Monday, February 6, 2012

25 Reports That Can Put You on the Terror Watch List

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A concerted effort has been afoot for some time to merge local police with federal authorities to respond to the implementation of citizen spy "snitch" programs. This has been best illustrated by the role of threat fusion centers, which are integrating data from public and private sources alike -- even universities.

The FBI has now made public their "Communities Against Terrorism" Suspicious Activity Reporting flyers.

I myself have seen documents like this as a former retail store owner.  One day, roughly 10 years ago, I received a flyer in my mailbox informing our establishment that we were to submit a "Suspicious Activity Report" for anyone paying with large amounts of cash (I believe it was $2,000 or more at the time).  I proceeded to throw it directly into the garbage where it belonged. I did inform my clients, though, rather than inform the "authorities" as I was directed. However, these SAR's have clearly become much more widespread than my tiny retail shop, infiltrating nearly every facet of life in America.

Listed below are all 25 known flyers that should be read in their entirety if one wishes to discover just how far the United States has traveled in its attempt to replicate a level of citizen snitches not seen since the Stasi of East Germany.

I have included a very short summary of each .PDF, with an embedded link in the title,  to serve as a general guide of who is a potential terrorist suspect.

We must never forget that this system of control needs our cooperation if it is to succeed.  We have to accept personal responsibility for how much further this slide toward tyranny is going to take us; and that starts by getting informed, and informing others of the extent of their plan.
  1. Airport Service Providers -- Includes on-craft providers: baggage, cleaners, cargo, catering, mechanics, ground crew, food service, cleaners, security, taxi, limos, and shuttles.
  2. Beauty/Drug Suppliers -- People who have burn marks, missing limbs, travel a long distance, nervous, who are picked up, make illogical requests (even of consumer-grade products).
  3. Bulk Fuel Distributors -- New customers not from the area, those using cash for large transactions, nervous, large purchases, having a rental vehicle.
  4. Construction Sites -- People with environmental slogans and/or anti-government slogans, banners or signs that threaten or imply violence.
  5. Dive/Boat Shops -- New customers reluctant to provide complete personal information, customer who does not have certification, using cash for expensive transactions, extended rentals, appearing uninterested in safety rules, experiencing guarded behavior.
  6. Electronics Stores -- Person who alters appearance from visit to visit (changing hair color, shaving, etc.), fills a "shopping list" of components while lacking knowledge about their use. Pays cash for large purchases.
  7. Farm Supply Stores -- New customers not from the area, nervous or impatient, suspicious inquiries regarding equipment specifications, failing to state legitimate use for supplies, rental vehicle, cash for large transactions.
  8. Financial Institutions -- No evidence for legitimate business activity, those with multiple accounts, banks, parties, and jurisdictions (layering).  Mixed deposits (money orders, third-party checks, and/or payroll into a business account).  Large volume of wire transfers, or repetitive patterns, shell entities, "pass through" points by foreign jurisdictions.
  9. General Aviation -- Taking flying lessons but appear uninterested, renting under vague reasons for doing so, requests to fly over specific locations without substantiated reason, taking pictures or videos of potentially sensitive locations, actions outside the norm, parking near the perimeter of airport, asking questions without substantiation.
  10. General Public -- Basically everything exhibited by those with an inquisitive nature: questions, note taking, drawing, annotating maps, inappropriate photos or videos, people in places where they do not belong.
  11. Hobby Shops -- Interest in remote-controlled aircraft, interest that does not seem genuine, possessing little knowledge of purchase, exhibiting unusual interest, exhibiting no interest, using cash for large transactions.
  12. Home Improvement and Large Retail Stores -- Large quantity of ammunition, firearms and ammunition out of season, combination of unusual items, interest in night vision and camouflage apparel, purchases of pipe fittings and supplies, rental vehicle, refusal to complete firearms paperwork, using cash for large transactions.
  13. Hotels/Motels -- There is an excellent discussion of this section in Michael Snyder's recent article.
  14. Internet Cafes -- There is an excellent discussion of this section in Michael Snyder's recent  article.
  15. Shopping Malls -- Wearing backpacks, discreet use of cameras, note-taking, or video over an extended period, several men arriving together then splitting up, continuing to communicate (dry run?), speaking to security guards, comments regarding radical theology, vague or cryptic warnings, or anti-U.S. sentiments that appear out of place and provocative.
  16. Martial Arts/Paintball -- Insist on paying with cash, travels long distance to participate, interest in learning offensive moves in a confined space, learning the use of hidden weapons, learning kill and restraint techniques with no occupational need, group training, uttering racist, religious, unusual, anti-US, or vague and cryptic warnings, close combat training, paintball tactics of ambush or kidnapping scenarios, operating a private facility, converting large plots of rural land to conduct these activities.
  17. Mass Transportation -- Altering one's appearance, exhibiting burns, bleached body hair, concealed wires, nervous, actions suggesting use of a hidden camera, unusual comments, questioning security/facility personnel via normal means of communication, groups arriving together then splitting up and communicating via cell phone.
  18. Military Surplus -- Demanding identity privacy, insisting on paying with cash, suspicious comments, bulk purchases.
  19. Peroxide Explosives -- Unknown customer, individual requesting more information.
  20. Recognizing Sleepers -- Arrival from countries where violent militant Islamic groups are known to operate, long unexplained absences, fury at the West for reasons ranging from personal problems to global policies of the U.S., conspiracy theories about Westerners (e.g. the CIA arranged for 9/11 to legitimize the invasion of foreign lands), accusing the West of trying to destroy Islam.
  21. Rental Cars -- Reluctance to provide complete personal information, using cash, unusual questions.
  22. Rental Properties -- Using cash for large transactions, inquiries about local sites, refusing maintenance or service over extended time, not using property for intended purpose, unusual number of package deliveries, unusual amounts of traffic, discovery of unusual items.
  23. Rental Trucks -- Reluctance to provide personal information, cash for large transactions, inquiries about renting a truck with a wooden floor, questions about vehicle specifications.
  24. Storage Facilities -- Failing to provide complete personal information, using cash to pay fees in advance, placing unusual items in storage, disposing of tools, gloves, masks, or clothing, discarding clothes or shoes in new condition, avoiding contact with rental facility personnel, accessing facility an unusual number of times, storing items that emit unusual odors or leak liquids.
  25. Tattoo Shops -- Demanding identity "privacy," paying cash, altering appearance (beard, hair style, hair color, style of dress, etc.), making racist or extreme statements, suspicious comments that suggest or appear to endorse violence in support of a cause, repeated returns with multiple individuals requesting identical tattoos, inquiries about unusual methods of tattooing or placement which could allow the concealment of extremist symbols.
These flyers also state an additional note about how you can be a part of the solution:
  • Require a valid ID of all new customers.
  • Keep records of purchases.
  • Talk to customers, ask questions, and listen to and observe their responses.
  • Make note of suspicious statements, people and/or vehicles.
  • If something seems wrong, notify law enforcement authorities.
As a former store owner in one of the categories above (and a martial arts practitioner), I suggest that you completely disregard the suggestions of these reports.  Instead, I would urge common sense, reliance upon your innate "gut instincts" that nature has provided as a tool to determine what is truly wrong beyond these catch-all guidelines.  And, lastly, realize that preventing terrorism is not a "community effort" under the direction of bloated bureaucrats and their overlords. Preventing terrorism, whether State-sponsored via false flag or legitimate, should be the role of each individual's power of discernment. It's more efficient, more honest, and more effective.

It is the utmost duty of individuals to speak out against unsubstantiated fear mongering and the usurpation of power based on upon exaggerated threats. These exaggerated threats are often designed to lead to a paranoid culture that can be easily swayed by manipulated emotions instead of critical thinking. Furthermore, violence, coercion, and threats of consequences for non-cooperation with State dictates are the hallmarks of historical tyranny.

Finally, let's not forget what the mere accusation of terrorism means in today's world: indefinite detention without a trial, torture, and the end of our unalienable rights.

Follow the above official State guidelines for reporting "potential terrorism" at your peril.


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Paul Panza said...

I have been a citizen spy "for the people" for decades. The things I and my organizations have learned over the years of our spyng on politicians, corporations, police, the military, crime lords and other enemies of participatory democracy is invaluable in aiding individuals and communtities in their resistance to corporate tyranny. Folks, we can occupy a government that actually allows the participation and control by its citizens or we can submit to the tyranny of the bankers money and the consequences. Do we let them define US as "Enemies of The State" or "Citizen Spys"? My actions define me as free not some armed children in uniform wearing labels like Air Force, Navy, Marine and Army. My ability to move and spy on THEM to learn what is necessary for US to do is is my divine right without need of defense by law, god or gun. This attitude is what has made me a survivor, don't play their game. Learn from this article! Thanks.

Emma Geraln said...

I think it would be pretty hard for the average citizen to stay off these lists. As a non American I think it would absolutely impossible to visit the US without doing some of the things above.

thosepeoples said...

now it's becoming easier to be terrorist, right? you don't need to be in insane action on the street with AK47. just follow the list and done. lols.

Anonymous said...

That covers just about everybody!

Anonymous said...

Paula Panza: What do you think the next step is?

Anonymous said...

A TSA BDO (Behavior Detection Officer) bothers a police officer who is on his cell phone. The BDO reports to the police officer that a white male sitting in the terminal using a laptop looks angry. The police officer rolls his eyes at the sight of the useless federal idiot and walks over to the guy. He asks him, "Are you a citizen of the USA, do you own firearms, do you believe in the constitution of the United States?" The guy answers yea I was born here and I own guns and believe in the constitution." The police officer tells the guy, "I'd like to report a possible terrorist." The guy asks who?" The police officer turns and points to the TSA BDO and says, "Him. He obviously doesn't believe in the constitution, or gun ownership, and from the looks of his skin and his Jamaican accent he was not born here." The guy has a good laugh and tells the officer, "You must really hate working alongside the TSA scum." The police officer smiles and says, "I do buddy." The guy shows the police officer his laptop screen and shows him this website. The police officer pulls out his smart phone and shows the guy he has the same website bookmarked on his phone. He thanks the guy for being a patriot and walks away shouting at the TSA BDO, "He's no terrorist he's a red blooded citizen of these United States of America!"

Anonymous said...

Number one Reason to be suspicious of your Government.

1. They take away your liberty and tell you it's for your own safety.

Praderas said...

Well I thought I had a lot to deal with !!....,In 2002-2003 I contacted Governor Jeb Bush to help us enforce our Civil Rights in the Courts and instead we were label and targeted as "Dangerous Individuals" (something that existed in Cuba to repress people that acted against the Government , but I did not know existed against simple citizens in this great Country of Liberty) to shut us up and cover the corruption....,I have been trying to expose corruption in Miami, Florida for the last 9 years, to no avail, Plz read my blog that I post almost daily in, "Let's get some JUSTICE.....or http://www.marinameadows.wordpress/(DOT)com, or http://www.MarinaMeadows.blogspot/(DOT)com, find out what is been done to our family, how the medicals records have been used to harm us, medications tampered right out of the pharmacies, how we been isolated from friends and family, manipulation and blocked internet, mail & phones, how my 3 sons have been manipulated, and also their lives, our house of 15 years taken with fraud and ransacked, taking even our documents and much more, how the banks had manipulated our money, the roll of the Police & Gov.Officials allowing this abuse mental, emotional & physical to go on for years, to cover all their wrong doing, No hesitation in destroying our whole family, adding that the father of my sons (after I had a personal conversation with ex-Mayor Manny Diaz) & his mother (one week before of a Court appointment), both UK citizens passed away very suddenly from the same affliction without any medical history of that illness...??? Here we still suffering, almost collapsing without any one doing anything to help us; now after over 6 months here, been able to text a bit I come to understand how tainted & corrupted things are, manipulated by well-connected individuals, corporate executives & politically motivated Gov.Officials who simply buried the truth inside a shadow legal system inaccessible to everyday ordinary American citizens. So I give thanks to God for the strength given to us and for people protesting #OWS since November 17, 2011 that had help make the truth come to light!!!
By the way if any one out there with some humanity and power can do anything for us, we appreciate very much the help!!! We need a contingency Lawyer that is not fearful to confront the Judges, willing to help us ASAP, it is very Urgent, my mother loosing her eye sight, day by day since she is not able to put her eye drops for her glaucoma, or take any medication needed, since they were altered causing harm to her health, and we not longer can trust doctors in general, also we are all perishing, we are real people existing but not living!!
Plz check it out:

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Well this proves what we all already really know and that is that this whole ridiculous theater is in our hands. We The People only need to say no we will not play a part in this ridiculous theater game that takes away our Rights and Freedoms. If you are a business owner toss these nonsense flyers and carry on with conducting business normally. I
cannot express this enough to my fellow Americans it is up to us to just say NO to all this baloney, and get our America back on track.

Anonymous said...

This excellent report should be emailed to all your family members, friends, work colleagues, neighbours, acquaintances etc. We must "wake up" the "sheeple," if there is going to be any kind of a decent future that's worth living in for our children, grandchildren and so on !!

Anonymous said...

Paranoia strikes deep. Looks to me like the government is afraid of us.

Anonymous said...

My computer files have been erased three times last month. I guess it is because of all the sites i visit. Feels great to considered a patriot by the establishment.

Bruce Hayden said...

Why don't we all just declare ourselves terrorist and be done with this Mickey Mouse bullshit? We are 300 million strong. We are the terrorists waging war on the Terrorich. Need we make up our own flyers? Our enemies wear uniforms. Suits being the most obvious ones.

Anonymous said...

They are scared. They know they can't keep the lies and propoganda up for much longer. GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH!

Corey said...

Membership or support for Animal Welfare/Rights organization and Quaker organizations will guarentee to catch the FBI's eye. I like a good laugh, so I emailed the FBI via their website, asking about how to find out how to know if I am on any list. I never heard back from them, and I am sure I am on their list

Anonymous said...

ask your refugee friends from Cambodia, Laos or Vietnam, or the children and grandchildren of nazi Germany or Austria if they know of anybody who was 'coerced' into spying on family, friends, neighbors, I personally know a few people and families from both Asia and Europe, and some were incarcerated, tortured and some of their family members done to death by this kind of divide and conquer tactic, this is very evil and the effects last for generations, the younger generations inherit horrible guilt and suffering from their parents, the mental suffering and physical pain/illness in these families is horrible... the Law of Karma does exist and suffering begets suffering.

Anonymous said...

Turn the ppl against each it creates paranoia.ppl wont kno who to trust as families turn against themselves.they will feel helpless hopeless in the new world order.

Anonymous said...

Famously, the Bush regime hired the former chief of the East German secret police to advise "Homeland" Security. Raising the question what does the US gov't have in common with the former Communist rulers of East Germany? Answer: Both doubted their own legitimacy. Obama, of course, has merely "stayed the course."

Anonymous said...

This is O'Bamas civilian military that we haven't heard mentioned in a while.

Anonymous said...

I guess about 99% of us are terrorists now...

Anonymous said...

Let's play a morbid game of guess the implied names/events for the numbers in no particular order. I'll start with #3.


Anonymous said...

You know, they used to shave 'collabs'...

Anonymous said...

None of those links it just for me? Or is anyone else having the same problem?

Seems like their website is down?

Anonymous said...

i travel the usa working under the clean air act,i have been scuba diving since i was 12 and have been teaching scuba lessons since 1990- yes i buy equipment sometimes with cash, i have stuff in storage as i do not have a home because i travel. i served in the marines with a top secret security clearence so if possible i do look for martial arts training, i made the mistake of purchasing a computer with cash and thus could not return the windows vista junk,the list goes on because it is what free people do. this is more evidence of academic types trying to justify their fake job in our fake economy , designed by the 13 richiest families of the world because unconstitutional taxing is a great investment,p.s. i really hate typing,bye,bye!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The Government has their watch list...
We the people now have ours share it with everyone you know!

Anonymous said...

Beware of the government! they are the terrorist that's taking away your freedom!

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Anonymous said...

Foremost this list should post #1 as: Anyone who appears lazy, out of order, or appears to desire freedom yet has become unknowingly apart of any faction related to the intelligencia of humankind with a respect to the knowledge that words will be manipulated and substituted as a form of restraint and law enforcement until the proper educational credentials and entitlement equitys are procured-THIS MEANS YOU SON OR DAUGHTER OF INDISCRIMINANT AGE AND SEXUAL ORIENTATION!
After that statement is issued the bases are not only covered but legitimized. The goverment wants people who if they can, to go to school and work. That's it that's all the end. The world system agrees that any person with the funds to leave thier home land be stopped at all fronts and costs and reduced to the lowest common denominator so that all possibility and knowledge of creative properties be channeled into and through a re-education clinic and passed through to the corresponding group or title that most befits it. It's part of the gangland/world product that we have arrived at. It's simpler to put it like this(and note...this will not ever change and every facet of rebellion functions on this premise or a branch off of this form and this form is now govermental and down reaching and the lowest common denominator is the least of the lesser and the weakest of the broken): "In the beginning the People were Priceless and Physically Perfect..." That is from the bible translated into a more literal and exact terminology of what is comparitive and imparitive to know about even the most beautiful person alive. You do what your asked or you will be told and after you refuse you will be excused from all purpose and denied a mind. The end welcome to the Changed Word Ordeal. The only thing that spins is that anchor and that anchor is the word in the world. Like me! I am of the word but not in it! I am in the world! The world of denial and the word of mistrial! I will not be legitimately heard ever and getting a degree only justifies the world system that is in heavy denial. It could be solved but it won't be anytime soon or ever without marshal law and without putting to death or imprisoning every single gang member or outlaw regaurdless of the penal code and the probable cause law. In fact the ruin is actually caused by the people who work in America. The motion to force persons into regularity is what purchases the observational skills to see the biggest picture.

Anonymous said...

Ahh 1984 we meet again, the era where children turn in their parents as "thought criminals" or "terrorists", i mean their all the same right. The ironic part is that Terrorism by plain definition is political violence: violence or the threat of violence, especially bombing, kidnapping, and assassination, carried out for political purposes. So how can a paradox such as "non-violent terrorist" exist? DoubleSpeak? Oh 1984 how ive expected your arrival...

Anonymous said...

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