weapons for war. It’s no longer Anglo-Saxon empire building if you peek behind the curtains…

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