Thursday, January 5, 2012

Former Secret Service Boss Proposes Global Email Fusion Center

Kurt Nimmo

Ronald Noble – the former head of the Secret Service, the BATF, and secretary general of Interpol – wants to create a fusion center with the ability to track and trace your email.

Noble says that although there is no known threat posed against the Olympics planned for 2012 in London, the State needs a fusion center to make sure.

“A smart terrorist would know that if the world’s attention is focused on something and they commit a terrorist act it will help them create the kind of fear that would make people want to leave London,” Noble told The Independent before visiting Scotland Yard to discuss arrangements for the Games.

“My concern is that the people planning that attack – that nuclear attack, that bio-terrorist attack, that attack that should concern us all as a world – would be able to plan it more effectively because we don’t have a network in place for tracing the source of email messages on the internet,” he said.

Noble’s proposed email fusion center will provide a place where “police around the world can go quickly and find out the source of any kind of message or communication that’s come across the internet.”

In order to calm the fears of civil libertarians, Noble emphasized that the fusion center “will only target specific, suspicious emails” and will not have the capability to “track all the messages from billions of innocent people.”

Interpol, however, is not above using its police powers politically. The Independent cites the example of Benny Wenda, a West Papuan who won asylum in the UK after having been persecuted by Indonesian authorities for calling for the independence of his homeland.

In 2011, Benny discovered that Interpol had listed a “red notice” against him following a request from the Indonesian police, according to Fair Trials International. “This red notice authorizes Benny’s provisional arrest with a view to extradition to face prosecution on the same politically-motivated charges that caused him to flee from West Papua,” notes the organization.

In the United States, so-called fusion centers are notorious for spying on political activists across the political spectrum – Muslim lobbyists in Texas, environmental activists in Pennsylvania, Tea Party supporters, anti-war and anti-death penalty activists around the country have been surveilled by fusion centers.

In Missouri, a report produced by a fusion center targeted Ron Paul supporters, pro-life activists and supposed militia members as potential terrorists. In 2009, the Virginia Fusion Center produced a similar report.

“These new fusion centers, over 40 of which have been established around the country, raise very serious privacy issues at a time when new technology, government powers and zeal in the ‘war on terrorism’ are combining to threaten Americans’ privacy at an unprecedented level,” the ACLU explained in 2007.

Two years later, in 2009, the number of fusion centers had grown to 72.

In 2010, the Department of Homeland Security boasted that it has worked diligently to integrate state fusion centers into a larger surveillance network – including participation by the FBI and the CIA – to “enlist all of our intelligence, law enforcement, and homeland security capabilities” to supposedly prevent terrorist attacks that are, in fact, wildly overstated.

The DHS states that local fusion centers are now concentrating on “strategic priorities for federal government support” in the war on phantom terrorists. In short, fusion centers are a vital link in the effort to federalize local law enforcement and violate Posse Comitatus.

Ronald Noble’s admission that a global fusion apparatus is attempting to surveil email destinations without probable cause or – in the case of the United States – without court warrant is more evidence that the state will not rest until the internet becomes a vast and sprawling electronic panopticon, used not to catch violent terrorists but keep tabs on the political activity of people opposed to the government.


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Anonymous said...

ALL Mr.Ronald Noble can use to JUSTIFY this illegal action no matter what its perceived benefit with FEAR, Fear used to abrogate LIBERTIES & FREEDOM in the false premise of SECURITY.

So far - the ENTIRE Global Law Enforcement apparatus has quite a poor showing in securing the safety of others. They know how to cover their own asses...hell yeah they do.

But spare us the BS you keep shoveling down our throats telling us it's for OUR Benefit.

Pretty soon (and you can trace this IP address if you are so afraid of my opinion - NSA, Interpol, whatever...) WE THE PEOPLE of the WORLD will soon reach out TO ALL of YOU and MAKE you TAKE REAL MEDICINE to STOP you from your horrible disease of Tyranny and Trans-humanistic Eugenics.

Anonymous said...

Ronald Noble can fuse his lips with my ass.

steve said...

More info wars eh? So suddenly alex jones has turned over a new leaf, denouncing his zionist masters? Wish I had gotten the memo.

Anonymous said...

What if the terrorist used encrypted messages and proxies to hide their intent and origin ? I believe this centre will only monitor general masses.

Anonymous said...

england si the centre of evil being done to innocents the world over. all the wars being waged is being planned in london
boycott london olympics 2012 which shoudl enver have been given to the war criminal tony bastard blair and his evil country

Anonymous said...

The Country is not EVIL but the people running it and the people hidden from public view who manage the people that run are. We in England are just as much slaves as you are.

1776again said...

Maybe the fusion center programs should be adopted by the US postal service; to find lost mail. Perhaps the christmas card check I sent my grandson could be retrieved, so I do not have to pay $ 35.00 to stop payment !

Anonymous said...

Ronald Noble GESTAPO !

Anonymous said...

Please, as a 25 year secret service agent, I know Ron Noble well and for him to claim publically that he was the head of the USSS is embarassing. He may have stept foot in a USSS facility a couple of times but while he was at the Treasury Department he largly Ignored what was going on at the agency. Like to see is resume because he technically never worked for the Secret Service.

Anonymous said...

Suppose they trace an email back to the Israel govt, like the Mossad, or to one a US intel agency, then what? Nothing will happen, that's what. They'll blame a patsy 2 levels up.

Anonymous said...

ah, my new email address

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